Nothing is entertaining than listening to your favourite playlist while travelling. There are dozens of app available online to stream music online from the phone. Among them, Spotify stands out as it offers free music via the app as well as Spotify web player. Well, there was only a Spotify app available for Android and iOS. But the music streaming giant has recently launched its online Spotify web player service where you can listen to your most favourite songs from your computer browser.

So whether you are working or planning a music party, you can simply use Spotify Web Player on your PC or laptop to find your latest tracks and create a perfect playlist for the future. Let’s know more about Spotify Web Player. What are the features and how to use it? Let’s check!

Well, there is direct Spotify Web Player link you can follow to direct start playing music from the website. Additionally, there is Spotify Web Player extension available which you can add as well to manage your Spotify list. Let’s check out how to do it!

What Feature did you get on Spotify Web Player?

  • Spotify Web Player offers the best features to their millions of fan, but we discuss some of them as below.
  • User can search for playlists, albums, artists, and tracks.
  • There is a featured section available in Spotify Web Player Genres, New releases, discover and Moods.
  • Registered users are allowed to edit their library along with the access option, which includes Artists, Songs, playlists, and Albums.
  • Spotify Web Player also supports the artist pages view Feature.

Type of Web browser Extension for Spotify Web Player:

Spotify web player supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and opera web browser but as we are using Google Chrome web browser, so describing as same.

Spotify Extension For Chrome Web Store

If you are Google Chrome web browser user, then Spotify Web Player extension is officially offered by unixeco. Web Player for Spotify is a Chrome application for loading in a separate window the official Spotify internet player. This application can be used instead of Spotify’s desktop variant as it supports nearly all the characteristics of the desktop version.


  • The internet player can now be opened from the toolbar button
  • From the toolbar button, you can switch pause/play (right-click item)
  • From the toolbar button, you can transfer to the next or past song (right-click items)
  • Now you can identify custom keyboard shortcuts for all the action items of the toolbar button! Open Chrome:/extensions / configure Commands and configure your shortcuts in a browser tab

How To Add Spotify Web Player extension On Chrome

Step #1. Go to Google search page and type Spotify Web Player extension for Chrome.

Step #2. You will get the accurate search result list, where you need to click on the extension as indicate on the screenshot.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #3. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to add Spotify Web Player onto your Chrome web browser.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #4. Another notification pop-up on the screen asking about (Add web player for Spotify) and click on “Add extension” button.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #5. You will see the Spotify Web Player appears on the chrome extension list, as indicated on a screenshot.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #6. To check extension is added to your Chrome web browser. From chrome web browser Click on the menu located at the right up of the screen with three horizontal dots.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #7. Put an arrow on more tools and click on Extensions.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #8. You are now into the extensions room, where you can see the other extension added along with the Spotify Web Player extension. If Spotify Web Player extension is disabled, then swap the button to enable it into your Google Chrome web browser.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Enjoy your Spotify Web Player shortcut directly on Chrome which allows you go into the Spotify Web Player online home page with just one click.

Related Information:

  • Version: 0.3.0
  • Updated: April 19, 2018
  • Size: 61.2KiB
  • Language: English

How To Sign Up For Spotify Web Player

Step #1. Open the Spotify Web Player Sign In link into the new web browser.

Step #2. There is an option for you whether you can sign up with a Facebook account or you can use your email address.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Go for the email address where you need to provide email, password, what should we call you and Date of birth to the provided field. Tick on gender; tick on share my registration data to Spotify…. And tick on I’M, not a robot.  When you these all complete click on “SIGN UP” button.

Step #3. You will get the confirmation email to the provided email address, open the email, and click the confirmation link. You were not successfully registered into your Spotify account.

How To Login For Spotify Web Player

Step #1. Open the Spotify Web Player Log In link into a new web browser.

Step #2. There is an option for log-in your Spotify Web Player account (Facebook or email address). As I sign in with the email address, so enter your email address and password to the provided field, after that click on “LOG IN” button.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

You are not entering into your Spotify Web Player account and enjoy your unlimited music.

How To Reset Spotify Web Player ID Password

It is essential that you save your password for Spotify Web Player log-in; in any case, if you don’t have the password, then you have to go through security verification which confirms that you are the actual owner of that particular Spotify Web Player ID.

Step #1. Open Spotify Password reset link into the new web browser.

Step #2. In this page you need to enter the actual email address which you use during registration, it will allow Spotify system to send the reset password link into your account.

Add Spotify Web Player extension

Step #3. Open the email and click on given link where you will be asking some security question, complete the process and you will be able to reset a new password.

Step #4. After password reset on Spotify web player, then go to the Spotify Log-In page and enter the email ID and new password to the provided fiend.

You are now ready to enjoy Spotify Web Player unlimited high quality of music.

Spotify Web Player Not Working? How To Fix It

It is not a fundamental equation to fix Spotify Web Player; only you need to follow some guidelines which allow you to check the actual problem occur during Spotify Web Player operate on your web browser.

These are some of the points which indicate why Spotify Web Player is Not Working:

  • You may need to update your internet browser. In the help portion of the menu of your browser, you can test and update it.
  • Try to open a private/incognito window to the internet player. Find the option in the menu of your browser to open a new private/incognito window.
  • Check out Activate, the internet player if you see the message playback of protected material is not allowed.
  • For any current problems, you need to check @SpotifyStatus
  • Some government or shared networks such as schools or office has limited access to some facilities. For more data, you can contact the people responsible for handling the network.

If your problem remains the same then comment us or try to go for Spotify Desktop app. For more questions directly contact Spotify.

Final Words:

In this article, we discuss the full guide of how to use Spotify web player, along with with some error related points which will definitely help you to solve maximum issue occur during Spotify Web Player and run your Spotify account smoothly. Any question related to Spotify Web Player or you need some more information about Spotify then share in the comment section. We hope that this article provides useful knowledge, and if so then share this information to friends and family.