Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr is a place where people can make a micro-blog with complete content. The developer has designed the user-friendly UI & simplicity that allow users to operate this platform with no difficulties. According to research, almost 485 million blogs are overflowing with different contents. It is up to you that you want to put or search for GIFs, links, dumb jokes, Spotify tracks, fashion, art, photos, TV shows, quips, smart jokes, mp3s, videos, deep stuff. We can say that David Karp, the founder, and former CED of Tumblr and his team have done a brilliant job by introducing Tumblr to the world. But what happens that people are looking for Tumblr alternatives.

Tumblr is about exactly what people do on social media to create interesting things because Tumblr makes it easy for everyone. Follow blogs or like them which are sent by your friends can easily be founded and also helps other Tumblr user to find & follow your blogs as well easily. Text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video are the types of stuff that usually works on Tumblr. Still, the question remains the same “Why people are looking forward to Tumblr Alternatives?” and this makes us do in-depth research from different platforms & users.


Innovation columnists have noted Tumblr as having a sizable measure of obscene substance (pornographic). An examination led by news and innovation site TechCrunch on May 20, 2013, has demonstrated that over 22% of all traffic all through Tumblr was delegated sex entertainment. What’s more, an announced 16.45% of online journals on Tumblr only contained explicit material. Its securing by Yahoo, Tumblr, has continuously limited grown-up content on the site. Tumblr started to channel content from adult labeled web blogs from showing up in indexed lists and label shows except if the client is signed in.

Substantial confinements on grown-up content forced by Apple for programming offered on the iOS App Store. It also provoked a few Reddit customers to vigorously disappoint the capacity for clients to get to gatherings on the site that contain grown-up content). Right away before the declaration, Tumblr’s Android application was fixed to evacuate the capacity to impair Safe Mode. But still, people are now looking for the Tumblr alternatives if you are one of then try the provided list.


There is not a lot much we have to says about these Tumblr alternatives because if you are using Tumblr, then you should know how these alternatives to Tumblr websites work. We only suggest the alternatives, but you have to decide which alternative is the perfect replacement for Tumblr according to your needs.

1#. Medium:

Medium is a Tumblr alternative that has curated content and rich in quality. It has private/public posts and scheduling options. It has the built-in stats for checking user engagement on posts. An extraordinary medium (joke proposed) for individuals who love to compose and acknowledge great words, Medium games a moderate content tool. It has highlights, for example, console alternate routes, sharing connections, and the capacity to set permeability, labels, and so on.

2#. Posthaven:

Posthaven is the alternatives to Tumblr platform, which provide the minimal, with a balanced set of features. It provides near-certain to keep running, and future goals include permanent post links, even after users stop paying. They additionally have a promise that expresses that the administration will never get sold or obtained, ever.

3#. WordPress:

WordPress is extremely popular and reliable, which makes this website like Tumblr. There is a powerful administration feature, and it has fully scalable, with robust support. WordPress has all that you’d anticipate from a strong blogging administration, including multi-client support, interpersonal organization incorporation, SEO, and custom labels/classifications.

4#. Ghost:

Ghost is the Fast, responsive, and Powerful dashboard platform. This website is like Tumblr, where the user gets real-time automatic formatting and preview as you type on the site. It has a collaborative posting and direct code injection. Ghost is in dynamic advancement, with highlights, for example, outsider applications, post examination, and engineer instruments in the pipeline.

5#. Soup:

Looking for the best Tumblr like websites? If so, then Soup can be your good choice. It is largely similar to Tumblr in features and helpful for migrating Tumblr users. You can say that it has fairly good customization options, along with custom CSS editing. The soup supports the Auto-posting via Email. It can legitimately import posts from a huge assortment of interpersonal organizations (for example, Twitter, Reddit, SoundCloud), and lets you consequently distribute presents on Facebook as well.

6#. Mastodon:

Mastodon is a Tumblr like site that allows use with decentralized. You get the large community, which gives more opportunity to convey your words through this platform. It is dedicated servers for different types of content. The best part of Mastodon is that it has an Ad-free feature and non-algorithmic feed. Like Tumblr, you can make posts on Mastodon, and like Tumblr, others can like your posts, repost them, and make remarks.

7#. Typepad:

Typepad is a site like Tumblr but more reliable and established to compete with many social media platforms. It has the ability to import posts from WordPress and also provide the map custom domains. Typepad additionally advances write without anyone else organizes, which further builds the odds of collecting traffic. Its standard highlights, for example, CSS based topic altering, Google Analytics support, and so on.

8#. Blogger:

Blogger is a site like Tumblr, which is backed by Google. It has become extremely easy to set up and AdSense integration for easy monetization. Blogger’s awful UI has been refreshed at last, and it presently has a first Material Design language being utilized over the stage, making it one of the most beautiful looking Tumbler choices.

Tumblr is still active, and some of the old users are connected with this blog platform. If you wish to Log-in Tumblr, then go to tumblr.com, where you can also create a new account by following the “Get Started” blue button.

Final Words:

Tumblr is not so bad that you still want to stick with the Tumblr even it shows adult content. We also discuss why people are switching Tumblr alternatives and also provide a list of alternatives. Share us in the comment box, which Tumblr alternative is offering you the best social medial experience with reason.