Einthusan Everything you need to know about Einthusan TV

With the growing popularity of the online streaming platforms on the internet, it is not surprising that more and more options are coming up with each passing day. Einthusan TV is one such amazing platform that allows you to stream your favourite shows online free. This is gradually gaining popularity amidst the thousands of other competitors because of the amazing quality content they provide with. Additionally, they also provide seamless and high-quality streaming which has further taken its services up by a notch. If you have been planning on sourcing a good streaming platform that caters to all the languages like Hindi, Bengali, English, Telugu, etc. you are in for a ride with this one.

What is Einthusan?


Einthusan is one of the best global online streaming websites where you can stream your favourite shows and movies in various languages like English, Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, etc. in just one interface. The best thing about this specific streaming platform is the fact that it’s free and doesn’t charge you anything for the process. You don’t necessarily have to get a premium account to be able to stream your favourite content online.

What are the features of the website?

As mentioned before, it is the amazing features of this website which makes it stand out of the crowd. The features of this website are quite abundant, making it one of the best options for you to take a look into. It has already been around 4-5 years that Einthusan has been around and it has provided with the best of services since then.

Some of the best features of this website include:

Biggest in the South-Asia

It is often hard to find a good streaming platform which provides with the best content for the South-Asian audience. Einthusan is one of the leading in the market when it comes to catering to that demographic of the audience. They have a gigantic library with every form of media and entertainment that one would like to stream and enjoy. The wide range of options and the seamless streaming process is what has made this one of the best options to look into.

Everything is legal

Often times, with the accessory online streaming platforms, the one thing everyone worries about is the legality of the process. All the content and the media files up for public viewing on this specific platform is legal and doesn’t have any kind of issues related to piracy or copyright issues whatsoever. It has over 5000+ legally licensed content spread around 9 different languages from India. The same is believed to be expanded further in the near future.

Multiple languages

Another one of the fantastic features of this specific online streaming platform is the fact that it supports and displays content from various languages. Currently, it does provide with the option of content around 9 Indian languages which is expected to be expanded shortly. The same is going to be one of the factors that deduce the growing popularity of this platform in comparison to the other options available on the web.

Premium account

Even though the services of Einthusan is free and doesn’t charge you anything, if you wish to steer clear off of the ads, making a premium account is the best option. The services under the premium membership are like no other and do make it stand out of the crowd, especially for the frugal amount that you pay. You can quickly get a lifetime premium membership for just $25 which is nothing compared to what you pay for the other similar online streaming platforms on the Internet.

Amazing server control

The main reason why the streaming process on this platform is easy and seamless is mainly because of the amazing servers everything is hosted under. If you are done and tired with the buffering videos and the lagging live stream, you won’t have to worry about the same with this specific platform at all.

How to download movies using Einthusan?


It is not surprising that live streaming takes up quite the data and if that is something you don’t want to indulge in, the best way to do so is to download the movies for watching them offline. The Einthusan TV offers that option as well.

If you are on the go and don’t have access to steady internet, downloading the movies can be a good option. The steps involved in it include:

  • The very first step is to visit the website and look under the category of the language you want to download the movie. This is where you need to sort it out first.
  • Once you have done that, the next step in the process is to ensure that you click on the Movie option
  • Search for the movie that you wish to download
  • It will redirect you to the online servers for you to stream the movie then and there. If you want to download the film, simply copy the browser URL and you can download the movie directly from there.
  • Once you have completed copying the browser URL, the next thing you need to do is visit either http://en.fetchfile.net/ or https://qdownloader.net/ and then click on the download button to start the download process.

Frequently asked questions

Is Einthusan legal in the US?

This is often the most common question that many have. It is currently accessible in the United States, but it is blocked in some of the countries. Make sure that you are not sharing copyright material as such.

Is it possible to get a free premium account?

The premium membership does cost $25 for a lifetime, which is why it isn’t available for free. Given the fact that it is such a small amount, it is best to pay it.

Is it possible to advertise on Einthusan?

The question is listed under the contact form section where you can send in your pitch and the team will look into the rest.

Einthusan is an evolving platform for online streaming and all for the right reasons. If you are tired of lagging content, this platform can change that experience for you.