Secure Now: The Iphone 14 With O2 Grow Tariff On Offer

Iphone 14 With O2 Grow Tariff On Offer

This is the right deal for you if you’re looking for a strong plan with a lot of data and want to get the new iPhone 14. O2 is giving away the brand new iPhone 14 in a bundle with the unique O2 Grow tariff for only 49.99 euros per month, which isn’t too expensive. But that’s not all: If you want an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 14 Pro Max, the tariff bundle will cost you either 59.99 euros or 64.99 euros per month. And anyone who keeps the same phone number from their old provider will get a 100 euro bonus for switching.

The Offer At A Glance

  • Instrument: iPhone 14 (128GB)
  • Tariff: O2 Grow with 40GB (plus 10GB per year)
  • The basic fee is €49.99 per month (iPhone 14)
  • Length of time: 36 months
  • Connection price: 39.99 euros
  • The price of the device is one euro.
  • Exchange bonus: 100 euros

Iphone 14 – The New Apple Flagship

The 6.1-inch OLED screen on the new iPhone 14 is very stylish. The refresh rate of the screen is 60 Hertz, and a special breakage protection shields it from damage from drops (ceramic shield). The iPhone 14 has plenty of power, of course. With its fast A15 bionic chip and long-lasting battery, it has enough power to get you through the day without any problems. Something new has been added to the camera. The 12-megapixel camera now has an autofocus and can take clear photos even when there isn’t much light. The best way to record videos on an iPhone is in cinema mode with 4K resolution and 24 frames per second (FPS). In action mode, your action videos will stay smooth because of a special stabilisation mode. Detection of accidents is also new:

O2 Grow: Data Volume Up To 240 GB

The iPhone 14 comes with a unique plan called O2 Grow. Germany’s first tariff that goes up over time is meant to meet the growing need for data in the coming years, especially for the very data-intensive 5G apps that will be coming out soon. In the first year, you get 40 gigabytes per month. After 20 years, you can get up to 240 gigabytes per month. Because as long as the contract is in place, you get an extra 10 gigabytes per month for free. With O2 Connect, you can use your data plan on up to 10 mobile devices at once. The multicards and data cards are perfect for your new iPhone, iWatch, or iPad. They are also great for mobile routers, eTrackers, or just for the whole family.

The O2 Grow Tariff In Detail:

  • Flat rate for calls and texts
  • up to 2 multicards and 7 data cards
  • 40 gigabytes of high-speed data and an extra 10 gigabytes every year.
  • as fast as 300Mbps LTE/5G
  • Roaming in EU
  • The minimum length of a contract is 24 months.

Iphone 14 At A Bargain Price

With the special deal, you can get the Apple iPhone 14 for a price that can’t be beat. Because the normal price for the O2 Grow plan is 29.99 euros. Over the course of the contract, you pay 721 euros for the iPhone 14 instead of 999 euros, which is a savings of 278 euros. For 59.99 euros per month, you can get the O2 Grow plan and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro as part of a bundle. Here, you will save 218 euros over the course of the loan. Because the iPhone 14 Pro costs 1,299 euros normally, but only 1,081 euros with the special offer. If you want the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can save 188 euros by buying it as a bundle instead of buying it separately. With the special offer, you only have to pay 1,261 euros instead of 1,449 euros.