LabCorp, another name Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is an American public type health care diagnostics industry. The company has more than 1900 employees, which generates $925 million + business. This type of colossal business gives a strong challenge to the IT department for maintaining and updating employees’ profiles. To solve this issue, the company introduces the MyLabCorp login portal for employees to manage their profiles.

MyLabCorp login portal service system is a secure login service where the employee needs their employee ID number with the auto-generated password to get access to the MyLabCorp Login page. As working in the medical field, it does not mean that these employees do not need any medical insurance. MyLabCorp also provides different types of benefits such as health insurance, medical leave, vision & physical medical insurance, holidays leave, and much more. It updates the daily schedule task for every employee separately into their MyLabCorp login page and also shows the work progress report. If you are the employee of LabCorp, then this login portal will update you with a different type of benefits which you can get from your job. Don’t forget to take your employee ID from your supervisor; it is important for this login portal.

Important of LabCorp Employee ID

LabCorp employee ID is given to every employee from the very first day of the job. The ID contains 5 or 6 digit numbers, which is used as a user name for the MyLabCorp login portal. In case if you didn’t get your employee ID, then you need to contact your supervisor.

How To Apply Your First Time Password of MyLabCorp Employee ID

Once you registered into LabCorp for the job, your MyLabGorp employee ID login password is automatically generated with the support of your provided information. The password contains 10-digits where the date of birth is placed first with the format (mmddyy, Month Date Year). For example, 16th July 1990, convert to password first 6 digits “160790”. The last four digits are taken from your social security number last numbers. For example, Social Security Number 146-86-5678 last four digits of default password are “5678”. In this way, your MyLabCorp login password is “1607905678,” which is for temporary bases and can be changed by click on change my password.

How To Access MyLabCorp Login Portal

Step #1. Open mylabcorp URL into a new web browser.

Step #2. You will get the mylogin page where you will be asking enter “Employee ID” and Password (if first time uses your default password).

Step #3. Now click on the “Login” button, and you will enter into the MyLabCorp employee login portal.

Step #4. Here you check today’s work schedule, holidays, bonus, overtime work plan, increment, and much more.

Best Way To Reset your Forgot MyLabCorp Login Password

Step #1. Snap-on the “Forgot Your Password?” interface on the login screen.

Step #2. You’ll be approached to enter your User Name.

Step #3. In the wake of entering your User Name, the site will approach you a security question. If you answer the inquiry effectively, your secret key will be reset to your default password. (Six-digit birth date (mmddyy) and the last four quantities of your Social Security number).

Step #4. Whenever you sign in, you should change your Password, and this time save/note your changed password in that place where you can easily remember.

Step #5. In the event that you don’t respond to the security question accurately, you won’t access the site, and you should contact the IT Service Desk to reset your secret key.

Note: You can contact the IT Service Desk at 336-436-4357 (Burlington Extension 64357, 6HELP), 877-735-3776, or by means of email @ –

Troubleshoot In Password Reset

It is common when we use systematic ways where the sometimes error occurs. When you try to reset your password by entering security questions, the system tells that “You did not answer correctly,” which means the way you answer was not correct. The best way to answer the question is that, for example, “What is your pet name?” the answer is “Mr. James,” or you can use “mr. janes” either “MR. JAMES” it will work.

Note: If the system still says that you do not answer correctly, then contact the IT Service Desk for resetting your password towards the default password and re-active your account.

MyLabCorp News:


In July 2018, the LabCorp data breach report was released in media, where it says that the LabCorp system was hacked and data was disturbed. Labcorp says about this data breach news: “There is no evidence for unauthorized misuse, or transfer of data is discovered yet. The organization included it has informed specialists and will collaborate in any investigation”. If you knew the real story of this data breach, then you can share it with us in the comment box.

Final Words:

MylabCorp login portal is for the employee of LabCorp Company. If you are the employee of LabCorp and using this external login portal, which type of benefits you get, and are these benefits which company claim that employee gets from MyLabCorp are real or not. Share your answer in the comment box so every employee who is new with MyLabcorp login portal service can be aware of this system.