How To Precede Login & New Register

What Is Precede?

Preceda is an integrated, end-to-end solution for managing people. It has functions for Human Resource Management, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Award Interpretation, and Time and Attendance, all of which are run from a central database with a common user interface. Using the latest technology and a software engineering approach, Preceda is designed, built, and supported in Australia for Australian and New Zealand business needs.

With browser-based (Internet) architecture, employees, line managers, or HR/Payroll staff can get direct, secure access to the integrated database of the application. One of the best things about Preceda is that it gives users safe, remote access to a central database or “single source of truth.”

Precede About Us?

The browser-based, zero-client architecture of Preceda also gives deployment and access a lot of benefits. Users only need a web browser and the right clearance for security. There is no need to load and keep up-to-date any extra software on the PC.

Preceda is a scalable solution that is used by both big and small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Woolworths, which has more than 160,000 employees, is the largest non-government employer in the region. Its ability to be scaled up or down means that you can start small with, say, 12 employees and grow with your business with the least amount of cost and trouble.

Ascender, an Australian company, designed, built, and supports Preceda. It is a scalable, proven solution for managing people.

How To Login Precede?

Step 1: Open a web browser and type the Preceda login URL into it.

Step 2: Type “Username,” “Password,” and “Client” into the fields that are there.

Step 3: Click the button that says “Sign in.”

How To Forget Password Precede?

Step 1: Type the Reset Preceda password URL into a web browser.

Step 2: Type in your “User Name” and “Client” in the space provided.

Step 3: Click “Next.” The system will check your information and send you a link to reset your password to the email address you used to sign up.

Open the link and do what it says to do to finish the process.

Go to the login page and enter a new password to get into your Preceda account once the password has been reset.

Preceda Leave

On this window, managers who have employees who report to them can see leave requests that were sent to them through Self Service. The manager is notified by email, and a link to this screen is sent to them.

Managers can approve, reject, cancel, or ask for more information on all submitted applications, but only for the employees who are allowed to see them. Once a status has been given to a leave application, the employee is emailed with the information.

The transactions are brought into Payroll so that they can be included in the pay run.

When an employee submits a leave request through Preceda Self Service, they have to name a Manager and may or may not have to name an Alternate Manager, depending on how the Enforced Secondary Manager field is set up on the Self Service Options window. If this is done, the application is sent to the first Manager on the list to be looked over.

Preceda Customers

Since 2010, our international team of analysts has been keeping track of Ascender Preceda users all over the world. They have collected a huge amount of data that we use to make our quarterly forecasts and possibly predict the rise and fall of certain vendors and their products.

Our research team looks for customers who have bought Ascender Preceda for Core HR every three months. They use both public (Press Releases, Customer References, Testimonials, Case Studies, and Success Stories) and private (Customer Size, Industry, Location, Implementation Status, Partner Involvement, LOB Key Stakeholders, and IT Decision Makers’ Contact Details) and proprietary (Customer Size, Industry, Location, Implementation Status, Partner Involvement, LOB Key Stakeholder


How Does Preceda Work?

Ascender Preceda lets you automate and process multiple legal entities in one pay run. This saves you time and lets you focus on other tasks that don’t involve paperwork.

What Is Preceda Hungry Jacks?

The Hungry Jack’s payroll system is a cloud-based way for the business to keep track of employee payroll information and keep records. Preceda is used to keep track of the following business tasks: You can use an online portal to get to Preceda.

How Do I Change My Preceda Password?

To use the Change Password feature, click on the User icon and then on Change Password. (Click image to make it bigger.) For “First Time User,” type in the password that you were given. If you are a current User who wants to change your password, enter your current password.

How Do I Undisable My Preceda Account?

If a User turns off his or her profile, he or she needs to talk to his or her Preceda Systems Administrator. The administrator can then switch the user’s status from “Disabled” to “Enabled” from this screen.