R6DB is the platform which provides the skill of your enemies; it is an excellent advantage for a player that he/she knew the real strategy of the opponent. R6DB allow the gamers to track their record including their friend’s track of Rainbow Six stats.  R6DB has the authority to show the Rainbow Six Siege Stats. If you want to check with an easy and fast method, then r6db is the best option for you.

It was confirmed that on 20th August 2018 r6db decided to shut down, so how we can avail the r6db track. For that, you need to know that when R6DB first start is the server, the cost was reasonable, which does not require any customer’s. But when traffic and track player increases the need of beefier server arose. R6DB covered with the advertisement revenue, it stable the situation and run the server smoothly again.

When the GDPR law came, it hit the ads, and R6DB disable ads and till that R6DB is bearing the server cost by itself. Well, they would have required to create a company as GDPR requires the “identity and the contact details of the controller” to be available to users. As the feature added to the service, they also had to provide the shot up. Hence, it has become very difficult to manage the website it takes a lot of time and no profit job.  In the end, the R6DB shut down and the team contacted by the Ubisoft to get legal help. They also released infographics and hinted that they are not done with the Rainbow 6.

After that, people haven’t seen the real R6DB. But some geeks are still looking for it. Considering these people in mind, here we have prepared a guide which will help you to use R6DB data from our system to check the stats.

Want to create R6DB account with this new website? Go to login and create your account. In this R6DB website, you can create your track or maintain your friends’ track the same way as the old R6DB website provides it.

How to use R6DB

Using the “Browser” source in your favourite streaming programs such as OBS, SplitX, or Streamlabs, you can use this widget to introduce it into your stream.

Step #1. Add your scene with a fresh “Browser” source.

Step #2. As the source enters from below the URL widget.

Step #3. Position the widget as you like and resize it.

Best Rainbow Six Siege operators 

A complicated shooter, perhaps one of the most complicated multiplayer games currently being played. Many locations come from the destructible settings and the design of the maps. But mainly from the distinctive gadgets, statistics, and loadouts that each of its playable operators has to offer.

1#. Hibana:

Hibana is an actual breach because of the key to versatility. The X-KAIROS fires six explosive pellets which can blow through strengthened surfaces a tiny rectangular hole.

There are three shots you will get:

  • The decision to create either one big entry point that can be passed by your teammates.
  • A traversable hole through which you can glide.
  • You can crawl through a letterbox entry point.

Apart from her gadget, Hibana has plenty to give. She is a 3-speed operator that enables her to rapidly navigate the map and attack various entry points that are perfect for overwhelming and disorienting advocates. She also has the Type 89F, one of the game’s finest assault rifles.

Its outstanding stopping power and almost unrivaled precision make it a peerless attacking firearm, particularly when combined with the capacity of Hibana to generate sightlines from a scope.

2#. Thatcher:

It’s nice to understand that Thatcher is this sort of defensive setup’s best answer.  Signal disruptors from Mute and CED-1 Shock Wire from Bandit make unnecessary equipment, drones, and numerous Rainbow Six Siege operator gadgets.

Thatcher’s EMP grenades, even through walls and ceilings, can counter all these equipment. It is, of course, makes Thatcher one of the most significant attack carriers of the Rainbow Six Siege. It is their saving grace that EMP grenades can function through walls, as they can avoid Jäger’s ADS. An EMP grenade can be thrown at a strengthened wall, and a crucial enemy gadget knocked out reliably.

3#. Ash:

Since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege, Ash has been a staple pick for qualified players, and she remains one of the game’s most common, versatile, and deadly Rainbow Six Siege operators. Ash is one of a select few attackers with three speeds. It makes her adept at rushing the goal and catching off guard the defending side while still setting up gadgets and strengthening walls.

Ash M120 Crem, which comes with two Breaching Rounds, makes short work of doorways and unreinforced walls so that you can burst through the site of the defender within seconds of the start of the round. Ash’s primary role is to rack up kills, being able to equip one of the game’s finest assault rifles, the R4-C, is particularly useful.

4#. Buck:

Buck has discovered his position in the Meta, not as suggested by the entry Slag, but as one of Rainbow Six Siege’s finest vertical play operators. With his underslung rifle, Buck can open floors and ceilings with devastating effectiveness, which allows him to lock the target from unexpected angles.

SKELETON KEY: This rifle below the barrel is devastating up near and can turn to in a moment.

While it is helpful for CQC, its primary aim is to shred walls and floors so you can glimpse the outside space and catch off guard defenders. The Skeleton Key comes with enough ammunition to open enormous wall and floor regions, allowing you to pick up reinforced defenders easily.

5#. Thermite:

Thermite is nothing less than the destruction of strengthened walls. In the same team, you can run both Hibana and Thermite to make sure that no enemy wall remains standing.

Exothermic charges 2 of a breach that can blow through strengthened walls or hatches. While these require risk to be placed and can be demolished by Bandit, each charge leaves a vast hole that makes it easy for various attackers to break at the same time. Thermite also features a straightforward mix of guns and gadgets to accompany the Exothermic Charges’ directness. You’re always going to want to bring the 556xi assault rifle from Thermite over the shotgun. The high damage attack rifle that is difficult to beat medium long, it is a staple gun.

Thermite can take with him either stun grenades or claymores. The former is right to enter through a wall that has to demolish while the latter can be used to neutralize aggressive defenders who like to sprint out to kill unsuspecting attackers.

6#. Smoke:

Smoke is the perfect anchor, an operator who excels with his Remote Gas Grenades to hold down the physical space and deny defuser crops, which can block corridors with harmful fumes for ten seconds at the moment.

No one knows what’s in the canisters in Remote Gas Granade except Smoke, but you don’t want to stick around to find out. These toxic beauty kills anyone caught in their haze for a few seconds, making them perfect for denial of the region. Choosing the shotgun does not imply that there is no range for Smoke either since he can carry the lethal SMG-11 as a secondary weapon. Due to its wild recoil and elevated fire rate, the SMG-11 is a headshot machine.

7#. Echo:

Echo is one of the game’s most excellent defenseman Rainbow Six Siege. It all comes down to his Yokai drone and its ability to interrupt attackers by planting the defuser halfway through. Yokai Drone is fitted with an acoustic hailing device that can fire ultrasonic bursts in a specified perimeter that disorientate all objectives.

It is helpful to stop the attacking team from planting the defuser or a shield operator from dropping their guard. An enormous buff to Echo in Year 3 implies players now have two Yokai drones at their disposal, and they are tough to track down and destroy thanks to their built-in cloaking tech. If the attacking squad is waiting to plant until the dying seconds of a round, a single Yokai drone can win the round without spilling a drop of blood.

8#. Bandit:

The capacity of Bandit to effectively destroy the enemy Rainbow Six Siege operators’ gadgets makes him both operators’ more efficient in denying breaches. By placing a car battery nearby, shock wire bandit can electrify walls, hatches, and barbed wire. It is particularly helpful in destroying accusations of the breach, thereby denying Hibana and Thermite.

An expert bandit can deny a Thermite and Thatcher assault entirely. You can also use Shock Wire on razor wire to produce electrified wire that destroys drones on touch, or you can put it behind a Deployable Shield to render it invulnerable to Ash’s Breaching Rounds. Bandit also has a great range of guns to round stuff off, not to mention his three-speed rating that makes it possible to rotate quickly, and even the ability to roam.

MP7 the stalwart submachine gun is suitable for any scenario that a defensive Rainbow Six Siege operator is likely to face due to substantial harm and 900 rounds of search per minute. Also remarkable is Bandit’s M870 pump-action rifle; its absence of range makes it far too situational.

Who is the best Rainbow Six Siege player?

First Position:

  • Player ID: Denmark Pengu
  • Player Name: Niclas Mouritzen
  • Total (Game): $299,528.94
  • Total (Overall): $299,528.94
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Second Position:

  • Player ID: Finland jOONAS
  • Player Name: Joonas Savolainen
  • Total (Game): $293,541.64
  • Total (Overall): $293,541.64
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Third Position:

  • Player ID: Sweden Fabian
  • Player Name: Fabian Hällsten
  • Total (Game): $292,478.94
  • Total (Overall): $292,478.94
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Fourth Position:

  • Player ID: Spain Goga
  • Player Name: Daniel Romero
  • Total (Game): $290,622.61
  • Total (Overall): $290,622.61
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Fifth Position:

  • Player ID: Finland Kantoraketti
  • Player Name: Juhani Toivonen
  • Total (Game): $245,193.36
  • Total (Overall): $245,193.36
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Sixth Position:

  • Player ID: JoyStiCK
  • Player Name: Danil Gabov
  • Total (Game): $90,016.60
  • Total (Overall): $90,016.60
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Seventh Position:

  • Player ID: ShepparD
  • Player Name: Artur Ipatov
  • Total (Game): $90,016.60
  • Total (Overall): $90,016.60
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Eight Positions:

  • Player ID: Estonia karzheka
  • Player Name: Evgeniy Petreshin
  • Total (Game): $87,222.40
  • Total (Overall): $87,222.40
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Ninth Position:

  • Player ID: Scyther
  • Player Name: Dmitry Semenov
  • Total (Game): $87,222.40
  • Total (Overall): $87,222.40
  • % of Total: 100.00%

Tenth Position:

  • Player ID: Yung
  • Player Name: Austin Trexler
  • Total (Game): $85,828.57
  • Total (Overall): $85,828.57
  • % of Total: 100.00%

These are the top 10 players who rank for Rainbow six-stage. If you want top 100 then share in comment and we will provide you list.

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed the R6DB and essential information about R6DB. We add the link of R6DB which is not confirmed by the controller that this is the new R6DB website. If you know that this is the official website, then share your answer. Also, you can log in to the new R6DB webpage, which allows you to keep track of your, friends and also check your enemy strategy. We hope that this article provides useful information and everything you need to know about Rainbow 6 Player Database.