Hey Readers, Welcome back! As you know, we have already discussed many Credit cards(Amex, Citi), their login and signup information, since then we have been getting continuous queries about a complete guide to Vervecardinfo. So, Today we are back with VERVE Credit card login.

Credit cards have become Today’s basic needs. The Old-time has gone now when people used to fill their pockets with cash, resulting in heavy pockets and more stress. Now, is the era of Electronic Payments and credit cards, Easy to carry and convenient to use.

What is Continental Finance Company?

Continental Finance Company is one of America’s leading marketers and credit card providers for consumers with less-than-perfect credit. The firm was founded in 2005 and it

provides products and services to many customers in the area. Its good customer support and fair treatment to customers, made the firm prides itself. Since 2005, the company has provided 2.6 billion credit cards to customers and they are happy too with the service.

What is the VERVE card? Vervecardinfo

CFC provides 10 different kinds of Credit cards to its customers. Below is the Image that you may refer to Know different credit cards.

VERVE Credit card is one of those 10 cards and provides you a lot of features that you may be searching elsewhere.

  1. With VERVE Credit card, CF provides you Initial Credit limit of $750.
  2. Credit Limit Increase after 6 months of usage but this will be based on your spending nature.
  3. Free from fraud Liability $0, your activity is fully protected.
  4. CFC reports your payment to three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.


VERVE Credit Card rate and Fees

  • Late payment fee- $37
  • Max over-limit fee- None
  • Cash advance APR – 30.49%
  • Cash Advance fee- 5% or min $5
  • Foreign transaction fee- 3%

How to Apply for VERVE Master card?

  • Applying for the VERVE Credit card is not an easy task. You may apply Online directly or Contact Customer support to request fro VERVE application.
  • No matter what is the way of applying for a credit card, some basic information is required.
  • Your Full Name(as on registered Govt Document)
  • SSN(Social Security number)
  • Date of birth
  • Physical Address(A.P.O will not work)
  • Fill these details and proceed.

Registration Procedure

Once you get the Credit Card, Now is the time to register. Follow the steps below to Register.

  1. Go to the Website Link.
  2. Please provide required information like the last 4 digits of credit card, last 4 digits of SSN, Birthdate or 5 digits ZIP code.
  3. Now click on Lookup Account Button Below.
  4. Note down your username and password And That’s all!

VERVE Credit Card login procedure

Now, you got the card and you have done registration too. Now is the time for the login procedure.

Loggin to your account is very easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Website link.
  2. Enter UserName
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Press the LOGIN button.
  5. And Analyze your account.


Forget Username or password

In case you forget username or password or you want to reset your password, follow the steps below in case you have to forget the password:

  1. Go to the Website Link.
  2. Click on Forget Username or Password Option below.
  3. Enter the “Username” and click on “Submit” Button.
  4. Now you will be navigated to a window where you can reset your password.
  5. Enter New password and click the “reset button”.

How to do Verve Credit card Payment?

VERVE Credit card payment is done in two ways:

  • To pay online, sign in to your account.
  • Now you can easily make payment online.


To make a payment through a phone call on – 1-866-449-4514.

CFC Customer Service Info



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