Iphone Users Have To Adapt

Iphone Users Have To Adapt

The Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad now has two new places for ads. We’ll tell you exactly what they look like and where you can find them. But it’s clear that that’s not enough for the Cupertino tech group. Apple Maps and other apps made by Apple should also be affected.

Apple: This Is Where You Will Find The Ads In The App Store

When you open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, you will go straight to the “Today” overview. There, you can see the most recent apps, but you can also load the “App of the day” or “Game of the day” right from the overview.

9to5Mac says that’s exactly where Apple is planning to put an ad right now. The second place is in the overview, where there is a clear ad. Always, these ads talk about other apps that you can get from the App Store. You won’t find any ads for other stores or things that are related to the theme there.

The second planned ad will be right there in the list of apps you are about to load. If you look for WhatsApp in Apple’s App Store and open the app’s page, you’ll see links to other apps like Telegram, Threema, and others below “Description and Co.”

The Group Deliberately Wants To Set Itself Apart From The Competition

Apple’s main goal with this change is to help app developers get the word out about their apps. You should also be able to find new apps on your own, though. So far, the App Store search only shows ads. There, they are shown in blue, which makes them stand out. Both the new overlays and the other proposals should be easy to tell apart.

This is a big difference between Apple and the ads in the Google Play Store. The apps that are being advertised there are not in a different colour, and you can only tell that they are ads because there is a small “Ad” above the title.

Other Iphone Apps Affected

Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple analyst, said in his newsletter that ads should also be added to the iPhone apps Maps, Apple Podcast, and Apple Books. Gurman says that the first internal attempts to add advertising to the software for the navigation app have already been made.

Similar to Google Maps, ads could then be shown near certain cafes, restaurants, or shops in your area. He only thinks that changes to Apple Books and Apple Podcasts are possible. So far, though, he doesn’t have any clear plans. Apple has been quiet so far.

Dates Not Yet Announced

So far, the only thing that can be said for sure is that the App Store will have more ads in the future. There are still no ads in the “Today” view and the overviews in the App Store. It is still not clear when you will find the ads there. But since the tool is already in the works, you won’t have to wait long to see the new ads.

Apple is also working on a new iOS update for iPhones, which will come out later this year. We will tell you in another place what new features iOS 16 will have. You still haven’t decided whether your next phone should be made by Apple or Samsung, have you? We’ll help you decide: