Pointclickcare cna login

Wondering to use the PointClickCare services but have no idea how to log in to the account? Don’t freak out as we are here to assist. This website is specifically designed for healthcare specialists and experts and facilitates their overall procedure by giving them a helping hand. You can easily log in to the account and get started.

Want to know the complete details about the steps and login requirements? Scroll down the page to the bottom and get it done with ease. The guide also covers the major services offered by this website to give you a detailed view.

What PointClickCare Actually Does?

PointClickCare brings together the most comprehensive post-acute data set with the largest, full-continuum network. Its basic objective is to provide care teams with instant access to meaningful, real-time insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey.

 Fully integrated solutions, powered by a mobile-friendly and regulatory-compliant EHR and revenue cycle management platform, enables you to connect and engage more meaningfully with your care network.

They assist providers in leveraging the power of data to better the most critical aspects of their operations. Data, information, and a streamlined workflow get required for care coordination. To improve service transitions between visits, patient management inside visits, and network optimization across visits, PointClickCare provides a unified platform that spans care environments.

As the sector has grown more complicated, they’ve continued to break through data silos and barriers between care settings to provide stakeholders with actionable insights that help them make better decisions for their businesses, residents, and patients.

What services are offered by PointClickCare CNA?

Before jumping into the login process, it’s essential to understand what services are offered by this portal to ease the users.

  • Accounts Receivable Resolution Service or Accounts RCM

With RCM service, specialists who take a proactive approach to accounts receivable may increase revenue collections. As a result, the users may resolve old accounts receivable and reduce bad debt expenses.

You may reduce debt by enlisting the help of specialists who can assure accurate and timely billing and collections. This portal ruthlessly exhausts every effort to get claims reimbursed under a risk-free, contingency-based agreement.

All managed care, Medicaid, Medicare, private, and all underpaid, rejected, and denied claims are collected using a comprehensive method by A/R resolution professionals. Their professionals ensure that your claims are submitted correctly and comprehensively, maximizing your revenue.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Services help skilled nursing homes increase profitability by boosting cash flow, improving collections, and reducing bad debt write-offs. Their team has the knowledge and means to collect every dollar owed.

They settle outstanding A/R and expedite cash flow using experience collected from challenging payers and reimbursement programs. What makes them worth choosing is the fact that they will get paid when you receive the payments.

A robust engine analyses by payer, facility, state, and region to improve their services. The results get compared, and problem areas get identified to make recommendations. They’ll handle the paperwork so you can concentrate on caring for the residents.

  • Medicaid Pending Conversions

Avoid revenue loss or delays due to stopped Medicaid paperwork. For a more predictable cash flow, the portal resolves pending files faster. To optimize approvals and revenue collected, their professionals organize the documentation process from start to finish.

Their Medicaid eligibility specialists communicate directly with your organization, residents, and families, allowing your team to focus on providing care.

All available financial coverage is acquired when you outsource Medicaid applications to our specialists who have experience working with state governments.

How to log in PointClickCare?

Since now you are aware of PointClickCare and its services, it’s time to find out the login steps to get started. But before that, let’s check some of the basic requirements to carry out the process hassle-free.

Login requirements

The user will need the following things to complete the login process:

  • First and foremost, the web URL.
  • Users must then enter their login portal org code, username, and password.
  • Any internet browser, such as Chrome
  • It can run on any Android phone, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection.

Here’re given the simple instructions for understanding the application, so users can easily log in.

  • You must first open an internet browser of your choice, such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, and navigate to the login.pointclickcare.com website.
  • After that, you’ll see the section where you may fill in your username and other information. There, you need to write your organization’s website here, followed by your username without a space.
  • Move your cursor to the tick remember box if you don’t want to forget your organization.
  • Come to the password section now. To do so, follow the password insertion order while typing your password.
  • Now proceed to your care login site by selecting the go option and you are done!!


That’s it!! The point click care cna login app is a platform that allows you to track patient, provider, and organization engagements. It is a popular application for providing accurate health care information.

The website mainly caters to the people from health departments and home-based health agencies and offers them excellent services. It’s an online course that you may access from your smartphone, laptop, or other devices. What else is needed??