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Hey friends, Rabb.it is a great online platform where you can watch movies and shows together with your friends without being in the same room. Do you use Rabb.it? Do you do the same? Have you come across such news that rabb.it is going to close soon?

From many, thrilling news or rumour (not yet confirmed) is going on the web that rabb.it is going to down forever. Right? So what do you do now? I know moving to a different platform is not that easy, but somewhere we have to move on with other alternatives happily. So today I am going to share 10 best alike alternatives to Rabb.it that will be helpful for you.

All About Rabb.it you should Know…

Rabb.it is a very popular application where you can watch entertainment with your friends and family, where you can wish someone together, where you can collaborate with your Co-workers out of your busy schedule and much more.

In July 2019, Rabb.it was acquired by Kast for the same purpose, only the name has changed as the owner has changed.  Kast is born after Rabb.it got shut down. If you google for “Rabb.it”, you will be navigated to the site “KAST”.

KAST is available on Desktop, Web, and Mobile. Use Kast Web app desktop in Browser chrome. On Desktop, Kast is available for Windows and MAC both. The mobile version is available for Android and iOS.

Rabb.it Alternatives

So here comes the true section which you have been searching for that is Rabb.it alternatives. Read Below to know Best Rabb.it alternatives.

1) Together JS

Together JS is a platform developed by Mozilla JS that has made the collaboration easy. Real-time collaboration is possible with the help of Together JS. By adding the software to your site, get together instantly.

Together JS is implemented in Javascript, no extra plugins needed. Add this to any site and enjoy the benefits. Copy and Paste Its JS library and HTML snippet into your software. If you want to try the software, some sample apps are given on the platform itself, you may try them!

2) SyncPlay

SyncPlay is a good alternative to Rabb.it. It allows users to watch anime, movies, shows together sitting miles apart. The Syncplay works simply by launching a media player to your system and then joins a virtual room on that server. You can download sync play and it keeps media player in synchronization so that users can enjoy watching together.

3) UpTime

Uptime is a website over the internet that enables users to organize a place for sharing files with their friends. To use the website, either access it on the web or iOS. It permits users to share youtube videos with each other and watching them together. To access the website, the user has to make an account or access it using Google account.  Invite your friends on the platform and enjoy watching videos together.

4) SynapTop

Wanna collaborate seamlessly? Switch to Synaptop! Synaptop is a virtual online OS that runs on the cloud. It is a collaboration platform for work, study, and entertainment that changes the way we interact on the internet.

The Platform was founded in 2010, it’s a bit old platform. It is a platform-independent OS available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. The main thing is the platform is completely free to use.

5) Showgoers

Showgoers is neither an application nor an independent platform, but it is an extension that you can use in your browser. With the help of the extension, you can watch movies and shows with your near and dear ones.

This is exclusively for watching Netflix together. If you have a Netflix account but feeling bored of watching alone the shows, Add the extension to your browser, CHROME and watch together. The same thing has to do with your buddy as well to connect.

6) Bla Tube

Watch videos together with the BLA tube. Its extension is also available for many browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex, etc. What you can do with extensions and without extension is mentioned below.

With extension: You can organize simultaneous viewing of videos and movies from all sites, which allows the service: vk.com, ok.ru, moonwalk.cc, etc. Also by installing the extension, you will be able to access the ‘BlaTube Helper’, through which You can instantly create a simultaneous viewing session if this video is supported by the site.

Without extension: You can synchronously watch videos only from youtube, Facebook, via a direct link or video from cloud storage.

7) SimulChat

SimulChat is a good alternative to Rabb.it. With Simulchat you can create private chat rooms with your friends. In that private space, you can share images and videos. Also, you can watch movies together.

Watch youtube videos together, completely synchronized. It is like watching Tv in the same room. Remember you can not share Amazon prime or Netflix video online. You can share videos you have on the system together. It also supports text chats.

8) mycircle.tv

Watch videos together, create a room, invite people and enjoy watching together sitting distance apart. Search for a youtube link and then invite people to watch videos together. You can watch youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and daily motion videos. It’s a new platform launched in 2018.

9) Twoseven.xyz

Watch Together and Laugh Together with Twoseven.xyz. Autosynchronization of the videos makes the platform different from others. Login to the website and enjoy unlimited laughs.

10) Meta stream

Meta stream is an amazing platform to sync with each other and create a watch party together. Meta stream uses your own browser to watch videos on the web. You should check that your browser is using the latest version. For added security, consider using an adblocker—although I’d recommend disabling it for creators you’d like to support. You need a chrome or firefox extension to watch.

Take Away

Well, friends, this is the list of Top 10 best alternatives to Rabb.it. DO you find the answer to your query here? Do you like the article?

Removing miles of distance, these sites are offering what he had never thought of. Watching TV, movies, and shows together sitting miles apart feel like we are in the same room. Thanks to the platform developers!

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!