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Miriam Amirault is an archaeologist whose compelling appearance on the reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island drew significant attention. Her involvement lasted roughly forty episodes, exciting viewers with her quest for historical relics alongside Marty and Rick Lagina. Miriam, originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, demonstrated her scholastic prowess with an honors degree in Anthropology from the University of New Brunswick in 2020, as well as her passion for archaeology during digs in Cuba.

Following Miriam’s Academic Journey

Miriam Amirault’s academic journey began at the University of New Brunswick, where her intellectual dedication earned her a degree with honors in Anthropology. Her scholarly pursuits weren’t restricted to academic worlds; her hands-on engagement in digs in Cuba highlighted her practical enthusiasm for archaeology, molding her into the dynamic archaeologist she is today.

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The transition to Investigative

Miriam’s departure from The Curse of Oak Island in Season 9 was a watershed moment, as she revealed an interest in pursuing forensics. This propensity led her to Humber College in Toronto, where she began a new academic pursuit that matched her changing interests. While her absence from the show suggested a shift toward scholastic pursuits, it also emphasized her adventurous personality, creating an indelible impression on viewers.

Current endeavors and future paths

Miriam Amirault is currently enrolled in Humber College’s forensics program. Though her time on The Curse of Oak Island remains a fond memory for fans, her move to academia marks a new chapter in her professional career. Details concerning her future projects remain undisclosed, it’s evident that her focus is centered on advancing her scientific career.

Miriam Amirault is an icon of adventure and academic achievement.

Miriam Amirault’s story intertwines adventure and academic excellence, exemplifying resilience and passion. Her appearance on The Curse of Oak Island brought her into the spotlight, yet her dedication to intellectual endeavors reveals much about her multidimensional personality.

The Curse of Oak Island: What Happened to Miriam Amirault?

Darkness on the Curse: Miriam’s Enigmatic Departure.

Miriam Amirault, the archeologist known for her work on The Curse of Oak Island, kept a striking quiet over the show’s title curse. Despite extensive speculation and heated debate among fans, Miriam elected not to publicly express her thoughts on the subject. Her exit from the show during Season 9 piqued viewers’ interest, raising several concerns regarding her reasons and future pursuits.

Intellectual interests: embracing a new chapter.

Miriam left The Curse of Oak Island to begin a new chapter in her scholastic adventure. Enrolling in Forensics at Humber College in Toronto marked a purposeful pivot in her academic interests. While her decision to leave the show may have startled some, it demonstrated Miriam’s persistent dedication to her scientific profession.

Focus on the Future: Miriam’s Scientific Odyssey.

Miriam’s commitment to her scientific career has remained unshakable since she left The Curse of Oak Island. Despite speculation regarding prospective future projects, Miriam has chosen to focus only on her academic pursuits. Her unwillingness to publicly discuss her stint on the series reflects a desire to chart her path.


Q: How did Miriam Amirault get popularity?
Miriam rose to prominence after appearing on The Curse of Oak Island, where she helped the gang find historical artifacts and valuables.

Q: Where is Miriam Amirault from?
Miriam is from Digby, Nova Scotia, a coastal community with a rich history and archaeological significance.

Q: What are Miriam’s academic achievements?
Miriam graduated with honors in Anthropology from the University of New Brunswick, demonstrating her commitment to academic pursuits.

Q: Why did Miriam Amirault quit The Curse of Oak Island?
Miriam’s exit from the show in Season 9 corresponded with her professed interest in studying forensics, indicating a shift toward academic pursuits.

Q: Miriam Amirault, what are you currently studying?
Miriam is currently studying forensics at Humber College in Toronto, which reflects her changing interests and academic goals.

Q: Has Miriam Amirault been involved in any upcoming projects?
According to the most recent information, Miriam’s primary concentration appears to be her scientific profession, with no apparent involvement in prospective initiatives.

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