The world of online streaming is incredible. It offers us all the movies and series, that has ever existed, at our fingertips. There are many big paid streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBOMax, Disney+, and so on. On the other hand, there are many free apps, for instance, Tubi, Crackle, PocornFlix, Pluto TV, SnagFilms, and similar others. These all are legal, but there are also some pirated movie streaming apps that offer an even wide collection of the latest movies and series. TVZion is a great example here. This free movie app offers an incredible collection of films and TV shows that can be enjoyed in high video quality on smartphones.

What is special about TVZion? If TVZion is illegal then why people use it? The simple answer to all these questions is that TVZion provides the latest movies released in theaters as well as premium streaming services for free. For instance, if you opt to watch the latest Netflix original series then you would have to pay for a Netflix subscription and buy Disney+ for a movie or series available at Disney+. This way, you might add a lot of cost on streaming services if you opt for all. Therefore, people use streaming applications like TVZion that provide movies and series from every streaming app and TV channels.

People just need to install the app on their smartphones and they are good to go. However, TVZion is not the only application that is the culprit of uploading copyrighted movies and series online for free. There are many similar sites like TVZion where users can watch HD movies for free.

The Best alternatives to TVZion

Legal Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online


Sony’ Crackle is among the best free app that is available online to enjoy moves and series legally. This app can be the best alternative to TVZion if your aim is to access movies and series without breaking the law and threat of malware or viruses. Crackle has an enticing user interface which does not only looks amazing but lets the user navigate to any movie or series instantly. It receives its collection from Sony’s production house as well as many other big studios. The app earns revenue from advertising so, users may have to deal with a few ads on the app. Don’t worry, they are not invasive. Crackle can be installed on iOS and Android devices. Plus, you can access it on your PC as well.

Tubi TV

Tubi is another great application that provides a free catalog of movies and series which can be compared to Netflix. This streaming app is totally free yet legal. Thousands of hours of entertainment is waiting for you on Tubi. You can simply install the app on your Android, iOS, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, PS4, Roku, and some more devices. Just like Crackle or TVZion, you may deal with some ads on this application. Its popular “Not on Netflix” campaign became a huge hit as it projects here all popular movies that are not available on Netflix. In a nutshell, Tubi TV can be one of the great alternatives to TVZion.


This is a free movie app as well as a free movie website that is popular worldwide for its curated collection of movies and TV shows. You don’t even need to register here or provide any credit details. All movies are available in HD and 100% legal. Just like Netflix and other premium online streaming applications, Popcornflix produces movies and series under its “Popcornflix Originals. Just like the previous free streaming apps, you may have to deal with fewer ads on this application. Overall, Popcornflix could be among the best Popcornflix alternatives in 2021.


Stremio is also a great alternative to TVZion. You can watch the latest films and shows at this one-stop. This application helps users to organize all their favorite titles with just a few clicks the app also shows you all kinds of content from various services like Prime Video, Netflix, HBOMax, YouTube, and other video sharing platforms. The catch is that you don’t get to watch the movies or series here. This TVZion alternative will let you know where you can find the movie that you can watch. This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac. You can download its app or software from its official website.

Illegal Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online

As we said, many free movie streaming applications can be considered as the best alternatives to TVZion. These apps are not available on OS App Store, but you need to install them through the third-party app stores available on the internet.


Well, you may have heard of Showbox before, it’s the first app to use Prefer as a great alternative to TVZion. This was very popular after its release as it came out with explosive features as offline content. But, the user interface of this free movie app is not as good as TVZion. This app is available for iOS and Android. This could be one of the best free movie app available for iOS without jailbreak.


If you are searching for an adaptable application that can work as the best TVZion alternative, TeaTV is an incredible choice. The only disadvantage to this app is that it was not remote control compatible but now it has been changed and it is free to use on Firestick, Android devices, and Smart TVs. The app also offers a wide range of TV series as well as movie collections that are easy to stream on any mobile phone in HD.

Playbox HD

This app is compatible with both iOS and Andriod devices and comes with some great features for streaming movies and TV shows on your devices. One of the great features of this app is Chromecast compatibility. So along with a smartphone, you can enjoy your favorite series and movies on a bigger screen for free. Another great feature that the user gets in Playbox HD is the “kids mode,” where they can restrict access to specific content. You would not be disappointed by choosing this application as a TVZion alternative.

Popcorn Time

Other than the cool name of the film streaming application, the actual application is an incredible platform to watch the most recent TV shows and motion pictures on the web. You can get this app on both, iOS and Android devices, and furthermore, for Windows, isn’t so special? The application is somewhat unique compared to other applications on this list where the offline download isn’t available. This furnishes you with clean and smooth streaming that offers you a decent online streaming experience. Without a doubt, this could be one of the best similar apps like TVZion.

Titanium TV

A neat and clean alternative to TVZion, you can stream TV shows and movies on Android devices. This app is a replica of the very popular “Terrarium TV. The app has an excellent collection of movies and TV series, and by default, it offers you five hundred hours of viewing time. You will have to download the app from the internet as it is not available on Play Store. If you use Firestick, you may have problems as the Play Store is not compatible with it. But still, you can remove the app and reinstall it to get the hours back.

Onebox HD

A great alternative to TVZion and offers many things your whole family could enjoy. The main advantage of this platform is that it is compatible with Android and Firestick, allowing users to install on both. You can also use the subtitles option and a great platform for whoever wants a perfect alternative to TVZion. It has a neat and clean user interface and a solid navigation system.

Cartoon HD

As the name implies, this platform is dedicated to children who love animated movies, if you are the one who loves anime or cartoon-based movies, this application is also for you. Stream high-quality animated and cartoon movies. You can also get cartoon series and the interface is similar to TVZion.


While we are very familiar with Kodi. An open-source application that allows you to stream TV series, latest movies, live TV, and much more on almost any device. The only problems with this platform are that you must be familiar with the technological aspect of your device, as the application requires the installation of a third party to view the content. But once done, you can enjoy watching movies.

Cinema Box

Another great app that works similar to TVZion. This application is suitable for both iOS and Android with online streaming. You can watch or download TV series and movies. There are also more children through which you can block sensitive content. The app is also compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast.