What is Ligma

In this weird world, every day we get to know about new diseases affecting people. We are about to enter 2021 but we are still discovering new illnesses just about every day. Many of these diseases are deadly and attack the ones we love.

If you too stay online for too long then you must have heard about the disease called Ligma. The first time, we ever got to know about the disease when the internet had the news that Tyler Belvins who is popularly known as Ninja has passed away due to the mysterious illness. Anyone would believe this given the way it sounds. Are you confused yet? If not then read the text below to know more.

What is Ligma?

First thing first, so what is this mysterious disease called Ligma?

To those who still believe that Ligma is a real disease needs to take a chill-pill. This is an internet prank of a different level and you shouldn’t fall for it. Ligma is a fake disease name that has been popularised by the hoax death of Fortnite video gamer, Ninja.

The ligma joke was started back in 2018 in May. It is just like any other hilarious pranks that are set by people online. In the case of ligma, if you see anyone putting up a post saying that he/she is affected by ligma, you should know this right away that the person is trying to pull one on you.

Ligma is a joke and there’s no such disease named Ligma. If you are still confused, we will clear it for you in the next section.

What’s the story of ligma and Ninja?

If you believed in the story of ligma then you fell prey to this internet prank. The term ligma got popular after it was linked with Tyler Blevins’ death hoax online.

For those who do not know Tyler “Ninja” is a popular gamer on twitch. He is mainly known for playing Fortnite and stream his videos online. He is so popular that he even played with Drake and Travis Scott. If you are a hardcore gamer, you must have heard about him.

There was this time when Ninja stopped posting online for a few days. This is what triggered the fans to know where their favourite gamer was. There was this fan who started the hoax trend saying that Ninja is dead due to Ligma. This very post started spreading like wildfire all over the internet. Fans started sharing it all around. It almost reached a point where it seemed real.

It of course took some time for the innocent fans to know that they have been fooled. Before they realised it was a prank, they were sending in their condolences for Ninja’s death.

Now that people know that it is a joke, they are ripping it apart. You can see a lot of people posting about ligma. They write it as if they are affected by the disease and they have little time left. Well, the joke is supposed to be that brutal.

As far as Ninja is concerned, in the beginning, he was not quite fond of the joke and even threatened about banning the people who wrote ligma in his streaming. But gradually he gave in as the hit YouTuber PewDipie too posted about the same.

So that was all about Ligma. Now that you know what’s ligma is you can try this prank on someone you know. You can even try it offline if you want.