Are you very fond of reading mangas and thus mangarock? If yes, this article is for you. I am going to share everything about mangarock today, its availability and more things you need to know. Is manga rock turned into MR comics? Scroll down through the article below and find all the answers.

The Story…

The story began like the owners (three friends) of mangaRock had decided to build iphone apps around 2009 when the app store launched.

Then they have decided to build comics kind of apps as we all grew up reading that and people love to read that irrespective of their age.

So, in 2010-2011 they launched manga rocked apps and put the first version of manga Rock on the App Store in April 2010. They found that people were really happy using the app and they were also making good revenue from it.

The 3 friends then grew as a team, and they have made many other apps. But people still know them through manga Rock(a Scanlation Site)

After 7 years of experience, dozens of products and belief in human-centric design, the company grew and did good things but! They have a bad image due to this scanlation site.

In 2016, They again started working on Manga apps, and first of all they have learnt app negative impacts of scanlation.

  • Piracy rips off creators’ hard work without compensation.
  • It damages the industry.
  • It facilitates a negative consumption mindset, letting readers believe that comics should be free.

Then the same tech-driven company has decided to correct all their wrongdoings and obviously not supporting piracy anymore. So, they have decided to build a brand new platform, named MR Comics.

  • With MR Comics, we envision a world where comics are affordable and accessible to everybody.
  • And artists can make a living following their passion –  -  making comics.

And they have finally designed a platform free from piracy and have good content to make readers happy enough.

Now They are doing the following things to keep their doings clean.

  • They are raising awareness of scanlations.
  • They are contacting publishers and creators to understand their needs & form relationships.
  • They have started to sign official deals with publishers.
  • They have been building tools to permit publishers and content creators to effectively distribute and monetize content.


In September 2019, They removed the manga rock app from the app store and play store and Announced the shut down of They have removed all reading on mangarock.

In April 2021, they announced a new platform And now this platform is working.

So, After reading this story, there might be some questions still running in your mind. Let’s clear out those questions.

Is MangaRock Still Running?

YES!! MangaRock is still running but with a different name and many new added changes. As MangaRock used to do scanlations, this brand new platform has removed piracy totally and is now doing things legally.

Manga Rock is officially dead!

Was the manga Rock Pirated website?

YES! It was! They used to charge $4.99/month from customers for subscriptions. Customers were fully unaware that they were paying for a scanlation and pirated website.

Manga Rocks was hurting the comic industry both publishers and creators on the monetary front but now they have created tools of their own to keep transparency in the monetary front.

As Now the platform is shut down, what is going to happen to your subscription…Read Below!

How to cancel MangaRock Subscription?

Follow the steps below to cancel the subscription:


  1. Go to the official website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to settings -> membership section ->click on details
  4. Go to Auto-renewal section and click on view details
  5. First of all, turn off auto renewal.
  6. Follow the dialogs/guidelines and finally click on confirm.
  7. Now, you will be sent back to the membership details page where you will see that auto renewal has turned off and the last date of your subscription is visible.

For more, visit official page.


  1. Open the app
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on your name
  4. Tap subscriptions
  5. Turn off auto-renewal
  6. Click on cancel subscription.

For more, visit Official page.

Now that mangaRock has completely closed, here is one best alternative to it called Tachiyomi.

How to Migrate from mangaRock to tachiyomi?

  1. Download a program,named Carbon, on your system. Click here to download the program.
  2. Download helium backup on your phone from playstore.
  3. Open carbon on PC.
  4. On phone delete all chapters by mangaRock app(Go to phone settings->apps-> mangarock-> clear cache)
  5. Connect mobile to PC by USB
  6. Select mangarock in the helium android app and do backup.
  7. Now go to the phone’s internet storage.
  8. Copy file name to your PC.
  9. Download this on PC.
  10. Now open this and run the above copied file to it.
  11. Move .json on the phone
  12. Now download Tachiyomi apk on your phone
  13. Install it and certify trust developers.
  14. Now go to tachi and restore the .json file.

Final verdict

MangaRock was loved by all of us and people still would love the platform if it would come back, maybe with a different name. They are continually working on the website and they will do everything to get better.

I Hope you would like this article. Share your feedback. Mention in comments if you still have any doubts.

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