Do You Really Need A Special Smartphone For Gaming?

Special Smartphone For Gaming?

The mobile gaming market is booming like never before. In the past few years, gaming on smartphones has grown from a niche activity to a market that makes up almost half of the global gaming market. Depending on who is doing the measuring, the numbers can vary, but some estimates put the value of the mobile gaming market at around $131 billion, which is almost half of the value of the $272 billion global gaming market.

No matter what the numbers say, we know it’s a big business. Because of this, there are now sub-industries that help them. From games for smartphones to the blogs, podcasts, and streams that support them. With the rise of mobile gaming, it makes sense that the market share of phones that are just for gaming is also growing.

Several Specialized Gaming Phones On The Market

Asus, ZTE, Xiaomi, and Lenovo make some of the most popular gaming phones on the market right now. Even though these phones can do most of what other phones can, their main purpose, at least from a marketing point of view, is to be the next generation of mobile gaming devices. Compared to standard smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, the market share is still small, but it is growing.

But do we really need a phone just for games? The question is harder to answer than it might seem, and there probably isn’t a right answer. On the one hand, if you love playing games on your phone, why not get a device made just for games to make the experience even better? On the other hand, there are reasons to think that this is a luxury and that you should spend your money on something else.

Let’s look at a key word, “optimization,” to explain what we mean. If I were making a game for a console, I would think about who I was making it for and then choose between PlayStation and Nintendo. In the second case, I would make the content fit the controls and audience of Nintendo (younger gamers, families). But when you’re making games for smartphones, you don’t think about specific devices. Instead, you try to make games that work on as many devices as possible, which means you have to deal with all kinds of phones.

Developers Cater To All Types Of Devices

The online casino industry came up with this idea long before mobile gaming became popular. The developers of the casino thought that games like slots could be played on any kind of smartphone with a good internet connection. Even though the graphics and gameplay of casino games can be complicated, they are still optimised so that they work the same on every device.

The point is that the same way of thinking applies to mobile games, even games like Call of Duty Mobile that are hard to play. Playing games on a gaming phone has benefits, such as a faster refresh rate, better performance, and a longer battery life. But the benefits aren’t that great. Some reviewers have mentioned that some gaming phones, like some versions of the Asus ROG Phone 5, have up to 18GB of RAM, which is more than some PCs. And to put it simply, you don’t need that kind of performance to play mobile games.

It’s possible, but not impossible, that smartphone games will change and require more and more from the devices they’re played on. But you can be sure that some of the best mobile games can be played on a fairly modern smartphone. Also, it will be a while before game makers start making games that can only be played on a small number of powerful devices.

It might not be fair to call phones with games built in a luxury item. There are no doubt a lot of happy people out there who use Nubia Red Magic and Asus ROG Phones. Everyone has to make their own choice. It could be argued that this makes their experience better. But games need to change a bit more before the gaming phone becomes a must-have.