Netflix is a popular online streaming service that starts first in America and now almost every streaming hunter recognizes this name. According to the report, Netflix had more than 180 million subscribers worldwide till April 2021 and more than half are from the United States of America. Netflix does not only publish other production contents but it also introduces Netflix production movies and TV series. These contents become more hits that made competition tough to other streaming services like Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Disney Plus, HBO Now, and more. All these stuff you can now watch free only at Stremio online streaming platform.

Stremio has designed its UI in a professional way that gives a premium look and comes with 100% free to use or download. Any user can access all the features on Stremio that include multiples add-ons such as Netflix. Here we will be discussing how you can install Netflix add-ons on Stremio and get all the Netflix content for free. But first, you need to know some important details about Stremio streaming website.

More About Stremio:

Stremio is an online free streaming website but it is very much different from those unsecured streaming websites that come with Malware & Adware threats. So as a movie lover you can count on this free video streaming service.

Legal or Illegal:

If you compare Stremio service with other free service then you will get the complete legal feature to use. Here the developer has designed the website in such a way where any user can stream multiple video contents by installing add-ons. A portion of the Streamio add-ons permits the clients to stream the recordings legitimately from Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix, and more, Be that as it may, it becomes unlawful when you downloaded the illicit additional items to watch the copyright or pilfered media’s.

Free or Paid:

Stremio is 100% allowed to download and utilize all video content for free. You can get to all the highlights for nothing. Besides, the addons are additionally allowed to download. The implicit media player handles all the gushing activities brilliantly and the clients can likewise bring captions for their media for nothing.

Stremio Features:

The following are some of the interesting features that you must check as you always looking for the best free streaming website.

  • Effectively find new motion pictures, TV shows, arrangements, and channels to watch. Peruse by class, kind, rating, recency, and so on or type a name to discover. Stremio makes finding new video content a bit of cake.
  • See what motion pictures, arrangement, or recordings you didn’t complete and keep watching them; get told for new scenes and discharges, and peruse through the suggestions you will get dependent on your review propensities.
  • Add any title to your Stremio library with a solitary snap and discover your way around your substance, conveniently masterminded by type, regency, or sequential request.
  • Get a schedule representation of the considerable number of motion pictures and arrangement you add to your library. Fare your Stremio schedule and sync it so you generally know when another scene or chief is expected. In basic work, this application monitors all that you observe
  • Cast whatever you are viewing to another gadget – be it a telephone, tablet, or a TV with a solitary snap.
  • Introduce authority and network add-ons to appreciate video sourced from a wide range of suppliers across the board smooth, simple to utilize the application.

How To Login @ Stremio User Panel

If you are using an internet web browser then you can use this user panel to sign in at Stremio.

Step #1. Open the Stremio Sign-In link into a new tab web browser.

Step #2. Here you will be asking Emil ID & Password which you apply during registration or use your Facebook login.

Step #3. Once you select the method to log in and provide necessary information to the provided field. Wait until the process complete and you will be entered into the main home page of Stremio streaming service.

Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on one platform.


Need of VPN On Stremio:

VPN played a very important role while using any third party app or service online. It has become a necessity to hide IP addresses even when the user tries to install and use add-ons on the Stremio streaming app. Because some of the add-ons are not allowed by some regions, for that VPN will hide user Internet activity and allow get all those video streaming contents on your login Stremio app. If you want to know more about VPN and it’s used then let us know in the comment box and we will provide you a proper guide.

How to install NETFLIX Addons on Stremio [Guide]

Netflix is another famous Stremio addon which always on demand. This extra lets you peruse the whole assortment of motion pictures, appears, and different sorts of substance accessible on Netflix. Although it is as of now accessible as an outsider, network add-on, it despite everything lets you watch the substance just when you have marked in with your current Netflix account. Also, you don’t have to give your Netflix login subtleties to Stremio. At the point when you select a film or appear (or some other title), you are diverted to the Netflix site where you can sign in safely. If you don’t have a Netflix membership and pondering whether you should get one or not, this Stremio add-on could come helpful. You can investigate the substance library and make sense of whether there are sufficient recordings that premium you.

Note: This method will provide you a proper guide of how you can install Netflix add-ons on your Stremio app and this method will apply on every add-on which you wish to install to get their video streaming contents.

Step #1. Open Stremio and sign in to your Stremio account on the off chance that you haven’t done that as of now. You should see a home screen this way.

Stremio steps

Step #2. Presently click on the menu button situated at the upper left of stremio screen. Presently look down a little and snap Add-ons in the dropdown menu.

Stremio steps

Step #3. You should now observe two menus on the top with all and Official chose of course. Presently change the menu from authority to “network”.

Stremio steps

Step #4. On the network add-ons page, look down the rundown until you discover “Netflix”. Select the “Introduce” catch to download Netflix Addons.

Stremio steps

Note: By clicking Installed on this window, you can see the rundown of all the add-ons you have just introduced

Step #5. A spring up window will show up on the screen, select “Introduce” to proceed.

Step #6. Inside a couple of moments, the addon will be added to your Stremio application. Return to the home screen and stream your most loved Netflix motion pictures and TV appears.

How To Download & Install Stremio App On Windows, macOS, Linux, Android Phone/Tablet

Stremio allows addons system to stream movies and TV shows from different streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, Twitch, iTunes, YouTube, and many other popular streaming services. All types of movies, TV shows, video channels, Live TV, and other organized video contents which you watch on different streaming services that are collected in one place Stremio video streaming app. If you want to know more about this service then try to install the app on your Android device to get more features and functions.

Stremio Windows, MacOS & Linux:

If you are using windows MasOS or Linux operating system and wish to download & install Stremio on your Laptop/PC then you can go with the official page of Stremio dot com. Here you will get a proper link that is compatible & supported for your operating system.

Note: Make sure that the Email ID which you will be provided during registration should be valid or regular in use because there is no option of changing the email address.

Stremio Android Apk App:

Secure way to download and install the “Stremio app” on your android device by visiting the “Google Play Store” app on your Android device. Then type “Stremio” in the search bar and you will get the app room where you will get the “install” button, tap on it. Once the download and installation completed go to login option and run the endless video streaming contents on your device. If you don’t find the Stremio app on your Google Play Store then you need to click on the download button while open this page on your android phone/tablet.

Related Information:

  • Updated: 24 January 2021
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Current Version: 1.2.22
  • Requires Android: 5.0 or above


Final Words:

As far as add-ons systems are legal then Stremio add-ons Netflix is also legal. If you have visited more than 7 online free streaming websites to watch your favorite movies and TV shows then you can easily compare Stremio streaming service with that website. One thing we found in Stremio app is that it is not illegal and it provides different streaming contents which most of the user does not know that there is an alternative. We hope that you will get beneficial information in this article and any query related to the topic please use the comment box for fast contact.