CatMouse APK

One of the most revolutionary changes in the entertainment sector is online streaming. With just an app on your phone or Smart TV, you can watch any movie titles you want. People like the instant accessibility to the vast collection of movies and series that they enjoy online. This is the reason why many users have cut their traditional cable cords and embraced this innovation. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and there are several examples of the success of online streaming. This success has also led to the inception of illegal apps that offer premium content of official streaming services for free. The prime example is CatMouse APK.

This application allows the users to stream movies, series, and other entertainment for free. CatMouse APK offers a wide collection of entertainment. It is available for free download on the internet. Google Play Store does not host such applications so, you won’t find CatMouse APK on the official app. However, CatMouse APK is a safe, secure, and reliable application. You can use this application without any hassle. On the other hand, CatMouse APK is not the only application that offers free movies. Here, we have mentioned several similar apps like CatMouse APK to watch HD movies online.

Top 10 Free Movies Apps for Smartphones and Smart TVs


If you are looking for hours of entertainment, YouTube cannot be missed from the list of alternatives of CatMouse APK. It is an application that usually comes pre-installed as standard in most phones and Smart TVs, giving you access to all kinds of videos, be they music, tutorials, or news, as well as your favorite playlists. The amazing thing is that you can watch thousands of movies for free. Various channels provide movies legally in HD quality.

Its version for Smart TV is easy to use, with an interface adapted to be easy to use with the remote control, option for subtitles, and to navigate through all the channels that you have followed with your user account. All this with its free mode with ads or a paid version without them.


It is another CatMouse APK alternative to watch films and series content. Kodi is totally modular, and you can adapt it to your needs by changing its interface with themes and with a system of add-ons with which to add different types of functionalities depending on your features and needs.

These add-ons or add-ons allow you, for example, to be able to watch different television channels on Kodi online, show weather forecasts, or connect to services such as YouTube or SoundCloud. There are also others to listen to the radio and access some of your cloud storage services. It is compatible with different operating systems on PCs and mobiles, but its development for televisions is focused on Android TV.


Plex is an application with which you can turn your device into your personal theater that you can access from the TV and that is capable of recognizing most of the files that you have stored locally on a computer. It is compatible with practically all current audio and video formats and allows you to organize your folder by videos, photos, and music, encrypts connections if you connect remotely, and allows you to connect to other online channels such as TED, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

When you set it up, you can access your files from any device. To do this, you first have to install the Plex Media Server application on the computer where you have the multimedia files you want to use and then the Plex Client on your television, being a multiplatform software compatible with models with Android TV and even smartphones. So, this could be among the best alternatives to CatMouse APK.

MX Player

The mythical MX Player is another of those applications that must be on any list of Cat Mouse APK alternatives. It is a completely free multimedia player available for android devices that allows you to play files saved on drives, gadgets, and even network transmission protocols. It supports most of the multimedia formats that you can find today, among which are MKV, MP4, AVI, FLAC, MOV, HEVC, and the codecs are included integrated, without separate downloads. It also allows reading subtitle files that have been added with the same name as the multimedia file and receives regular updates. The additional feature of live streaming of movies and series has also been added to this application. Users can watch various movies and series without any problem, plus MX Player’s original content can also be enjoyed here.

Pluto TV

Unlike other alternatives to CatMouse APK are mention here, Pluto TV is a different app. Pluto TV provides live TV channels for free streaming. Users can watch hundreds of TV channels live in multiple categories without paying any fee.  Access to the service can be done from its own web platform at pluto.Tv, but it is also possible to enter through dedicated applications on iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Amazon Fire. You can use this application legally, so there is no risk here.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten is a CatMouse APK alternative that provides movies, series, and documentaries in which you can choose how you want to consume your content. You either pay a monthly subscription, rent and buy the movies, or watch the content for free, but with ads.

It is available on televisions as well as on mobile phones, so you can access its content whenever you like. However, you need to check its availability in your country before signing up for this streaming service.


This streaming service from NBC could be a huge deal for users who wish to watch movies, series, and all other offerings from NBC for free as well as paid. The freemium service of NBC Peacock offers SD streaming and many popular TV series and movies with the display of ads. On the other hand, the paid subscription provides HD streaming, full access to its catalog, and ad-free service. NBC Peacock can be installed on smartphones, PCs, and Android Smart TVs. So, undoubtedly, this could be one of the best alternatives to CatMouse APK.


Sony’s Crackle is a great application for streaming movies and series legally on your smartphone and PC. It is an official app, so you don’t need to worry about its safety and security. There is no need to create an account here or pay any fee. The collection on this app is extensive so that you can enjoy classic TV shows and films in HD quality. However, you will not find the latest releases and the original content of other streaming services. Besides, users have to go through fewer ads on the app as it is the only way to generate money for the app.

Titanium TV

This is one of the best free apps to watch movies and TV series. Just like CatMouse APK, you can download movies and TV series on Android devices for offline streaming. You can also get subtitles for most movies and series titles. In fact, you can get the latest movies and TV series by typing on your mobile screen. Since it is an illegal application similar to CatMouse APK, you can stream anything you want. This could be a great alternative to CatMouse. We can also assume that Titanium TV outruns CatMouse APK is offering several streaming services for free.


Just like the previously mentioned application, ShowBox is also an illegal movie streaming app similar to CatMouse APK. It offers a wide collection of movies and series for free. The application can be installed on iOS and Android devices. The catalog of movies and series is irreplaceable. It can be one of the best free alternatives to Netflix. You can easily install the app on your device and enjoy the latest movies and series for free.