File sharing apps are always in great demand, especially among students and office workers. But no matter who you are when it comes to sending music, videos, or long files we want something fast and easy to use. No one wants to waste time figuring out how to access and operate the app. Time is of the essence and everyone wants the file-sharing to be over and done with soon. Once upon a time, SHAREIt did this job amazingly. But now the app has been banned and so everyone is looking for reliable alternatives. We are here to aid you in this hunt and give you a list of alternate apps that you can use instead of SHAREIt. But before doing that it’s time to answer some important questions:

What is SHAREIt?

SHAREIt was a beloved and useful app that allowed file transfer from anyone machine to the other. The app was famous because it was user-friendly and didn’t need any kind of guesswork to use. It could be downloaded and used from a personal computer as well. To transfer the files from one machine to another device it used a WiFi connection. One major selling point of the app was that it transferred files fast. Also, the device being used to transfer as well as receive could be anything from a mobile, a phone, a laptop, or a tablet. SHAREIt was also free and could be accessed from anywhere, regardless of internet connection. As such, it was all comfort and that’s why it was used to much.

Why did SHAREIt get banned?

SHAREIt isn’t the only app to get banned. This, along with 58 other Chinese apps, was banned by the Indian IT Ministry. These apps got banned because the government says that they were engaging in activities that could harm the integrity and sovereignty of India. The Ministry received reports and complaints about the misuse of the apps to transmit user data surreptitiously to locations outside the US. The final nail in the coffin for these apps seems to be the recommendation from The Indian Ministry of Home-Affairs. The Cyber Crime Coordination-Centre also recommended blocking these apps. Overall, this ban has been made to ensure that crores of mobile users in India will remain safe from data mining and theft.

Alternatives of SHAREIt

Now, since SHAREIt isn’t here, it’s time to look for other alternatives that can do the job it did. It will be a bonus if it gets the job done better. Moreover, it’s important to support Indian creators and look out for Indian alternatives for SHAREIt. So, keeping all these in mind, the following apps are fitting alternatives for SHAREIt:

  1. Files (Google)

It was launched at first as Files Go in 2017. This app will let you browse as well as manage your files properly. A big advantage is that you will be able to share the files while offline. You will also be able to clean up the cache properly and that will help your phone run better and smoothly. But do note that this app works on just android phones for now. It still isn’t on iOS.

  1. Tejas

Tejas is also a great file sharing tool that you can use to share video, audio, and other kinds of files. It is a great alternate Indian app for SHAREIt. To use this app you don’t have to connect to the internet at all. As such there will be no data wastage of any sort whatsoever. It uses WiFi to transfer the files and as such it is 400times faster when compared to Bluetooth transfers. The makers claim that this app can send a full one GB file within 30secs. A great advantage of this app is that if the file-sharing gets interrupted due to any reason, you can resume your sending from where it last stopped. This file-sharing tool will let you transfer to PC and between android devices. As such it is a great SHAREIt alternative for PC. If you use this app then you will be happy to know that 10% of what they earn will be donated to the army, poor kids, and others in need.

  1. ShareAll

This app will allow you to share your files using your WiFi. So there will be no need for you to switch on your Bluetooth. The app will let you browse through the files and decide which one you want to send. A major advantage of this app is that you will be able to password protect the files irrespective of its content. It can be documents, music, photos, videos, etc. Whatever it is, it can be protected. There is some bad news for iOS users regarding this. The app is only available for users who use Android for now.

  1. DeDo

This app is a non-Chinese alternative to SHAREIt. It will let you transfer whatever you like to another device. This can be movies, pictures, videos, and such. To transfer the files the app makes uses of WiFi. The speed is amazing and you will be able to send anything you want fast. It is very to use and the user interface is very simple to operate. There are 4 buttons, one is the search button for connecting the devices. Second is the select file option for choosing those files that will be sent. The third is the receive option for getting the items once it was sent from the user. The fourth button sends that will help you send the files that you have selected. The creators are also very receptive to customer reviews so there are any problems or if you have suggestions to offer then you can mail them.

  1. Send Anywhere

The app does exactly what it says- it will send anything you want anywhere you want. It does so using the wifi and not Bluetooth. As such your files will be sent faster. But that’s not all, the app also makes use of 256-bit file encryption that reinforces security. So you can rest assured that no matter what you send, it will be safe from cyber-attacks. This will make sending more easier, worry-less, and secure. That’s not all. This app will allow you to copy and paste the sending link on various messaging and social media platforms. So if you need to mass share the file then you can easily do so. You will be able to download the app on both iOS and Android.

  1. Superbeam

Superbeam sounds like a file-sharing app that Superman or Supergirl would use. After all, the logo for it is their symbol’s outer diamond design. Just like a super, the app offers fast speeds when it comes to data transfer between two devices. The app makes uses of WiFi Direct for sending the files. You will be able to share the files you want in two ways. One way is to type in using manual keys or use QR code. The app is available for download on both android and iOS.

  1. SFT

SFT stands for Swift File-Transfer. Like the name, the application is used for transferring a variety of files and at great speeds too. It is another SHAREIt alternative non-Chinese app. You can transfer anything you like, be it movies, short videos, documents, pictures, and more. This app was made in India and the creators say that it can effectively transfer HD quality movies and such huge files in a mere 90 seconds.

  1. JioSwitch

This app will allow you to easily share files with other kinds of devices. With this SHAREIt alternative Indian app, there is no need to stay online. You can send the files offline easily as well. A major advantage of this app is that you will be able to transfer the files on cross-platforms too. All the kinds of transfers will take place at high-speeds so you don’t have to worry about the entire transfer taking a lot of time at all. If there’s an emergency or if you are running out of time while sending a file then this app will quickly help you out.

  1. Upsend

Upsend is a very reliable file sharing app. It’s even been labeled as the fastest file sharing app in India. One of the reasons for it is that it ensures the security and safety of the file transfer. The privacy policy of the app is very clear so there are no loopholes. You don’t have to worry about leaks and hacks whether intentional or not. What’s more, is that the app helps in transferring the files fast as well. But do keep in mind that the app uses ads so if that kind of thing annoys you then you might want to reconsider. Using this app you can share files to different kinds of devices like Mac, Windows, and such. To transfer files you will have to scan the QR code. So you don’t have to search for users and waste time there. This feature was also available with SHAREIt.

  1. Smart Share

This is also a popular file-sharing app that can be easily used by both iOS and Android users. You can share videos, pictures, audio, and such as using this app. This free app will let you transfer your files without using an iota of your internet data. You won’t lose any picture quality during transfer. Also, everything will be done faster so that you don’t have to wait long. If the person you are sending to is within a hundred feet, then there’s no need to switch on your internet data for transferring the files. To use the app, all you have to do is switch on the mobile hotspot option. This will allow you to send and receive files. Know that this app only works on Android so iOS users will be missing out on it.

While SHAREIt has been banned right now you can use any of the above apps to send files and continue working or getting entertained with your friends. Some of the above apps will be using ads so if that annoys or bothers you then do check before downloading. Many of them also offer a premium option where you won’t get any ads after upgrading and paying. So you can opt for that as well.


Is SHAREIt still working after the ban?

It seems to be the case. The apps seem to be working still now for people who already have the app installed. This might be because once installed and used the app doesn’t make use of any further internet data to transfer the files. As such the lack of internet data connectivity to the app won’t stop it for now at least.

Should you still use SHAREIt if it’s already installed on your phone?

You certainly can but do keep in mind that you won’t be able to use it for long since the app won’t be getting upgrades and such anytime soon. In such a situation the lack of maintenance can invite cyber attacks and such. So even though you can use it, it’s advised for your safety that you don’t.

Will the alternatives to SHAREIt get banned?

For now, there’s no possibility of that. This ban was carried out against those apps which were caught transferring user data without user knowledge or consent. So if the app you are using doesn’t do that then it will be safe. Also, if you are using Indian made apps, then it’s almost guaranteed that no bans will be carried out.

How to know if an app is stealing your data?

To be aware of what you are downloading and signing in for, you need to read the terms and conditions first instead of pressing OK quickly. It will take time, but it will also keep you better informed and you can take action if a legal situation arises.