How To Open Hidden Rooms And Find All Optional End-Game Bosses In God Of War: Valkyrie.

God Of War Valkyrie Yerleri And Hidden Chambers Explanation

Valkyries are optional bosses and some of the hardest fights in the game. They all have similar traits, but they all hit hard enough that you’ll want to be ready for them right away.

We recommend coming back at the end of the game, when you have better armour (level 6 is recommended), a strong set of abilities, and a Resurrection Stone.

You have to start opening Hidden Chambers to find God Of War Valkyrie Yerleri. You’ll find your first chest early in the game, in the Wildwoods area near the boss fight with Daudi Kaupmaor. You’ll be told right away that you can’t open it yet. Put it out of your mind for now, because the game is right.

You won’t miss the part of the story where you learn how to open them. Keep playing, and it will be clear when you can use the ability. You can go backwards from there and start opening Hidden Chambers.

You can now start fighting God Of War Valkyrie Yerleri, as there are several of them behind these doors. Once you’ve fought the first boss, you’ll be able to start the side quest “Prove Your Valor,” which will tell you where to find the rest.

Keep in mind that not all Hidden Chambers have Valkyries, and not all Valkyries are behind Hidden Chambers. Our God of War Valkyries locations will help you find the ones you need. After that, there’s one extra question to answer, which we also explain at the bottom of this page.

When you kill all of the Valkyries, you get a Trophy and each one drops some of the best items in the game, like a unique set of Valkyrie armour.

God of War Valkyrie locations mapKara, The River Pass, Midgard

This one is inside the Witch’s Cave, in the same room where you can find the Turtle’s Tribute treasure map (opens in new tab). Drop down from the elevator to the area with the blue light bridges, cross the bridge, and then turn left. The wall in front of you can be climbed. Inside is the door to Odin’s Hidden Chamber.

Midgard’s Mountain: Eir

The door to this Valkyrie can be found in the back of the mountain’s huge mines. The door is right next to the platform where you once controlled the elevator.

The Body Of Thamur, In Midgard: Gunnr

In the snowy area where you enter this area, next to Thamur’s hand, you’ll find a big door. Inside is where the Valkyrie is.

Helheim: Rota

This one is near where the bridge ends. Climb up the middle steps of the bridge and turn left to cross the narrow path and break through a wall. Inside is the door to Odin’s Hidden Chamber.

Niflheim: Hildr

This is one of the harder Valkyries to find. She is in a certain part of the labyrinth. You should be able to find her if you keep going left every time you have a choice. If you’re having trouble finding her, the video above should help.

Muspelheim: Gondul

If you want to fight this Valkyrie, you’ll have to go through five trials in Muspelheim. She is the sixth ch

God of War Valkyrie Queen – How to Defeat Queen Sigrun

The Valkyrie Queen Sigrun is in charge of the nine Valkyries, and you can fight her as a boss in God of War’s shopping mode. The Valkyrie Queen Sigrun can be called at the Council of Valkyries near the Shores of Nine, but only after all the other God Of War Valkyrie Yerleri have been defeated. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to find and beat Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen, in God of War (2018).

How To Find And Beat Every God Of War Valkyrie Yerleri

When it comes to armour, it should go without saying that players should wear the best they can find. This will probably be the Mist armour before players face their first Valkyrie. However, if they fight Hildr, Gondul, and Olrun early on, they can get the Valkyrie armour before the last six Valkyries.

Players should also make sure to light all of the braziers around the Lake of the Nine. This will give them the Valkyrie’s Bane enchantment, which reduces the damage Valkyries do by 5%. This may not seem like much, but when Kratos is fighting enemies that can kill him in seconds, every little bit helps.

God Of War Valkyrie Difficulty Ranking

In God of War, you have to find and defeat nine Valkyries. It won’t be easy to beat these optional mini-bosses, as they each have their own attacks that will challenge even the best players. This God of War guide will tell you everything you need to know about beating Valkyries, including helpful tips and tricks, Valkyrie difficulty rankings, Valkyrie armour rewards, and more.