How to Download, Install & Use Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12 Device (Free Games/Apps)

Tweakbox App is famous for games and apps from the multiples choices, it provides the features for all version up till today but now we will show you TweakBox App on iOS 12. It is really simple and straight forward as you have seen it in iOS 11 or iOS 10 but now we will show you how to download and install Tweakbox app on iOS 12. Presently by following the system, to install TweakBox application in your iOS device and use it to install hacked applications, games etc.

I have the capacity to download changed or paid applications and games for FREE. At that point, you’ve gone to the ideal spot since I’m going to disclose to all of you about TweakBox. With Cydia seldom observing an update nowadays, a group of engineers chose to discharge options to Cydia and TweakBox is a standout amongst the best.

Download, Install & Use Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12 Device

How to Download, Install & Use Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12 Device (Free Games/Apps)

It is the simple way to get Tweakbox iOS download free and allow to access thousands of apps with a feature that official iTunes store does not provide to its iPhone and iPad users.

Step #1. Jump into safari from your iOS device and type URL

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #2. In this URL page, you will see the download app, click on it to start to download Tweakbox app on iPhone iPad. It will take couple of minutes to load, so stay calm.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #3. A Popup will appear on screen which shows a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this? (Ignore/Allow) click on Allow.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #4. When you click on Allow button, it will jump you to settings, here you need to install Tweakbox profile. Simply click on the “Install” button on the top right of your iPhone/iPad screen. It perfectly saves method.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #5.  If you set up any passcode on your device for security reason, it will appear to enter your passcode to continue.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #6. Now you will get the setup page again, here click on the “INSTALL” button

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #7. You need to click on the “Done” button at the top right of the device screen to install the application.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #8. Now you exit from the safari internet browser and you can see the TweakBox app icon on your device screen.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

How to Use TweakBox App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

If you don’t know what Tweakbox is? In my opinion, this is one of the best apps that you should have on your device; it allows you to downloads all the apps that Apple does not want you to have, this is the application that I recommend to download Electra jailbreak. This app is one of the kinds of Go to apps, where you can install Movie Box and the whole bunch of other apps

Step #1. Open the app and go through the annoying popup advertising.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #2. Go to the Apps section where you get the App Store paid apps for free, Tweakbox Apps where you get Emulator, Movies, Music etc, Tweaked Apps where you get the Snapchat apps with modifications.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #3. For testing click on any apps from the list, I click on TWEAKBOX APPS. This is my favourite section where you can get the BobbyMovie free movies, Channels, CoolPixel, DixMax, Jailbreak Apps, FilzaEscaped MMP which is non Jailbreak version and many more.

Tweakbox Apps on iOS 12

Step #4. Enjoy with the Premium free apps on your iOS device with TweakBox App.

There are lots more that you can do with TweakBox App such as Game Boy Advance, Happy Chick, etc. This app provides the bunch of good app stuff which Apple does not normally allow its user to install on the iOS device.

The Best Alternatives to TweakBox App For iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device

If you are familiar with the TweakBox app and already used this app on iPhone/iPad device and want the Alternatives to Tweakbox, then follow the brief list below that provide the same performance as you get from the Tweakbox app.

1#. Emus4U

It is one of the best app installers which provides the ultimate app for free to download on iPhone & iPad and the best alternative to Tweakbox app.

2#. TuTuApp

TutuApp is App Store like Tweakbox which provide the free app store specially developed for an iOS device such as iPhone and iPad. This app lets the iOS user to install games & apps from the iTunes Store in Tutuapp.

3#. IPAStore 

Best Tweakbox like an application is IPAStore which very simple to operate and fastest among another app. IPAStore app allows the user to install any games/apps on a device, but it must have Jailbreak.

4#. vShare

vShare is Tweakbox like app which is also known as a third party app store that allows the user to install apps for the iOS device. This app is very much famous and popular third-party app these days.

5#. Panda Helper

If you want the Apps like Tweakbox, then Panda Helper is the best choice to get the tweaked apps and hacked multiples app for free on iPhone and iPad.

6#. iOSEmus

A Tweakbox alternative is iOSEmus because of the best apps and emulator downloader service. It is the 3rd party app for the iPhone and iPad to install games, apps on a device. IOSEmus also allow the user to get access with the favourite games & apps without any jailbreak.

7#. AppValley

Features of millions of apps like Tweakbox AppValley is the perfect choice for an iOS device. It provides games, category and utilities alike Tweakbox. Download unlimited apps for free such as Spotify.

TweakBox App Video Tutorial

In case if you don’t like more reading then watch this video that allows you to download, install, with delete method on one single fast video. Nothing can stop you from installing Tweakbox app on your iOS device.

Open the video to install Tweakbox and enjoy it.

Final works:

We hope that you get the perfect method to understand the download, install and use a method of Tweakbox app on your latest iOS 12 devices. On the off chance that you got a few companions who might acknowledge such help, at that point share this article with them, you can likewise share this Tweakbox method to download the paid application at no expense on social stages and more. If you experience any inconvenience while following these means, mercifully get in touch with us in the comment section.