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Helo is one such app which was very well known amongst the users because of exciting features like short video making with different unique themes and frames. As you know, this app happens to be one amongst the many apps that have been recently banned by the Indian Government. The reason behind such a rigid decision taken by the government is these apps posed a severe threat to the country’s jurisdiction as well as security policies.

Latterly, after the Indo-China clash at the Galwan Valley, the government officials were bound to take such a decision to ensure the safety and security of the data of nearly 130 crore users of this app in India. The Helo app along with the other banned apps have been declared highly unsafe as they were gathering every basic detail of the user and then transmitting it to the various sources they have outside India. As because this app has been prohibited from being used in India, the users are looking for the best alternatives to it. This post is going to be very suitable for the lovers of short-video making apps since we will be listing down the 10 best alternatives that can be used instead of the Helo app. Some of these are even said to be better than the Helo app.

This article is surely going to be very helpful for the people who are looking for the best possible helo app alternatives that they can try. In this article, some of the most well-known video-making apps which are safe to use will be mentioned. Some India based apps will also be mentioned and we advise you to use them as by downloading these apps you can provide enough support to the Indian app creators.

What is the Helo app?

Before knowing the alternatives of Helo, here is some basic knowledge about the app which has recently been banned in the country.

The Helo app is a social media app that has got many features similar to TikTok as well as Facebook but the difference is that there are some features in this app that allow the users to earn money online that too without many terms and conditions. This app was used for making short funny videos and was downloaded by numerous users. People from a lot of countries including India, Pakistan, Singapore, and China. However, in India, its validation has been rejected and so, people cannot download or use it anymore.

This app was created in the year 2017 by a China-based company named Byte dance. It inculcated a lot of exciting features and also allowed users to earn money by sharing videos. This was completely free to use app which needed no subscription to be used. The size of this app was considerably small and ideal to be used in smartphones. The different features of this app include inviting friends, daily check-in, sharing earnings, etc. It also offered various kinds of effects for video making. Since its release, this app went never really out of trend until the recent ban imposed on it by the Indian government.

Why is the Helo app banned?

You all must be well acquainted with the recently taken decision by the Indian government regarding prohibiting almost 59 Chinese apps from being used in India since they were lethal for the country’s security policies. The reason behind the helo app banned in our country is the security issue and the inappropriate content possessed by the app. A lot of users of this app have declared it to be misguiding kids in the wrong ways.

Just like the other banned apps, this app was also considered highly risky to the jurisdiction of the country and because of such security reasons, the Helo app as well as 58 more apps were stopped from functioning in the country. This decision was taken by the officials of the Indian government in June 2021 as an outcome of the emerging tension between India and China at the Galwan Valley.

Top 10 alternatives of the Helo App 

The people who were too much into using the Helo app and are now missing it, don’t need to be sad anymore because today’s article will be letting them know about several other apps alike the Helo app which they can for making short videos. All of the below-mentioned apps are sure to entertain you as much as the Helo app did and some are even better than that. As a loyal citizen of India, it is a duty of each one us to follow the rules set by the government of India and consider its decision to be the final one.

Now, read the list of the alternatives to the Helo app which begins here:

  • Chingari

The second option we have is Chingari, which was developed by SiddharthGautam and BiswatmaNayak who are known to be programmers from Bangalore. This app is also used for making short video clips. The Android users gained access to this app in November 2018 which was much earlier than the IOS users who got access to it in January 2019. Just the same as TikTok, users can watch videos on this app and can also upload videos of their own. This app can be downloaded free from the Google play store or the app store. Another outstanding feature of this app is its multilingual and friendly user interface. It supports several languages including Malayalam, Gujarati, English, Marathi, Telugu, Bangla, Hindi, and Tamil.

  • Roposo

Roposo is the first choice you can try. It was developed by the Glance Pte. Ltd which is a Gurugram based company. It was created in 2013 but was launched in June 2021. Initially, it was released in 2014 but wasn’t able to gain much fame back in that period. It can be used by the users in 15 dissimilar languages and can be downloaded to both androids as well as IOS mobile phones. Just that the IOS edition of this app is comparatively much bigger than the android one. This app has readily gained a lot of popularity and is used by almost 85 million people with the count still rising upwards. Roposo offers a platform to the users on which they can share different kinds of videos based on lifestyle, entertainment, news, etc.

  • Mitron 

The app coming next is Mitron which is also gaining a lot of popularity since its launch. If you are someone who loves to shoot short videos as a mode of passing time, you should try this app. One similarity between this app and its rival TikTok is the user interface which is quite similar for both the apps. The users of this app can create 15-second videos through which they can showcase any talent they have and create humorous content as well. The app is fairly rated on the Google play store and the reviews are good too. However, a handful of users of this app have declared that there are still a lot of bug fixes needed for the app to function precisely. For now, the users can download this app from the google play store only because this app has not been released for the IOS yet. The app consumes a very less amount of space in mobile phones since it is just 8MB.

  • Zili App 

The next app you should know about is the Zili app which is overloaded with sarcastic content. The users can download this app to their phones without having to pay any charge and even get access to a varied range of editing tools. Additionally, there are many extra features including puzzle videos, boomerangs, and superzooms which can be tried while making a video to make it even more exciting. It is very simple to use and lets the users to stream videos in whichever language they prefer. They can also post the likes videos directly to other social media accounts such as their WhatsApp story.

  • Bolo Indya

This is another great app that has been created in Gurgaon. Bolo Indya is an app that allows video sharing and enables the users to create videos or stream them in eight varied languages which include Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Kannada, and Tamil. It does not just let its users upload their videos but also continues to post other informative video contents to the users. This is made in the India app and can be used safely. However, right now the app cannot be availed by the IOS users which means it can only be downloaded by the android users.


Here comes another ideal alternative is known as Once you download this app to your phone, you are assured to get the day to day entertainment dose which can be funny videos and so much more. The videos you share can also be posted to your other social media accounts. To change in between the videos, you can try swiping up and down. You can also save the videos of your choice directly to your phone to watch them afterward. Users can discover many different kinds of videos on this app.

  • Boo 

Are you looking for an app on which you can place different images in a sequence and modify them into a series of videos of short duration? The Boo app can be the most suitable option for them. By downloading this app, the users can have access to numerous video templates and also can make videos based on different themes such as birthday, anniversary, etc. The apps also offer the option of saving once the user is done making the video.

  • Noizz 

Formerly named as Buigo, the Noizz app was created in Brazil. This app offers a platform on the users can discover unlimited short-term videos that can either be funny or informative. This app is a great choice for the ones who want a single app to contain almost all different kinds of videos including music video, travel video, cooking video, and news too. The users can also have access to customized streaming in which they can set their preferences.

  • Vskit

One amongst the most popular apps created in Africa for the purpose 0f entertainment is the Vskit which enables the users to make short comic videos and post them. It also lets the users save their videos instantly as well as sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Another way of sharing the video can be copying its link and posting it on your desired social media platform.

  • Rizzle

This app is the best one for the people who want to share their thoughts freely without having to be judged. The app has derived its name from the sizzle reel word which means a short publicizing video. Many features make this app different from the others out of which one important feature is ‘ no filters ‘. The users enjoy this feature a lot.

Almost all the best helo app alternatives have been discussed in this article and all of them are very safe and secure to use. They don’t put your data at risk at all. A lot of these apps have already gained a lot of fame in the tech market. You can also search these apps on Google if you need more information about them. Thus, being dutiful citizens of the country, the people must abide by the decision made by the Indian Government. Hence, we advise you to remove all the banned apps from your phone and download the ones which are of Indian origin.


Why is the Helo App banned in India?

The Helo app has been banned in India because it was discovered to be highly unsafe for the country as well as the citizens too.

Can all these apps be used by both androids as well as IOS users?

For now, only the Android users can have access to all of these apps since few of them have not been released for the IOS yet.

What are some of the best short video-making apps based in India?

Mitron, Chingari, Bolo Indya, Roposo are some well known short video-making apps of Indian origin.