If you believe in the power of sustainable shopping and want to make the most out of it, we’d highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the concept of BidFTA. The platform is your one-stop destination for sustainable purchases, especially including new, used and even rejected items and products.

Alternatively known as Fast Track-it Auctions, this is an amazing website that allows you to buy amazing quality products for very cheap prices. The good thing about this website is to remember and trace the products that you wish to purchase and then bid on them later when their prices have significantly come down. 

The bidding process isn’t as easy and streamlined on the platform, which is why you need to time the process and organize the auctions that you want to be part of. Also, there are choices to schedule the pickups around 30 minutes before the warehouse closes. 

What is BidFTA?

Fast track IT or BidFTA is a live auction website that allows you to choose between the different products, bid your price during the auction of the specific product and then take home a brand new, used or refurbished product for a cheaper and much more affordable price.

The platform is a step towards sustainable shopping and ensuring reduced unnecessary production of new products which can otherwise be refurbished. This platform is also an amazing way to buy different kinds of items in bulk and pay a considerably less fee for the same.

A Guide to Using BidFTA

Now that you know what BidFTA is and why you need to leverage it, we must explain a guide to this website, what kind of products you will find for auction and how you can leverage it to your benefit.

Ideally, there are four different categories of products that are available on BidFTA. They include:

Brand New products

Just because you are buying products from an auction or you are buying products in bulk doesn’t mean you will only have access to old or refurbished products. The brand new merchandise is the products that are brand new and have never been used before.

The good thing about getting these products is that they come with a warranty. So, if you buy a brand new labelled item from BidFTA and it doesn’t work or malfunctions for some reason, you can return them. The operation and credibility of the products are assured.

If you have bid for a brand new item and you find that the item isn’t new when you are inspecting it, you need to inform the warehouse handlers immediately about the same. Fast Track begins its packaging and shipment process once the big is done and someone has paid for the product.

Appears New products

The second category of products is the ones that “Appear New”. These are a lot similar to the brand-new items because they appear brand new or have never been used before. The only difference is that these products aren’t available in their original packaging. The Appear New category of products is:

  • Looks like they have never been used before
  • They don’t appear filthy or with missing parts
  • They aren’t available in the original box from the manufacturer
  • The content might sustain damage during the shipping process and hence they are in this category

Like the brand new products, even with the Appears New products, you have the option to return them, in case the product seems faulty or it doesn’t work out as it should.

The downside to this section of the product is that the product’s functionalities aren’t tested. So, ideally, the bidder should assess and check out the product before the bid and after they win it as well. Any kinds of later grievances won’t be entertained.

Open Box or Unverified Condition products

The third category is where the sketchy items start coming in. The open box or unverified items are often products that are partially damaged or have been discarded by the brands. They might be unfinished or used and there are chances that their functionality hasn’t been validated.

There are also chances that this list of products contains items that have been taken out of the box, used and then returned by the consumer. These items’ qualities aren’t checked thoroughly, so you can get faulty products but that is something that BidFIT clarifies. 

Unlike the previous two product types, you can’t return the products that you bid for under the open box variant. This is because these products aren’t backed with a warranty.

Damaged products

Last but not least are the damaged products. These mainly include bigger products like electronics, automobiles, etc. The auctions are mainly done to buy these big products in bulk and then sell the individual parts from the products. And, just like the name suggests, these include damaged products.

Also, the damage is beyond repair, so people generally tend to buy these products as a way to secure some good-quality spare parts that they can use for other products. 

The products are laid around in bulk in the warehouse where the auctioneers can come around and check the products that they feel like buying. Also, the products don’t come with any kind of warranty, as they should. So, you have to buy them for your personal use without considering that you’d be able to fix them.

Once you have found and sorted the item that you likely want to purchase, you can then go ahead and put in your minimum or maximum bid for the product. 


BidFTA is one of the most popular auctions and bidding platforms for products that are new, used and old and damaged. We’d highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specifications of the platform, how they work and how you can leverage the same to your benefit. 

If you are relocating or you have a business that you don’t need the products for and you are thinking of selling the said items, this is the platform that can ideally make it possible for you.