The world of anime is intriguing and that is why people nowadays have made anime culture one of the most prominent things of entertainment. Japanese anime series and movies are loved by people all around the world. These anime movies and series are dubbed in English or presented with English subtitles for worldwide viewers. Many popular paid streaming services allow users to watch anime with a subscription and the internet has also some free anime streaming website. 4Anime is among the most popular anime streaming website to watch anime online.

This free anime website can be accessed at 4anime.to. Here, at 4Anime, users don’t need to register, and with an AdBlock extension installed on your PC browser, you can block the apps. 4Anime app is also available for Android devices, however, the website can also be used on smartphones. There are many additional perks like join the wide community of the users and take part in the discussion on any anime series or episode when users are registered. The collection of anime is really extensive. In a nutshell, 4Anime is a really amazing anime to stream online for free on mobile and computer.

There are many more sites like 4Anime that you should explore. It is a smart move to keep some alternatives to 4Anime in hands when 4Anime is not working or when you want to check other anime series that are not available at 4Anime.

Best 4Anime Alternatives 2021


This 4Anime alternative is a 100% legal site dedicated to the streaming of anime, where you will find an extensive catalog dubbed and subtitled in English. It is one of the most complete anime video libraries on the Internet. It comes with an optional premium subscription plan but users can also access a large collection of anime for free. Naruto, Boruto, and there are many more options.

This medium has more than 20 thousand hours in animated films, as well as 10,000 hours of pure anime entertainment. It also contains different dramas and live-action titles. One of the great advantages of Crunchyroll over the rest of the pages to watch anime is almost simultaneity with Japan. We will be able to see the new episodes only one hour after their premiere in Japan, so it is great for those who prefer to keep up with their series. Crunchyroll also has apps for Android and iOS. So, this can be the best legal alternative to 4anime.


Another of the most popular sites today and a safe bet when it comes to offering a comfortable experience is Chia-Anime, being one of the most intuitive and accommodating media with its users. The number of ads can be annoying at certain times but they can be blocked with an AdBlock extension for your browser.

Chia-Anime has thousands of titles divided into more than 25 genres, available in one of the most comprehensive collections of anime. This 4anime alternative is updated daily with the most recent episodes of popular anime series, so you will not miss anything. As soon as you enter, you find the recommended anime section, where it organizes the most relevant or popular titles of the day, in addition to those that are dubbed into English.


One of the most recent and currently most popular anime streaming sites to enjoy anime online is 9Anime, allowing users to access hours and hours of entertainment. Users can enjoy all of its collections in English and that is why it can be one of the best alternatives to 4Anime. It is free obviously. The users can monitor different anime, thanks to a section dedicated to the new and future episodes of the favorite titles, including their release day.

The 4anime alternative is really amazing and quick to update new episodes on the website. It also highlights its news section and anime forum for most fans of the genre, so it is very easy to keep abreast of all the news related to the world of anime, manga, and video games. For all these reasons, 9Anime is one of the best similar sites like Anime when it comes to watching anime online, and let’s not forget its vast collection of anime movies and series.


When it comes to free alternatives to 4Anime then, AnimeDao is a great option, since it has a lot of free and large content. The site is really easy to use with its simple UI and well-organized content. This similar site like 4Anime has a high rate of daily updates, not to mention its options to download your favorite anime, allowing you to save them on our devices to be able to watch them at any time and keep even without an Internet connection.

AnimeDao collects anime from several of the most popular sites on the Internet, allowing users to enjoy a huge number of genres, as well as the most sought-after anime in broadcast, allowing us to keep an eye on all the news related to this form of entertainment.


This site called GoGoAnime offers everything users want, an easy-to-navigate and fast-to-play site, without the need to create any kind of account or get a membership, simply by searching for your favorite anime or movie and running it on any of your devices. And these are the reason why it has become one of the most effective alternatives to 4Anime.

GoGoAnime has a simple user interface and all the anime collection organized in different genres and sections allow users to find and watch any video quickly. This website uploads constant updates of the anime that are currently running in Japan. Likewise, there is a section of upcoming releases, where we have information about the future episodes of those anime in broadcast, ideal so that we do not miss a single chapter of our favorite series.

Bottom line

Thus, these are among the most popular anime streaming sites that are totally free and they can be used in the absence or failure of 4Anime. The world of free streaming sites on the internet is limitless and if you want to add more sites to 4anime alternatives then, you can mention the names of the free sites to watch anime online in the comment box.