Slither io 2

Slither io 2 is the updated version of developed by “Steve Howse.” It is a massively multiplayer online video game first started on the browser, where worms resemble, and changes in color & size are all control by players. Since the Slither io part 1 got a great response from gamers, the makers decided to release the slither io 2 for its fans. The slither io 2 is also a multiplayer game in which you can play against the world online.

Slither io 2 is full entertainment and a free online game where millions of users are stuck into this game to become the giant snake on the field. This updated version becomes the most popular io game on the online internet market. One of the update features of Slither io 2 is that you can cut your enemy as simple as cutting vegetables with the knife. There are more tough challenges that make your snake size small if you don’t play with the strategy.


If you want to win the Slither io 2 game, then you need to become the most powerful and biggest snake that no one can compete you in the game. You need to make a strategy from the beginning of the game by collecting as much as different color pellets and explore the map for more. To increase the speed booster and collect pellets faster than you need to have a triangle. There is a speed-up function in the game by press & hold the mouse button. You cannot always operate with this function because it will consume the length of the snake (your points).

Another best feature of the Slither io 2 online multiplayer game is that you can kill or defeat your opponent snake, but the mass of that snake will spread in the form of pellets. You can increase your point by eating those pellets. You need to be careful with other snake bodies because if you hit, then you are dead. If you want to be in the game for the long term, then you need to focus on Slither io 2 main features, “STAR Booster.” This power-up feature helps you with the protective shield of a rainbow, which can even cut other enemies.

Star booster is a game-changing feature where your head is on, and the tail is pellets. If you are the smallest snake on the game and you got the star booster, then you can cut the largest, biggest, and strongest snake in this game. So you need to be always alert with a strategy game without a cut or killed.

To controls, the game uses Mouse to move and boost the player snake.


This method will allow you to play directly on the internet web browser through an official web link.

Step #1. Open the Slither io 2 links into a new web browser.

Step #2. Enter the name to the provided field and hit the “Play” button.

Step #3. Page load to another step where you need to click on the “Continue Game” button, which is in blue.

Step #4. At this step, you see Hexagon shape pattern in the background, and your snake is ready to grow faster by eating everything.

Enjoy the game and send the review in the comment box.


Slither io 2 is available on an online web page browser and Android, but there is the third party Slither io 2 APK is available. We suggest you don’t go with the third-party apps because they can bring the risk. Go with the official Android launch on Google Play Store, where you can download & play Slither io 2 on your Android device.

Related Information:

  • Updated: 7 July 2019
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Requires Android: 2.3 or above


Slither io iOS:

If you are an Apple user, then you can get the official Slither io iOS app from App Store. It is a multiplayer slithering game introduce by Lowtech Studios LLC and is free to download and play.

Related Information:

  • Updated: 7 July 2019
  • Size: 44.1 MB
  • Current Version: 1.6.4
  • Requires iOS: 8.0 or above
  • Compatible: iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch.


Final Words:

Slither io 2 is a full entertainment game that is loved by millions of gamers globally. You need to be a focus on this game because once you touch other players, the game over by exploded your body. You can play this game anytime, anywhere, using the internet. You can also go with the Android & iOS smart device Slither io 2 app version. Share your review about this game in the comment box, and don’t forget to share Slither io 2 complete guide to your family & friends.