Don’t you like it if you get a complete package of health, fitness, job portal, etc on a single app? Confused about what I am saying? AZPeople is an Employee Login portal for all the employees of Autozone auto parts company launched at the company website

AutoZone Company

Autozone company, that is now known as AZPeople, establishes in 1979. The company provides resources to other firms for Automotive business in the US and other countries like Brazil and Mexico.

Considering today’s stats, Autozone is running over 6000 retail stores and around 90,000 employees are working with the firm.

It is difficult to reach office every day or to increase the working efficiency of the employees, The company has started AZPeople portal so that employees can work from home without any hassle. So it is good if the employee has an AutoZone Employee account.

Benefits of AutoZone Employee account

  1. Employees can check their awards online.
  2. Users can check their Work Schedules.
  3. User Account increases Compliance.

Minimum Account Requirements

  1. A computer system, desktop or laptop.
  2. Internet connection
  3. Employee ID ad password(working/activated)
  4. Valid Email SSN

How to Register For AZPeople Portal?

Follow the steps below to register:

  1. Visit the AutoZone Registration portal.
  2. Enter the username or Employee ID in the space provided.
  3. Enter the last name.
  4. Fil Secret code.
  5. Click the “Activate” button.

How to Login on AZPeople Online Portal?

AZPeople Online portal has some undefined benefits for its employees. So I would recommend you to log in to AZPeople Online Portal.

  1. Visit the AutoZone Portal or Autozone Official website.
  2. Enter the Employee ID and password.
  3. Click on the “Login” button.

How to Reset password?

Sometimes we forget password and we need to reset it. Follow the points below to reset password:

  1. Go to AutoZone Official website.
  2. Enter Employee ID and your last name.
  3. Click on “search Button”.
  4. Follow the instructions mentioned there and reset the password.

AZPeople App

AZPeople developed a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS phones. The app is a kind of centralized hub for all your needs. It is a Stop Shop for all your needs. On the app, the employees can check their payroll, order dress code and check various career opportunities.

There are many health and wellness program accessible through the app that benefits you and your family members. The app helps you to lead a healthy and productive life. The app is also safe to use.

The app for Android you can download from Google play store and from App Store for iOS.


Well, folks, this informative article will be very beneficial for you. The signup and Login details of AZPeople will help you. Also, you can reset the password easily using the guide.

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