Watching movies is the favourite pastime for many people. Today, we have plenty of online streaming sites to watch movies whenever we want.

We are all aware of pirate movie sites. These are the sites that offer pirated content for free. The government in different countries have banned such sites due to copyright issues. Despite that many of these sites still exist to operate. They always find a way to function and provide movies to users.

There are millions of people who still rely on these sites for their movie supply. This is mainly because they want to watch movies for free or they cannot afford the expensive monthly subscriptions.

Speaking of pirate movie sites, M4uhd is one of the most popular ones out there. It offers a large variety of movies including Bollywood, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, etc. If you are a movie lover and want to know more about this site, give this article a read.

About M4uhd

M4uhd is a pirated movie site used by millions of people across the world. Users can find movies of different languages and genres on the platform.

The site is known for its huge collection of movies which include English, Hindi, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam. Users love this site because all the content is available for free.

Many of you would assume the quality of prints to be poor. However, that is not the case. M4uhd is one of the few pirate sites that gives you HD quality movies to watch.

The site features an easy-to-use interface which makes it easier for users to find movies. Before you start using this site, you should be informed that it is an illegal site. Using or downloading content from M4uhd is considered to be unlawful and you may face consequences if you get caught.

Features of M4uhd

M4uhd offers many features that make it stand out from other pirated movie sites. If you are using the platform for the first time, you would want to know the features first.

Here’s a brief rundown for you:

  • It offers you to watch video series online.
  • The site has a huge collection of English, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telegu movies.
  • The site has its official app which receives a regular update. This is to ensure that your app doesn’t crash after long use.
  • The app comes with super-fast servers. This allows you to stream movies fast.
  • The M4uhd APK is a light file and therefore, it doesn’t consume much space on your device.
  • The M4uhd app is supported by almost all android smartphones.
  • It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface to ensure that you don’t face any complications.
  • It offers HD quality movies for free.
  • It also allows you to download movies for offline viewing.

6 Similar Sites Like M4uhd

Due to piracy and copyright issues, M4uhd is banned in many places. But there is nothing to worry about as you plenty of alternative sites to use. We have mentioned a few of them in the list below. If you are unable to access M4uhd or cannot find a particular movie, you can use these sites.


This is a very popular streaming site used by millions of users. This is the website that started the trend of offering free movies online. Not just movies, but you will also find a huge collection of TV shows on Putlocker.to. But due to copyright issues, the site is blocked in many places. However, you can access the site using a VPN service.


This site may not be as popular as Putlocker.to, but it is worth giving a shot. If you want an unlimited collection of free movies, this is the site to go to. From the latest releases to old classics, you will find all types of movies on the platform. The site is mainly popular for its collection of English movies. It is not great for local content.


If you want to watch high-quality content for free, GoMoviesHD is the site for you. This site is very similar to M4uhd. Previously, the site was known as GoMovies. But now they have changed their names to GoMoviesHD after getting blocked several times. The site offers all new releases and the latest movies to watch.


This is possibly one of the best sites to source free movies. The massive collection of English and Bollywood movies is what makes this site great. There is no such movie that you won’t find on Yify.Stream. Whether it is an old movie or a film that is recently released, Yify.The stream has it all. It even offers a huge collection of TV series with full episodes. The best thing about this site is that it offers content of varying quality based on your internet usage.


Vumoo is quite popular among movie lovers. This is the best online site to watch free TV shows and movies. Unlike other free sites, it comes with a very minimal and clean interface that makes it easier for users to use it. Even this site is known to offer HD quality content to give you a better viewing experience.


There is a high chance that you have already heard about this site. This was once very popular among viewers. But due to copyright issues, it has been blocked in many places. Despite that, they continue to operate and offer movies for free. You will find movies from different categories on the platform.


M4uhd is a popular movie torrent website. It also has its official app which makes downloading easy. This site is perfect for all movie lovers. From Hollywood to Bollywood, you will find all types of movies here. It even offers dubbed English movies. If you want to watch HD-quality movies for free, M4uhd is the site for you.


Why is the M4uhd site so popular?

The site is used by more than 1.5 million users in the world. The site offers a wide range of movies for free. It also has English dubbed movies for audiences who don’t understand English. Besides, it offers HD quality movies to enhance users’ viewing experience.

What type of movies can be found on M4uhd?

M4uhd offers movies of different categories. It also provides the latest releases and movies that are found on premium subscription sites like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Is M4uhd legal to use?

M4uhd is a pirate movie site offering piracy content. Downloading content from M4uhd is illegal under the law and you may also face consequences if got caught. This is why you are advised to use a VPN service while accessing the site.