Over the years, we have come across many torrent sites. Some of them turned out to be the biggest torrents, while others couldn’t survive the copyright bans.

Torrent sites are perhaps the first option that pops in our head when we think of downloading free movies online. The advantage of using a torrent site is that they can help you get all types of movies and more in just a few seconds. All you have to do is search the movie you want to download and the site will get you the link.

Speaking of torrent sites, YTS is one of the best torrents available out there. YTS is one of those sites that have survived the bans by the authorities. Even when the main site is banned, they operate using YTS proxy and mirror sites.

If you are someone who regularly uses torrent sites, then you must already know about ytsyify. In this post, we will discuss everything you should know about YIFY.

What is YTS?

YTS is one of the most popular torrent sites. The site is popular for YTS Hindi and Hollywood collection.

Many of you may not know this but YTS and YTS, both are the same sites. YTS later changed its name to YTS. This is one of the very few torrent sites that offers you high-quality movie files. You can download and save the movies for free on your device.

It’s been many years that YTS 3 have existed. The good thing about the site is that it offers both old and new releases. You can find almost all genres and types of movies on this site. From Hollywood to Bollywood, YTS has got everything in stock. All you have to do is type in the name of the movie in the search box.

You will also find the section for the most downloaded movies on the platform. This usually consists of new releases and trending movies. You can either pick movies from the given list or search in the search box.

Is YTS legal?

Just like all the other torrent sites, YTS is not legal. When the founder of YTS was tracked down by Hollywood stakeholders, it turned into a big mess. They filed suit against him for violation of copyright issues, after which he was summoned in the New Zealand court. But instead of going court, they decided to settle the matter outside. As a part of the agreement, the founder of YTS was allowed to maintain confidentiality.

The argument for YIFY’s legality

As the ringleader of YTS was charged with copyright issues, he came up with a good point. He pointed out what Netflix is doing with its streaming service. People using Netflix are required to pay subscription fees to watch movies. Once they pay, they can watch as many movies as they want. Nobody would say anything to Netflix as they were charging people to offer the movies, which is perfectly fine. But the counterargument was that people share their Netflix password with their family and friends who have not paid for the subscription. He wanted to know how it was legal?

The Answer 

When it comes to downloading movies, you will find three kinds of people out there. One that downloads content illegally and is completely fine with it. Second, some people do it without even giving it a second thought. Third, some people do not download any content illegally because they are law-abiding people. They are aware of the consequences of using pirated movies.

Anyone who downloads content that is protected under the law without the permission of the owners is violating copyright issues. These kinds of activities are illegal.

What happened to YIFY?

If you are wondering, what happened to YIFY, then we are here to answer your question. The site has been shut down because of its illegality. Just like every other torrent site, it has suffered the same fate. This means you can no longer gain access to the site to download movies.

The main site is shut down and cannot be accessed anymore. But that hasn’t stopped them from operating. The site still exists and can be accessed through proxy and mirror sites. You can find YTS proxy and mirror links online. There is more than one link available. By using any of these links, you can access the original site and start downloading the movies you want. The proxy sites work just the same as the original site, so you won’t even find any difference.

YTS is one of the top torrent sites available. Although it has suffered a lot due to copyright issues, it still hasn’t seized to exist. They are still operating using proxy and mirror links. All you have to do is access these links and you will be good to go.