There are several WhatsApp mods available in the market, and ToWhatsApp or YoWa is one of the most popular. It is similar to GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. There are multiple reasons to use this application. You will get additional features along with the default ones that come with the official application. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about YoWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp: What Is It?

YoWhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods. It is commonly known as YoWa on the internet and users’ community. As for the question of YoWhatsApp, this app contains many additional functions compared to official WhatsApp and even other modified applications. Anyone can download YoWhatsApp from the official page that is free and compatible with any smartphone.

As we all know, WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to send text and multimedia messages to anyone around the world. It has more than one billion active users worldwide every day, facilitating their private conversations, work, and a tool that has revolutionized communication.

YoWhatsApp Features

YoWhatsApp stands out for having many features that official WhatsApp does not have; below, we are going to list the most popular ones and talk a little about what each of them consists of.

Privacy Settings

One of the most important reasons why YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp mods have succeeded is the possibility of improving the level of privacy with settings that are not found in WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp allows you to view other people’s messages without revealing what you have seen. It allows us to hide our blue ticks so that other people do not know that we have read their messages.

It is also capable of freezing the last seen so that it does not appear that we are online at the moment. It is even possible to disable the function of deleting messages that WhatsApp included not too long ago. You can also hide the notification that a message is being seen. Finally, it allows you to configure a PIN or password to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the phone.


The themes allow us to completely vary the appearance of an application beyond the dark mode that the normal app already includes as standard. We can customize elements such as the status bar, navigation bar, background, notification icon, font, application icon, general interface colors, etc. In fact, YoWhatsApp allows you to access a theme store from the settings where you can download them easily, and for free, you just have to select the theme you like the most, apply it, and restart WhatsApp for it to take effect.

Migration Without Data Loss

It is common that many people do not want to access to install a mod like YoWhatsApp for fear of losing their chats. Nothing is further from reality; although it does not have support for Google Drive, it is possible to make a copy of the chats and thus not lose anything.

Improved Multimedia Support

Multimedia management and downloads are also improved with this application. The limit for sending multimedia files is higher than 70 MB, the images no longer lose resolution, and their size also increases up to 18 MB so that we can send even 64 MP photos. The size of the videos sent can be more than 1 GB, so those who record at 4K resolution could come in handy. It is also possible to send files in multiple video formats. Finally, it is possible to hide private photos from the photo gallery while using YoWhatsApp.

Different Varieties of Emojis

Emojis are also part of visual customization, and having some more colorful than those that come standard with WhatsApp is also very interesting. In addition, YoWhatsApp also has some emojis that are not present as standard.

Download YoWhatsApp latest version

You can download the latest version of YoWhatsApp from the internet. Similar to other WhatsApp mods applications, YoWhatsApp is not available on the Play Store, so this is the only possible download method. We recommend downloading it from your mobile phone, but it can also be downloaded to your PC and transfer later. Remember to download the file from the trusted platform so that you don’t get adware or malware on your device.

How to Install YoWhatsApp

Once the latest version of YoWhatsApp has been downloaded, the installation is really simple. You can follow the steps given below to install YoWhatsApp.

Step 1 – In the first place, if we have previously installed WhatsApp or another mod (which is the most common), in order not to lose any message, photo, or video, it is necessary to take a backup. To do this, it is essential to enter Configuration> Settings> Chats and click on Backup.

Step 2 – Once the backup copy of YoWhatsApp is finished, we can uninstall the old application since, in case of not doing it, it could prevent us from installing YoWhatsApp and give an error. We go to Settings> Installed applications> WhatsApp and click Uninstall.

Step 3 – Now, we enter the mobile phone’s file manager or the download section of the browser and select the YoWhatsApp APK.

Step 4 – Clicking on the downloaded file will open a new installation window in which we must click Install.

Step 5 – We wait for the installation to finish and select Open.

Note: You need to enable installation from Unknown Sources in the Settings.

How to Configure YoWhatsApp

Like WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp needs additional Configuration to work. Thus, as soon as we install the application and after having opened it, we will have to verify our mobile phone number. The process is very simple, and the verification can be done preferably by means of a code that we will receive in the form of SMS, and it will verify itself as soon as we enter our phone number. After that, it will be essential to restore the local copy of WhatsApp that we have done previously. This option will appear automatically during the YoWhatsApp configuration process.

To get into configuring YoWhatsApp, you have to enter the app’s settings accessible through the three vertical points in the upper right. There is a section dedicated exclusively to modifying the privacy options that have the same name, but the most interesting and therefore the one that contains all the configuration and customization options is Mods, where we will find all the customization and options that it brings the app to older people.


Thus, this is how you can download and install YoWhatsApp on your smartphone, which is among the top WhatsApp mod available right now. YoWhatsApp is not available for iOS devices. In order to install WhatsApp tweaks like Watusi on iPhone, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. Nevertheless, for Android devices, YoWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp Mods.