Apple Ifold Or Iphone Fold Off The Table Altogether?

Apple Ifold Or Iphone Fold

The Apple iFold, also called the iPhone Fold, is always in the news. Ming-Chi Kuo, the man who walked around with an Apple crystal ball, has already given himself time until at least 2023, when he says nothing will happen. But now that window of time is getting even bigger, because he thinks that Cupertino will be the first place to show off a foldable Apple device that is 9 inches. This won’t come out until 2025. It will be a mix of the iPad and the iPhone.

As of 2022, there are a lot of foldable Android phones on the market, but Apple has not yet made a foldable device. There are still some problems with the technology, but foldable smartphones are popular right now, and rumours say that Apple is looking into making foldable iPhones and other devices.

No Apple Ifold Before 2025, And Even Later For The Iphone Fold

Apple is known for not copying every new idea that comes along. For example, the iPad Pro was the first thing to have a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, but it would be years before the first smartphone had a 120 Hertz “ProMotion” display. The same seems to be true in the market for foldable smartphones.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that an Apple iFold or iPhone Fold might come out in 2023. But now he seems to have thrown his own thesis over the Twitter pile. He heard from a source at LG that Apple’s first foldable product probably wouldn’t come out until at least 2024, and probably not until 2025. It could be an Apple iFold, but it’s not an iPhone Fold for sure.

The Big Ones Come First

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple could release a foldable phone as early as 2023 if it can solve all the problems with foldable phone technology. If the product is ever made available, it will likely cost $1500 or more. According to other rumours, the “iPhone Fold” will come out in 2023 or 2024.

In another tweet, it was said that Apple is currently making a foldable screen with a 9-inch diagonal. Testing is probably a better word to use. Since the test is mostly used to check key technologies and may not be the same size as the final product, It goes on to say that the release order for a possible Apple iFold starts with a medium display diagonal (9 inches), then a possible foldable iPad (13.3 inches) or even a MacBook (20 inches), and then only an iPhone Fold.