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If we talk about American Footwear and sportswear retailers, then Footlocker homeview is one of the best at its field. If you have ever visited New York for shopping, then your New York visit is incomplete without FootLocker Homeview. Let’s take a look at how footlocker homeview provide employees discount and benefit. Also, check every important link that includes how to login footlocker.

If you want to maintain track of the recent release dates, then go to the homeview footlocker log in from the website. You will get the latest update of footwear and sportswear from homeview. Using this hassle-free access to log in will help you to go directly to the footlocker online store, where you can get all the shopping option and features.

Footlocker Homeview is famous for: Most of the people go with the Footlocker in search for special discount offer for such brand Champs Sports, Nike, Finish line Inc, Footaction USA, Adidas and more. Exclusive special provides and coupons for most internet customers of foot locker shoes (footwear).

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  • Footlocker provides more discount to their employees where then creates the attention of old, new, and recently joined employees towards Footlocker homeview.
  • The typical Associate of Foot Locker Sales makes $8 an hour. Foot Locker’s Sales Associate hourly pay may range from $5 to $12.
  • 30% discount for associate and employee will get the 50% discount in occasionally.
  • More benefit/Perk to Footlocker employees: Paid holidays/vacation (41), Casual dress/atmosphere (38), Paid sick leave (27) and more

If you want the Store view footlocker, then visit homeview Footlocker page and log in to your footlocker account. You will find your work schedule and other employee task details.

How to log in @ Foot Locker Homeview

Once you have completed the Homeview Footlocker register now go with the foot locker log in a process where you will be given access to any stored information from a secure server.

Step #1. Open the Footlocker link into a new web browser.

Step #2. Click on “Sign-in/VIP” button located at the top right on the screen.

Step #3. Page pop-up on the screen where you enter your registered email and password

Step #4. Now click on the “Sign In” button.

FootLocker Homeview Forget Password – How To Reset Password

It, not a big deals you forgets your Footlocker home view password, below steps will help you to reset your password.

Step #1. Open the same footlocker page then click on “Sign In / VIP” link located at the top right on the screen.

Step #2. Click in the middle of the page on the “Change Password” link.

Step #3. Enter your email address and passwords and click “Submit.”

Step #4. You will activate your fresh password and disable your old forget password.

Note: For safety precaution whenever you reset your password you must remove and credit cards details from Footlocker home view account.

Want To Make Changes to Foot Locker Home View Account?

First, you need to login to your footlocker account and then follow whatever you want to change into the account.

Shipping Information: To change your address information, press the “Address Book” connection. You can also set your default addresses for billing and shipping here.

Minor changes to Address:

  • Going to the address option click on the edit button, where you can easily make any changes to your Address.
  • Now UPS need to verify your changes, so click on the “NEXT” button.
  • You will see the changes has made in review option. If the change is ok, then click the “NEXT” button to save your changes.
  • If you want to save your shipping address or billing address as default, then go to address option and click on “make default billing” to make as the default address.
  • Now click next button to confirm your changes to save.

In this way, you can make a default shipping address.

If you want to add or change credit/debit card onto your Footlocker homeview, then go to your login account and there in setting click on “My Credit card.” You will get two option where you can modify your stored card, or you can click on add to link new card into your same account.

Tips To Keep Safe From Threats:

  • Footlocker does not require any CVV store option during registration.
  • CVV is only required whenever you use your card for payment.
  • The Footlocker Homeview system shows only the last 4-digit of your card.
  • Whenever you change or modify are made into footlocker account address, the card needs to be re-verified for security purpose.
  • There are one card details added into Footlocker account at one time, for new card details add you need to remove the old card from my account.
  • Anytime your account is reset or modify by your side then stored card will be deleted.


Step #1: To find the proper location you need to login to footlocker account first and then using the official page you will get the option “Find s store” located at the top close to signing In/VIP button.

Step #2: Click on “Find a Store” button, and you will get the Footloocker location map.

Step #3: Now enter the city name, Zipcode, or State name to the search bar and then click on the magnifying button.s

In this way, you will get the accurate search result, for example, if you search for Orlando, then you will get footlocker Orlando stores location. If you live in Miami and want to search foot locker Miami store location, then use this search bar. For search location of stores.


If you want to unsubscribe @ Footlocker then you need to email @ In this way, you will no longer receive any offers, sales or events coming from Footlocker official store.

For more information, you can directly go with the Foot Locker Customer Service: 00 1 715-261-9708

According to the Footlocker, they provide the customer service 24/7 through email and direct phone call.

Final Words:

Save your favourite products in your favourite list. Also, when you are already in one of the footlocker shops, my footlocker 411 website is useful. You’ll discover your size in Footlocker, and there are many items available in more size and colours, then go look for more items. Footlocker is a fresh and enhanced shopping experience facility and straightforward ordering platform. You can also purchase online and pick up the same day at the store. If you want to suggest anything to Footlocker online or offline store, then use then comment box.