As we know that Google Chrome has mostly used internet browser these days, sometimes users also get some type of error like “WebGL hit a snag” while browsing any popular websites like YouTube or playing some online games. But you have the solution to get rid of Rat! WebGL Hit A Snag error here in this post.

But first, as we always say that you should know what and from where the problem occurs. It is important which help you to understand that the application or files behind that error should be removed or repair. So before we go to the direct solution, read the shot information related to WebGL hit a Snag error.

What is WebGL?

The word that comes in the name of error “WebGL” is a JavaScript API computer program that causes to become influencing of graphic between computer and its user. These days website developer is adding cool graphics for their websites. Different software or tools design these graphics websites, and Canva, Pixlr, and PicMonkey are the example to it.

How Chrome gets Webgl hit a snag error?

As we know that these days, most of the web site’s contents are graphical. It is displayed when the user opens the website. If your internet speed is slow or the system does not open the website with all the contents, then there is a missing content error of graphic appears on Google Chrome web browser “Rat! WebGL Hit A Snag“. There is another reason where this WebGL error occurs is that due to regular updates in graphics or website developing tools/software and web browser, always notified by the developers once you registered with them. In any case, if an update is not in your knowledge or you haven’t updated the web browser, then the updated graphic contents website does not match with your web browser. The content is not compatible message will pop-up on browser window “WebGL Hit A Snag.”

If you wish to uninstall the chrome web browser and then re-install it, you can also do this method. But you will lose the entire saved weblink and other saved login passwords that you open regularly. It may take time with more data record loss, so it’s better that you go with the fix the error process.

How To Fix Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag Error By Update Google Chrome

It is better that you check that your Web browser is up to a day or not. Some time people are depends on automatic update feature, but in Google Chrome this feature is not available at computer platform. So there is a possibility that you can get the error Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag on a web browser. You should update to the latest version and fix the error by following steps.

Step #1. In your Windows system, open the Chrome application.

Note: This method is applied and noted from Windows 10 version.

Step #2. Click the menu button where the entire “setting” control and customization options are available.

(If Chrome update released 2 days ago, then it will turn into green colour otherwise orange colour for 4 days update pending. If the colour turns into Red then you haven’t checked the update for 7 days.)

Step #3. You have to click on the “Update” button and wait for Google Chrome to check your current version and update the latest version files through the online process. It may take some time to depend on your internet speed.

Step #4. Close all windows and restart your PC, after that again launch your Chrome web browser you will notice that there is no error appears on the screen.

How To Fix Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag Error By Restart Google Chrome

In this case, if our Chrome web browser is already up to date and still Rats! WebGL hits a snag error appears on web browser windows while internet surfing, then you should go with the reset process.

Step #1. On your Windows system, open the Chrome browser app.

Step #2. Open menu located at the top right of the browser window.

Step #3. You get the list of control and customize Chrome option there click on setting.

Step #4. Now you need to find the “Reset” option from the option list by scroll down.

Step #5. Once found, click on it and wait and recover the entire file that is missing. It will take time to wait until completed and close the chrome browser and load website by launch again browser. You will see no error you will get during the use of the internet on Google chrome browser.

Final Words:

Sometimes there are unintentional settings needed which users cannot point out usually. So Resetting method is a good option if your Google Chrome version is up to date. There are many other reasons which can cause Rats! WebGL hit a snag error on your Google Chrome web browser. In most cases, we found the above situation and provide a suitable solution. If you get complete rid of this error applying the above method, then share your experience in the comment box.