Avast SafePrice

Does your salary hit shopping expense every month? If so, then you have to go with the loyalty shopping assistant “Avast Safe price.” It helps you to choose the best price from massive websites. The best part of Avast safeprice is that you buy anything that cost $50 and due to deals & discount coupon you get more than 50% discount on that product. It is your choice that you go with the regular shopping that keeps pressuring your monthly salary and makes your expense schedule out of budget or tries Avast Safeprice that can save more than 25% of your salary every month. This extension tool is very much similar to PriceBlink, where millions of users get huge shopping benefits every year.

We are not supporting any shopping coupon or discounted offer by safe price companies. We share the experience of different buyer who gets benefits and saves more money than ever imagine. It is your choice that you install this web browser extension while option appears when you install Avast online security or follow the installation method given in this article. Avast Safeprice does not always awake while you are surfing on the internet. It only appears when you are into any shopping website such as AliExpress, Amazon, Flipkart, E-Bay, etc. If you want to check the discounted price of your wishing product, then follow the instruction and install the extension into your web browser.


  • It provides the real price deal pop-up on your screen while you are on the shopping web page, there are no scams or fakes coupons/discount appears on the screen.
  • It collects the best travel deals and discounted coupons from 1 million + verified sites.
  • It is free to install with the lightweight extension that takes a few seconds to install.
  • There are 10 million+ users are connected from all around the world, which provides that it is not a fake extension.
  • The developer designs this tool that can easily scan thousands of verified sites within seconds.
  • This tool does not require several portals to get the best offer and discounted price. It appears at the top of your shopping page when you open any product description/buy now page.

Additional Information:

  • Version: 19.3.1492
  • Updated: September 18, 2019
  • Size: 3.07MiB
  • Language: English (United States) + 41 more

How To Install Avast SafePrice Extension On Google Chrome Web Browser

Step #1. Open Avast SafePrice link into the Google Chrome browser.

Step #2. Click on the “Add to chrome” button appears on the Avast Safepage extension page.

Step #3. Once you click, it will be automatically installed, and a small icon appears next to the URL bar.

Step #4. To check it is enable or not go to setting > Extension search for Avast Safepage, once found click the button to enable it.

Step #5. To check if its work opens any verified shopping website and click on any product if any coupon or discount pop-up at the top, then it meant that Avast Safeprice extension is working.

How To Use Avast SafePrice Coupons On Your Shopping Cart

Step #1. Once you have successfully installed Avast SafePrice extension into your web browser, go to the extension room and enable it if the tool is disabled.

Step #2. The tool automatically starts at the back of your browser, opens any verified shopping website, and Avast Safeprice will pop-up discount price/coupons notification on the screen.

Step #3. Click on the discount price or coupons that appear on the shopping web page if you want to know more about terms and conditions.

Step #4. Click on “Apply Coupon,” a new tab will open where you get the confirmation of notification coupon for further process.

Step #5. Now you will see that in your shopping cart, that coupon is added.

Step #6. Click on the coupon code and copy the code then at final checkout paste the code into the provided discounted field. You will see the price is reduced in the invoice of your purchasing product.

Final Words:

Our intention for providing this price saving tool is only to save experience your low-cost shopping. Avast Saveprice provides benefits to 100 thousand users who are recorded on the internet. If you want to take the chance to save from your salary, then try this extension. Avast Saveprice extension also supports other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the topic, and then contact us through the comment box.