K12 online school login

The K12 School provides customizable educational programs that assist each student in realizing their ambitions and objectives. They offer credit recovery to world languages courses for grades K–12, whether your student wants to study full time or only needs individual lessons.

Adults can acquire a full high school diploma by completing the required coursework, or they can learn new skills to advance their employment. At any time, students can enroll. Curious to know more? Keep on scrolling the page to find a complete online school login guide.

A Brief overview of stride K12

Stride K12 is a company that enables high-quality, individualized learning. They use technology to enhance creative teaching and interactive curriculum, allowing students to learn in ways that are most effective for them. Stride K12-powered schools have to get chosen by over two million pupils. Will you, too, be ONE?

What do they offer?

Students in grades K–12 can take control of their education by combining online and in-person instruction. Stride K12’s tailored approach is suitable for everybody, regardless of who they are or where they live. Take a look at the alternatives below and be ready to fall in love with Stride K12 learning!

  • Online Public School

This tuition-free option meets your K–12 kid where they are and assists them in getting to where they want to be. Students learn in the method for them, thanks to state-certified teachers, the support and structure of a school community, and online and hands-on content.

  • Stride Career Prep

Core academics meet a career-focused, college-ready education with career preparation. While getting their diploma, your child can develop real-world skills, discover their passion, and explore career alternatives. With Stride Career Prep programming for middle school and high school kids, you can choose between tuition-free and tuition-based Stride K12-powered school alternatives.

  • Online Private Schools

When your K–12 youngster requires more flexibility, a tuition-based, online private school can be an excellent choice. Choose from three approved private schools, all of which have state-certified teachers and a rigorous online and hands-on curriculum.

  • Independent Courses

The Stride K12 program is not limited to full-time students. You can buy a course or homeschool courses to supplement your child’s education. They can pick up a new language, brush up on arithmetic, or pursue a hobby. These low-cost online courses are appropriate for students in grades PreK–12.

  • School, District, and Institutional Programs

Stride K12’s creative digital curriculum, technology, instruction, and support can help you create a learning environment that’s perfect for your pupils. Stride K12’s learning solutions have to get used by over 2,000 schools and districts to improve student and district performance.

How can you keep track of students’ attendance?

Only the Learning Coach account has access to the attendance tool. The absence of this functionality in the Online School could indicate that you get logged into the student account.

  • Enter your Learning Coach account and password to access the Online School. (This could be the same information used for the online enrollment.)
  • Attendance is accessible via the Plan drop-down menu.

If you forget your Learning Coach login or password, go to www.k12.com and click the “OLS Login” link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” from this menu, and the information will get emailed to your registered email address.

What is the procedure for printing a screen from the Online School (OLS)?

  • Please pick “Print” from the left-side navigation bar once you’ve entered the online course.
  • The option to “Print lesson screen only” or “Print whole lesson” will appear.
  • If you want to print a screen from the Online School that doesn’t include a print option, right-click on it and choose “print” from the alternatives.

When the student finishes his last lesson, will he get a certificate?

Certificates, report cards, or end-of-year reports get not provided by K12. They are merely a provider of curriculum for your home school. Please notify your local school board of your intention to homeschool and maintain updated with the school board’s standards to guarantee you stay compliant.

The Progress and Planning tools in the Online School usually offer the documentation you require. The following information gets recommended for printing:

  • The final Progress screen indicating course completion will only say “Completed” if the student achieves an 80 percent score on all individual lesson assessments. To print the Progress Screen, go to File > Print Progress Screen. (1) To open the browser menu, right-click on the Progress screen, then (2) pick “Print.”
  • Using the Print button on the Evaluation screen, complete each unit (or lesson) assessment.
  • Using the Print Attendance button in the lower-left corner of the window, print cumulative totals from your final Attendance screen.

Printing a copy of the Scope and Sequence is also needed for parents. These documents provide a course description as well as a course outline. To print the Scope and Sequence, use the following instructions:

  • Go to K12’s website for more information.
  • At the top of the webpage, select “Courses.”
  • Choose the K-8 Courses Available link.
  • Select a subject, then a grade level from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Get this course’s Scope and Sequence.”
  • You will get transported to the course’s Scope and Sequence after completing the brief web form.
  • The document of your choice should be opened and then printed.

How do you designate a lesson as finished?

Lessons will be marked as “Complete” when the student completes the online assessment at the end of the course or when the Learning Coach enters the assessment findings in the Online School in the case of an offline evaluation. Lessons that do not include an assessment can get marked as “Complete” within the online course, or the Learning Coach can change the status from the Daily or Weekly Plan to “Completed.”

To designate a lesson from the Daily or Weekly Plan as “Completed,” do the following:

  • Please go to the top of the Online School and select “Plan.”
  • Choose “Daily Plan” or “Weekly Plan” from the drop-down menu (if you have several Students, simply select “Daily Plan” or “Weekly Plan” from the drop-down menu directly beneath their name on your Online School Homepage).
  • You’ll see a vacant circle to the right of each lesson on the Daily Plan. By clicking inside this circle, you can designate the class as complete and record attendance, or you can skip the session and finish it later.
  • You’ll notice a vacant circle to the left of each lesson on the Weekly Plan. By clicking inside this circle, you can designate the class as complete and record attendance, or you can skip the session and finish it later.

Where to Find the Projected End Date in the OLS

From either the Learning Coach account or the Student account, you can see your Student’s predicted end dates as well as the percentage of completion for each course.

  • Please go to the top of the Online School and select “Progress.”
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Progress.”
  • The completion percentage for each course will appear in a list (if you have many Students, select the Student’s name for whom you want to compute end dates).
  • Check the box to the right of “Calculate Estimated End Dates” and select “Update” to get the projected end dates for each course.
  • Weekends, vacations, school holidays, and the number of classes for each course scheduled during the week are all factored into the Projected End Date.


Anyone can benefit from a Stride K12-powered education. Whether your child is an athlete, an advanced learner, a homeschooler, a military kid, a professional or college-bound student, or anything in between, they will receive a high-quality education that gets tailored to their specific needs.