DU-Battery-Saver like Apps

With the decision from the Home Ministry of India, the DU Battery Saver app has banned! Due to some legal issues, Chinese apps have been banned from India and DU Battery Saver is one of them. But you need not worry! Today, I am going to discuss alternatives to DU Battery saver, and trust me these are even better than DU.

Battery Saver apps are really needed if you use an Android phone. We sometimes use the apps and forget to close them. So, in that case, battery consumption increases and battery drain at a much faster rate. But you do not have to worry. You can increase the daily lifespan of your phone’s battery and improve its performance with Below shared Battery saver apps.

Best Apps Like DU Battery Saver

Mobile data, Wifi, Screen brightness is considered to be the most power-consuming features of your phone. The apps below manage different options. Du is not the last option, there are a lot more options. You would surely love using these options. Let’s discuss this.

1) McAfee Security Innovations

  • McAfee is one of the notorious names in the domain of security and antivirus.
  • It provides system utilities, notification blocker, secure QR code reader.
  • It is one of the best battery saver apps for android phones.

2) Juice Defender

  • Extend the battery life of your Android phones with Juice Defender.
  • It is considered to be an intelligent app, as automatically manages mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connectivity, and screen brightness.
  • Juice defender makes decisions about when to schedule regular synchronization events, enable or disable specific app connectivity, or automatically disconnect Wi-Fi based on location.

3) One-touch battery saver

  • This app has a clean interface.
  • The app has a special power save mode. If your battery is about to die and you do not have a power cord as well, use this special feature. In this mode, it will disable WiFi, background notification light, Bluetooth, and GPS.

4) Android Booster

  • Alongwith dealing with power issues, this acts as a memory booster as well.
  • It acts as a task killer, app manager, network manager, and file organizer.
  • The apps run in the background and provide no disturbance at all.

5) Battery defender

  • Battery defender takes care of you even when you are sleeping. Tell the app when you are sleeping and it will cut down your wifi connections, close mobile data, so that you get an undisturbed sleep and saves battery as well.
  • It is one of the greatest Android power-saving apps.

6) Green power premium

  • Fully automatic and run extra hours of power.
  • Use Green power premium and forget about battery issues, it gives your phone extra hours.
  • It handles Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Bluetooth.

7) Power battery- battery Saver

  • Save power up to 60%.
  • It provides charging booster, running-app optimizer, battery power monitor, memory manager & clean.
  • As per requirement, power-saving features can be customized.

8) Avast Battery Saver

  • It is the most trusted name in the field, AVAST.
  • Avast battery saver close background running apps and increases battery life.
  • It speed up the device and save battery life.

9) Power Clean

  • It is the most professional power cleaner.
  • It has over 100 million users use this battery saver app across the world.
  • It saves battery life and enhances the performance of the device.
  • It detects battery-draining apps, sends you a notification, and then closes on your one tap.

10) Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver and Booster

  • It is one of the most renowned names in the domain of antivirus.
  • Its battery saver app is none less.
  • Continually monitor apps in the background and notifies you.
  • It gives the most accurate prediction of battery life.


Well Friends, try using these powerful battery saver apps. These are a great alternative to DU Battery Saver. I hope you would like the article. Try using these apps, they are awesome and perform even better than DU Battery Saver.

Share your feedback. Mention in comments which app do you like the most. It would be really helpful.

Thanks for reading!