kmode exception not handled

If you are using Windows 10 OS laptop/PC, then you are familiar with the error or issues that come while operating the system or after the update. In windows 10, you have noticed that suddenly, a blue screen of the dead (SBOD) appears in front where it notifies; “Your computer runs into a problem and needs to restart.” It is the code of error kmode exception not handled, which comes when the driver is faulty.

In this way, you are bound to restart your system, which is not a big deal unless there is some work which you haven’t save. This type of error can come anytime on your windows pc where it loops to restart. If you are also having this type of trouble on your Windows 10 PC, then we have got the solution that can fix “kmode exception not handled” error. You can follow the steps and get rid of kmode exception not handled blue screen error.

Best Way To Fix KMode Exception Not Handled In Windows 10

It is easy to fix the blue screen of the dead, but you should know you can solve this error with a different solution. So we will be continuing the solution in these steps.

Step #1. In this step, you need to disable the fast startup, for that click on start and go to Control Panel on PC.

Step #2. Search for “System and Security” in the control panel room and click on it.

Step #3. Now select “Power” options.

Step #4. Into the option, you will get “What power buttons do” click on it.

Step #5. Here you need to change the currently available setting by clicking on it and uncheck those boxes that indicate to turn on fast startup.

Step #6. Make sure that you save the changing before close.

In this easiest way, you can fix your problem; this control panel type of method can even help you to remove BYTEFENCE from Windows 10. If you are still getting trouble with KMode Exception Not Handled, then you have to go with the other fixing solution that might seem a little difficult for new Windows 10 users.

Sometimes old drivers are corrupt due to install or Uninstall programs, which can be triggering the blue screen of death. In this situation, you need to update your driver by connecting your system with the internet and use the online windows source.

Note: Use Safe Mode before applying the below method to stop “KMode Exception Not Handled” temporary.

Turn To Safe Mode:

  • Turn on the Laptop/PC and press power button (for 4 seconds) to turn off before booting complete.
  • There is an automatic repair process start when you boot your PC for the fourth time.
  • You will get the “Automatic Repair” option on your screen, after diagnosing the issue.
  • From the option, you need to choose “Advanced” before clicking on Troubleshoot.
  • In a startup, setting, go to advanced options, and then press 4 numbers from keyboard.
  • At last, restart your system.
  • Now press the number 4 key from the keyboard when windows start booting, which will boot up in safe mode.

*Once your PC is in safe mode, you can follow the steps*

Step #7. You need to open Device Manager for that open context menu by pressing “Windows key + X” from the keyboard.

kmode exception not handled solved

Step #8. Once Device Manager Menu appears to click on other devices to open where you get “Unknown device.”

kmode exception not handled solved

Step #9. Using the right mouse, click on Unknown Device and then select “Update Driver Software.”

kmode exception not handled solved

Step #10. At this step option, a pop-up for “Search Automatic Update Driver Software” appears to click on it.

Step #11. Now you need to wait to complete the driver updating, one come restart PC.

In this way, you can fix KMode Exception Not Handled problem without giving up your computer. In case if the error comes again, which is not possible at this point, and then you can go with the further steps.

In this method, your window is smart enough to fix the issue itself. It is the common-sense expectation of most Windows users at first, but due to the Administration Command Prompt by the SFC scan method is unknown to many windows users. It works at best and helps the user to fix KMode Exception Not Handled.

kmode exception not handled solved

Step #12. Press Windows key + R and type “CMD” to the provided field, press enter. It will open the command prompt operating on screen.

Step #13. At this DOS black screen type command, “Sfc /scannow” and press enter.

Step #14. The process of searching and fixing the error from the windows system will take some time to wait patiently to complete it.

Step #15. After the Kmode Exception Not Handled fix, then restart your PC.

In this command method, you can also fix most of the windows operating issues. If still problem remains, then reinstall fresh Windows 10 on your PC and make sure that your BIOS version is updated; otherwise, go with LMGTFY to search and find BIOS update solution.

Final Words:

KMode Exception Not Handled is commonly appears in windows 10 screen while operating the system. There are three different methods we provided in the above guide, which might help you. If you are getting any trouble while applying any technique from the list, then comment below.