to Enable System UI Tuner on Android 0.9

With the release of new Android Pie 0.9 update, Google has simplified the way to turn on System UI Tuner on the Android device. Previously, it was little but of hidden inside the settings. Thanks, Google for integrating a new and easy way to enable System UI Tuner on Android Pie to remove status bar icons.

Since System UI Tuner let allow you to customize icon that shows in the status bar, you may wish to activate System UI Tuner on Android 0.9 update. With the help of this new process, you will be able to turn on/off System UI Tuner to make the status bar more useful by clearing all unnecessary things. So, without further ado, let me guide to the step-by-step procedure to unlock System UI System on Android Pie!

How to Turn On System UI Tuner on Android 0.9 Pie to Customize Status Bar Icon

Step #1: First of all, install Nova Launcher on your phone.

Step #2: Once it’s installed, apply it on your phone. While Nova Launcher is open, long-press on the home screen and select “Widget”.

Step #3: There you can see the widget section, select ‘Activities’, then scroll down to tap on System UI and select “System UI demo mode” at the bottom of the screen.

Step #4: Now tap on the widget to launch the menu and then you will see two different options “Status bar” and “Do not disturb.”

Step #5: Here you can remove any status bar by simply turning off the toggle next to the option. There are only two options without toggle –time and battery. You will get the option to show battery in percentage while charging or always.

Step #6: There is also “Do not disturb, “with only “Volume buttons shortcut.” Once disabled it, you won’t be able to enter DND mode by lowering the volume to zero, then pressing volume down one more time.

That’s it!

Final Lines

Seems like Google making it eco-system easy. Well, there isn’t any nifty thing about the System UI Tuner. But, when it comes to tweaking your Android experience, it will offer more customization. Furthermore, it works great to avoid unintentional activation of DND mode. What else you want to change in the latest Android Pie update? If you want to share anything about the new Android 0.9, you can directly tell us through comments.