Sites like Airbnb

Travelling in the 21st century has become much easier and comfortable. With sites like Airbnb growing, the travelling industry is reformed. Back in the days, we only had hostels and hotels in the available options. But now we have Airbnb and other similar sites to help us out with our travelling needs.

These sites help you to book vacation rentals and home rentals. Not just that but you can even choose to stay with the host. This is beneficial to travellers in many ways. The most obvious of all is that it helps you to save loads of money. Whether you are travelling solo or in groups or with your family, Airbnb has got you covered.

By booking your stay with sites like Airbnb, you can enjoy a homely feel even when you are travelling. Not just that but you will also get the complete set of amenities that are required to make your stay comfortable. You may also get the taste of cultural immersion. In this post, we will talk about the best alternatives to Airbnb.

About Airbnb

Airbnb has grown into one of the top communities in the past few years. For those who do not know, it is an online marketplace that helps connect homeowners to travellers. So if you want to rent out your home or looking for affordable accommodations in that local, then Airbnb is the hub for you.

Currently, they have their services available in more than 191 countries and 81,000 cities worldwide. The company’s name is derived from “air mattress B&B.”

For hosts, like Airbnb for families serves as a good way of earning some income. All you have to do is list your property with them and they will connect you with travellers looking for accommodation. As far as travellers are concerned, they can book accommodations at a very affordable rate. This helps them to save tons of money on their travelling.

Key Points:

Here are some key pointers about Airbnb:

  • Travellers can book an Airbnb at a very affordable rate. The cost is much lesser than a hotel room.
  • The only problem is that you may not like the properties available in the listing.
  • For hosts, it can be problematic, if their guests do serious damage to their property.
  • Airbnb has a wide selection of properties available in their list.
  • They offer vacation rentals for families, solo travellers, and even large groups.
  • Hosts don’t have to pay a single penny to list their properties with Airbnb. They can include descriptions, photos, and other details about their properties.
  • Hosts have the freedom to list their rates and also change when they want to.
  • Travellers can search for properties based on date and location.

From the above pointers, you can get a clear idea about Airbnb. For those who have already used Airbnb and looking for other alternatives, you guys can check out the list below. There are many other alternative sites to Airbnb that you can use.

Best Airbnb Alternatives

Here is the list of the best Airbnb alternative Reddit that you are looking for. If you want to try some other site, other than Airbnb, then you can check out the sites listed below. They are as good as Airbnb and are known to provide standard vacation rentals. Based on your travelling needs, you can choose from the list of given options.

  1. is one of the most popular search engines for vacation rentals. They have more than 8 million properties in 15,000 locations. They aim to provide unique accommodation facilities to travellers.

The company was founded by Jen O’Neal in 2009. They are mainly known for their long-term rentals. No matter what type of vacay home you are looking for, you will surely find it in They have made partnerships with many big hotshots vacation rental business.

The company aims to provide the best in class vacation rentals to travellers. If you are looking for sites like Airbnb, then could be the best option for you.

  1. TurnKey

The next best alternative is TurnKey. Their unique selling point lies in the point that they are done with key exchanges. The rental properties that belong to TurnKey, they provide door codes. They have replaced the key with the use of door codes to give you a better experience. This also provides you an extra layer of security. This is a great feature for travellers who often lose their key.

To get the door code, you need to first download their app. This app is highly useful for travellers, as it provides you loads of information including restaurant suggestions. It will also let you know about all the local entertainment that you can enjoy. This is one of their strongest points as you won’t find this with other similar sites.

Currently, TurnKey happens to be one of the only listing companies in the US. But they do have plans to open up branches in the future.

  1. Flipkey

Flipkey is a company that offers you a wide variety of vacay rentals all around the world. Their properties are best in class. They happen to be one of the strongest contenders to Airbnb.

For those who didn’t know, Flipkey’s parent company is TripAdvisor. This is why they integrate with the encyclopedia. They provide you comprehensive details on all their properties. This helps you to filter your search options by the type of property you are looking for.

Flipkey is mainly known for group bookings. They take bookings like Airbnb for families. However, they offer a wide selection of properties to solo travellers as well. The majority of their vacation rentals comprises of properties that are made for four, six, or more people. So if you are travelling with your family or group, then Flipkey could be the best option for you.

  1. HomeAway

HomeAway is not a new company. They have existed in the vacay scene for long. The good thing about them is that they offer high standard vacation homes to travellers. But their target travellers belong to the older group of people.

They have the best rental properties for older people. So if you are looking for a high-quality vacay rental and are willing to pay for it, then HomeAway could be the best option for you.

HomeAway has the best properties for older couples, larger groups, and families. They offer comfortable properties to stay. In case, you didn’t know HomeAwayAirBnb like owns websites like Vrbo which are equally important but they provide a different inventory.

  1. com Airbnb has always been the favourite option for travellers. They provide one of the best hotel booking services online. But now, you can also book vacay rentals from their site. One thing you will like about their site is that it is very user-friendly. Since the booking is done online, you won’t get to interact with the host much.

Another good thing about their site is their search filters. Their filtering system makes it easy for travellers to find the type of properties they are looking for. They provide refined results to you every time. also have a wide variety of properties in their stock. With such a huge inventory, they happen to be one of the most popular vacay rental sites. They give stiff competition to other similar sites including Airbnb. Also, they offer their properties at an affordable rate.

  1. Outdoorsy

If you are planning to travel soon and looking for the ideal place to stay, then Outdoorsy could be your best option. With their stock of vacation rentals, you can easily find the type of property you are looking for to stay. They can make your vacation more exciting by providing you a comfortable place to spend your days.

They have more than 14 million RV rentals on their list. This means you can have plenty of options to choose from. From luxury properties to vintage airstreams, they have it all under their wing. If you are ready to explore the outdoors, then use Outdoorsy to enhance your experience.

Each of their listings comes with a built-in review system. This allows you to see what other travellers have to say about their rentals. They provide the best collection of traditional hotels and apartments to travellers.

  1. SellMyTimeShareNow

There are times when you need to travel urgently and the only option you are left with is to book a property at the last minute. In this case, SellMyTimeShareNow could be your best option. They are known to offer the best last-minute rentals to travellers. The best way to book is to rent it from someone who owns a timeshare.

SellMyTimeShareNow provides a marketplace for owners to rent out their properties. By booking a unit on this platform, you can save up to 70% on your stay. This is why owning a timeshare could be a great option for you.

You can also purchase a timeshare available on the resale market. This can help you save loads of money. Their online database has villas, suites, and chalets located at some of the best destinations in the world. Not just that but they are also associated with big brands like Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood.

  1. Homestay

Homestay is slightly different than sites like Airbnb. The main point of difference lies in the fact that in Homestay you have to stay with the host. This has both pros and cons. for some travellers, it can be weird to stay with someone they don’t know. However, others can adjust easily. So it completely depends on what kind of traveller you are.

The main aim of Homestay is to provide you an enriching experience. They allow you to enjoy the authentic local style of living. Staying with someone who belongs to the place gives you a completely different experience.

You can take tips from your host so that you can explore the place better. They will be able to give you a better insight about the place or city. Not just that but they can also tell you about their regional dishes. It is not completely a bad thing to stay with the host, you see.

  1. Onefinestay

Onefinestay is kind of opposite to all the sites mentioned in the list. they are known to offer vacay rentals in Los Angeles, London, New York, Rome, and Paris.

They call their collection of properties as unhotels. That’s because it accurately describes their properties. You should be informed that location is of great importance while booking a property with Onefinestay.

Booking with Onefinestay means you never have to share your rental with anyone.

  • Room Key

Many hotels provide you hotels at lower rates as a part of their loyalty program. So if you are looking for affordable rooms, then you should sign-up for Roomkey’s loyalty program to avail of their discounts.

They also offer many other programs. But to avail of the loyalty program, you need to first sign-up. They can also scan the website to check hotel prices. This feature is quite similar to You can scroll through the site unless you come across a hotel that you like and want to sign-up. This way you can book your discounted room.

Roomkey also shows your loyalty program rates for more than 60 major hotel chains including Intercontinental and Hilton.

Airbnb is no doubt one of the top vacation rental services available. But if you want to try some other service then you can check out the ones mentioned above. All these services are as good as Airbnb. Some of them are even better than them. You can choose any of the listed options based on your travelling requirements. The best thing about these rental services is that they allow you to book your accommodation at a much cheaper rate. This means you can save a lot of money and utilise it somewhere more useful. These services are developed to give you an enhanced travelling experience.

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