Apple Watch 8 Comes With Temperature Sensor And Accident Detection

At Its September Event, Apple Presented, Among Other Things, A New Generation Of Its Smart Watch. The Apple Watch Series 8 Brings Some Innovations.

After the Apple Watch Series 7 only made small changes on the surface, this year’s smartwatch has some big changes. The Apple Keynote 2022 took place again in front of a live audience, unlike the last two years. You could also follow them online, of course. The keynote was called “Far Out,” which, on the one hand, was a reference to the new iPhone 14’s camera. But the same thing can be said about the Apple Watch 8.

Apple Watch 8 And Watch SE 2 Introduced

As Mark Gurman (via “Bloomberg”) predicted, Apple has now shown off two new Apple Watch models at the event: the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE 2. The Smartwatch show ended when the brand-new Watch Ultra model was shown.

Most of the rumours about smart watches have turned out to be true. They have new sensors and functions, but the chip inside them isn’t very different from what we’ve heard before. The popular Apple Watch Series 8 also has the new sensors, which is a good thing. Most people thought that the new features would only be in the Ultra version.

The Apple Watch Series 8

Designs And Colors

The Apple Watch 8 didn’t look much different from the one that came before it. Almost nothing has changed about the simple design with rounded corners. So I didn’t confirm the rumours that the look would be more sharp. The front glass of the always-on retina display, which can’t break, is said to make it even stronger. There are two sizes for the aluminium or stainless steel case: 41 mm and 45 mm.

The Apple Watch Series 8 made of aluminium comes in four different colours: Starlight, Midnight, Silver, and Red. On the other hand, the stainless steel one comes in silver, graphite, and gold. This fall, Nike and Hermès are also coming out with new straps and dials for the new watch.

New Temperature Sensors

In any case, the new Apple Watch is interesting because it has two temperature sensors. The one closest to the skin sits on the bottom of the case. The other sensor is under the screen and measures changes in temperature in the area. So that the measurement doesn’t get messed up by things outside of it.

With the new sensors, the Apple Watch Series 8 can measure the temperature about every five seconds while you sleep. Changes as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius are picked up by the smartwatch. Then, users can use the iPhone and Apple’s own health app to check their body temperature at night.

And the measurements of temperature are also interesting for women and Apple’s three-year-old cycle protocol. In fact, you can figure out when you ovulated based on changes in your body temperature. This should give a fuller picture of the female cycle and help people better understand their own bodies. Of course, it can also help you think about having a family. You can also be told if there are any changes to the cycle.

Crash Detection

Aside from the temperature sensors, there are also sensors that can tell when a collision has happened. This is made possible by a device called a “gyroscope” that figures out the exact location and a “acceleration sensor” that measures speed. The goal is for the Apple Watch Series 8 to automatically detect an accident and call for help if the person wearing it can no longer do so.

For this reason, a lot of movement data from real accidents was looked at. Along with the sensors already mentioned, the smartwatch also uses its barometer, GPS, and microphone to stop false alarms. But if the data collected by the Apple Watch shows that a crash has happened, it alerts the wearer. If the wearer doesn’t answer, the emergency service and the stored emergency contact are notified. The location is then also sent to the people who need it.