GTA 6 New Leak Not Only Harms Rockstar

A leak about the new “Grand Theft Auto” gives us a lot of information about how the game is being made. But it also changes that.

There isn’t much in life that doesn’t have some kind of long-term effect. This is also true of the leak of “GTA 6” Download by a 16-year-old, who is said to be 16. Just a few days ago, he posted early gameplay of Rockstar Games’s new Triple-A game, and it is said that he has more to share. This could sometimes change how long it takes to get out.

Rockstar has confirmed that the footage of Grand Theft Auto VI that was posted online over the weekend came from its own network. “teapotuberhacker,” the user who posted the gameplay, says they also attacked Uber last week, but it’s still not clear if the two things are related.

“GTA 6” Leak Creates New Tasks

So far, people in the industry think that Rockstar will release the next “Grand Theft Auto” game late in 2023 or early in 2024. This assumption was based on both rumours and a prediction by Take 2’s management about how much the company would grow during this time.

But now the company has a whole bunch of new things to do. After the “GTA 6” leak, the developer said in a tweet that work on the game would continue as usual. However, it’s hard to believe that. Because, in fact, Mein-MMO says that the following should be on the agenda right now:

  • Rockstar needs to find out where the leak is coming from.
  • The team must figure out how bad the damage is and stop it.
  • Some of the source code might need to be redone.

Crumbling Morale In The Team

The leak should have also had a big effect on how the team felt about itself. After all, the people who made the game have been working on it for a long time and are under a lot of stress. Because the fans have high hopes for the team. Getting pushed back at this point will kill the morale of even the best teams. Here, all you can do is hope you don’t get lost in a crowd.

Temporal Effects Are Still Unclear

Over the past few months and years, there have been a few hints about the new “Grand Theft Auto.” They spread rumours, but they weren’t even close to as big as the recent “GTA 6” leak.

So, it is not clear how much and for how long this cut will slow down the development of the game. Neither Rockstar Games nor Take 2 Interactive have said when the game will come out, let alone given a specific date. It’s possible that we won’t know how much the leak affected it until after the story comes out and people are asked about it.

How did information about GTA 6 get out? A hacker on GTAForums who goes by the name teapotuberhackerhacker says that he or she broke into Rockstar Games’ internal feed on the Slack messaging app and got information about GTA 6. The hacker says he or she is the same person who recently used the same method to break into Uber.