Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Tips and Trick

Since Samsung’s S Pen has always been a charm of the Note series, the company has added some fruitful features on the Note 9 with S Pen. Hence, here we gonna show some best tips and tricks for the Samsung Note 9’s S Pen to help you unlock the full capacity of the S Pen.

With the latest S Pen, Samsung has done a great job making it more useful. Well, it isn’t enough to open Air Commands or draw a sketch on the screen, now you can do lots of thing with the Note 9’s S Pen with its new Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Considering you have already got the Note 9 device, here are some best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen tactics!

Best Tips and Trick For The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen To Get Most Out The S Pen

#1: How To Unlock Your Note 9 With S Pen

One of the new features Samsung has added to the Note 9’s S Pen is letting users unlock Galaxy Note 9 with Samsung S Pen. That’s very quickly and impressive, right? It will help to unlock the device without touching it while you are doing a presentation. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Unlock with S Pen remote and select “Unlock with S Pen remote”

#2: How to Customize The Remote Function To Use S Pen

Since Note 9’s S Pen has its own battery, you can use S Pen as a remote control. Hence, you can control a number of things like camera, gallery, media, chrome, home office editor, snapchat, and more using S Pen Stylus. So, you customize some S Pen remote control function by heading to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote. Then tap on Hold down Pen button to if you want to change the default app.

#3: How to Take A Photo on Note 9 with S Pen

As we said above that you can use S Pen as a remote control for Note 9, you use S Pen to snap a pictures from a distance on Note 9. It’s quite simple to click the photo on Note 9 with S Pen. Once you launch Camera on Note 9, you can simply press the button on the S Pen to capture image from any distance. Hence, it will give you the better angle to capture a perfect shot. And also, you can double tap the button to switch front and rear camera. Likewise, you can use it AR Emojis to snap a perfect picture with animation.

#4: Write Screen Off Memo

To write on screen off feature is available since the launch of Note 7. It allows users to quickly note some quote or anything on the AMOLED display of the device.  With the Note 9, you can use it well. Just remove the S Pen from the slot and you will automatically get the blank screen to write something. Everything you write will save into the Samsung’s Note app and you can change it later.

#5: How To Control Media on Note 9 With S Pen

Whether you are playing music or video on Note 9, you won’t need to touch the device to manage music or video. You can simply use the S Pen to play and pause by pressing the button. It will work great when you have connected your phone with Bluetooth speaker and quickly want to change the song.

#6: How To Use S Pen To Control Presentation On Note 9

We know that Samsung’s Note series is very popular for its presentation feature with the S Pen. But with the Note 9, it has become more convenient. While doing a presentation, you click the S Pen button to move forward or change the slide and double click to go to the previous slide. Make sure you are using Microsoft’s PowerPoint app.

#7: How To Use Note 9’s S Pen to Make Live Messages

Live Messages is the most praised feature on Note series and you can create great Live Messages as GIFs to have fun with your chat buddy. To access live messages, simply take the S Pen out from the device, hit the grey pen icon that pops up, and select “Live Messages”.

#8: How To Use Note 9’s S Pen to Translate

Samsung’s translate function is very useful when you want to convert paragraph to other languages. Well, you can also take help from Note 9’s S Pen to translate the language. From Air Command select “translate” and go to your mysterious language text and hover over what you want translating. Using the control at the top you can select either a single word or entire paragraphs.

#9: How to Customize Air Command On Note 9 With S Pen

As you take the Samsung S Pen out of the slot, you will see Air Command on the screen with some quick access. You can select up to 10 apps in the Air Command shortcut. Just hover the stylus on the screen and press the button for Air Command, or just tap on the floating icon. If you want to change the apps in Air Command or add more, just go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Shortcuts.

Furthermore, you can also turn off the floating icon, or prevent Air Command from launching when you take out the S Pen in the same settings menu.

#10: How To Charge Note 9’s S Pen

As we said above that with Note 9’s S Pen, Samsung has added a battery and recharge system. If you don’t know how S Pen charge then let me tell you that, put S Pen back into the Note 9 slot and it will automatically start charging. It will take only 40 seconds to fully recharge the S Pen which you can use for 30 minutes.

Check out full video tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen Tips and Tricks:


Final Lines

Well, these were all things you can do with Samsung Note 9’s S Pen. Hope you enjoyed the post. If we missed any other important Note 9’s S Pen Tricks, please tell us through comments! We add it in out S Pen tips and trick list for Note 9.