Since I am not talkative, one of my friends gifted me the Amazon Echo device a few months ago so that I can keep chat-chat on with Alexa. At the first, I wasn’t impressed with it and I was wondering what Alexa can do. But after spending a few months with her, I have got some Amazon Alexa skills and gonna tell some coolest things to do with Amazon Echo.

After knowing these fun things to do with Amazon Echo, you will get fully attached with Alexa for sure. You will feel like you have a virtual family member in your family just like I am feeling right now with the Echo device. No matter whether you are new to Alexa or finding some cool things Alexa can do, this list of best Alexa commands will help you to do fun things with Alexa. Let’s check out 36 cools things to do with Alexa!

Cool & Fun Things To Do With Alexa

#1: Play an album, playlist or song by name

You can command Alexa to play your favourite song whenever you want. Here are some examples:

“Alexa, play “Blank Space” from Amazon Music.”

“Alexa, play songs for baking holiday cookies from Amazon Music.”

“Alexa, play jazz,”

“Alexa, play Walk Like an Egyptian,”

#2: Alexa, set the timer for 5 minutes

Preparing a recipe? Ask Alexa to set a timer so that you get an idea about the cooking a perfect dish.

#3: “Alexa, remind me to go to a wedding on Sunday at 2 p.m.”

The best part is you can even ask Alexa to set a reminder about your further tasks.

#4: “Alexa, call Mom’s mobile.”

You even get connected with your loved one by calling and messaging through Alexa.

#5: Just ask Alexa to turn up the treble, set the mid-range to 3, decrease the bass, or any other similar command.

You can now customize the equalizer settings on your Echo speaker, with controls for bass, mid-range and treble ranging from -6 to 6 dB. You can also access the EQ settings by going to the Settings section of the Alexa app, selecting the speaker you want to adjust, selecting “Sounds,” then tapping “Equalizer.”

#6: Alexa, what’s traffic like right now?

Planning to go somewhere? Just ask Alexa to check that all roads are clear or not.

#7: “Alexa, find quick dinner recipes.”

Want to prepare special food for the Thanksgiving then Alexa will be your perfect guide to cooking the best food.

#8: “Alexa, order brown bread.”

If you are using Amazon to buy grocery item, then you can use Alexa to order any item online.

#9: Set Multi-Room Audio

You can group them together in the Alexa app and then play music on all of them at once to enjoy music everywhere.

#10: Alexa, start a 10-minute workout

Alexa also has skin to keep you move while exercising.

#11: Make and manage your list

Whether you want to manage your shopping list or mortgage, Alexa will help you manage your list carefully.

#12: Alexa, play News

According to your geolocation, Alexa can play live streaming news from different networks.

#13: Alexa, who won Golden Globe 2018

Whether you want to know the award-winning person or the winning team in football or cricket, you get every update from Amazon Echo via Alexa.

#14: Ask Alexa to turn on/off your bedroom light

Since you can connect your Amazon Echo device to Phillips and Wink home hub, hence you can manage to a light of your home.

#15: Alexa, “make my lamp blue,” or “make the living room fuschia,”

Furthermore, if you have connected your Echo device to Phillip Hue then you can control lighting colours.

#16: Alexa, play Bingo

#17: Alexa, is it going to rain today?

If its cloudy day and you want to know the weather, then you can ask Alexa about is it going to rain today or not.

#18: Alexa, how many calories are in peanut butter?

#19: Alexa routine

One of the great features of Amazon Echo is you set multiple things to be launched once you reach the home. For instance, you could say “Alexa, I’m home,” to turn your smart lights on, trigger a scene that raises all of your smart shades, and launch your Fire TV.

#20: Cleanup mess with Alexa command

As Echo device is compatible with robot vacuum like this Neato cleaner, you can trigger a cleaning cycle with a single Alexa command.

#21: Control you Fire TV

Controlling Fire TV through Alexa is the coolest things you can do with Alexa. So,  if you have Fire TV streamer connected to your TV then just use your voice to play movies, TV shows, and channels.

#22: Control your smart TV

Well, Amazon’s open software tool help other third-party dish and smart TVs to control the smart TV with your voice for example Vizio.

#23: Tap to Alexa

Amazon recently introduced “Tap to Alexa in the Amazon Echo device which lets speech-impaired users trigger common Alexa tricks with just a touch. Users can customize those shortcuts to handle any of Alexa’s core features, including routines.

#24: Use voice recognition

If the multiple members are using the device, then you can go to the “Your Voice” section and personalize your voice so that others can buy or unlock anything without your permission.

#25: Ask her to translate the language

Alexa, ask Translator how to say “I love you” in Spanish. There are total 50 languages available to translate through Alexa.

#26: Alexa, what are your deals?

If you want to order something with discounting prize, then you can ask “Alexa, what are your deals?” to know some latest Amazon deals.

#27: Alexa, play Jeopardy.

Are you feeling bored? Just ask Alexa to play Jeopardy.

#28:  Alexa, start Star Wars quiz

#29: Alexa, start Animal Game/Capital Quiz.

#30: Alexa, what happened on this day in history?

This is the cool things to do with Alexa. It will tell you some memorable things happened in history.

#31: Alex, book a ride

You use Uber and Lyft skill to order a ride by asking Alexa about your destination.

#32: Alexa, read us a bedtime story

Alexa has a cool trick to keep your kids entertained by telling stories as per your selection.

#33: Alexa, ask for a fart  

I know this is awkward, but Alexa can do this fun as well.

#34: Alexa, I need some white noise

Want to sleep ocean sound loop, then you ask Alexa to play some white noise.

#35: Alexa, what Italian restaurants are nearby

You are going on a date with the Italian girl, then Alexa will help you find the nearby Italian restaurants.

#36: Alexa, help me plan my vacation

Planning a trip? If you have a Kayak account, you can say “Alexa, where can I go for $300?” and she’ll give you options.

Final Word

These were all cool and amazing thing you can do with your Amazon Echo device. I guess now you are too impressed with Alexa. Aren’t you? If you have found any other funny Alexa skill or command, then feel free to tell us through comments!