HDMoviesPlus is one of the most popular websites among people who love to download movies and series online. It is created to target the Indian audience. It offers a vast collection of movies and series, but its main focus is providing movies. You will find South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi, Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, and Bollywood movies. All movies have a direct download link, so users don’t have to go through annoying ad popups here.

HDMoviesPlus is undoubtedly among the best sites to enjoy movies and TV shows in HD quality. The site works fine on mobile and PCs. Thus, it doesn’t matter what device you have, and you can download any movie title on your device. However, you should keep in mind that this site is illegal, and it gets blocked very often; that is why you should use it at your own concern.

Features of HDMoviesPlus: Why Should You Use HDMoviesPlus?

  • Simple User Interface: It does not require a hard process. In fact, the moment you enter the platform and become familiar with the site, you will be able to download or view all the movies that you love so much.
  • Best of all, you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.
  • The developers frequently update the new movies and series.
  • Almost all of them have a search option, which will be of great help when you can’t remember the full name of the movie or want to find a particular movie.
  • It offers the latest content and each old collection as well.
  • When you don’t have time to go out or save money, choosing the HDMoviesPlus to watch movies or series online is the best option.

Top Alternatives to HDMoviesPlus 2021

Many similar sites like HDMoviesPlus can watch and download all movies and series you wish to watch. Here, we have presented some of the best HDMoviesPlus alternatives that you can use to download or watch HD movies online. We have made a list according to our opinion. You can save these websites when you find HDMoviesPlus down.


this is one of the best alternatives to HDMoviesPlus as it offers a massive collection of movies and series. It is a platform where you can watch what you like in the comfort of your home, without annoying advertisements. In addition, they always quick to update their contents. They are the pioneers when uploading new movies. 123Movies is one of the oldest movie streaming sites on the internet where you can watch any movie you like. On the other hand, among its most favorable points is that the movies load quickly.

Features of 123Movies

  • Excellent options in terms of playback quality. You can select between SD, Semi HD, and Full HD.
  • You can watch movies with subtitles.
  • Here, you can watch series, movies, and news that are related to the cinematic world.
  • Option to watch any movie or series from your computer or mobile.ss


This is the site that offers you a huge catalog of Indian movies and TV shows. In the upper area, a list with the latest releases is located. Also, the most popular and best rated. Likewise, the hard work of web programmers should be highlighted since they offer a well-organized site with the excellent video quality.

The site also has a search option that allows us to find any movie we like. With this tool, you can quickly find the series or movie you want to watch. In fact, you have the option that you should not write the full name, but a single keyword will give you the result. The biggest advantage of the site is that it is organized by topic. In this way, you can choose between different genres, including action, horror, drama, and many more.


It is a platform that will fascinate Bollywood movie lovers. Especially when looking for quality options, you will see a lot of variety. In addition, it has a collection of TV shows in HD quality. This HDMoviesPlus alternative is highly requested since apart from watching the movies online, you also have the option to download them. In this way, you will have the opportunity to watch the movie again when there is no internet connection.

All the movies and series are arranged in different categories so that users can find their favorite ones very easily. If you don’t find a movie on the list, you can request by creating a free account and then commenting on any title. Without a doubt, this is among the best free movie streaming site for Indian movie devotees.


On this site, you can watch movies online completely free. You don’t have to create an account. It consists of a highly recognized platform that is currently used by thousands of users. It is popular among Indian users as it provides Marvel movies and Disney movies that are very popular among them. Here’s why it can be the top alternatives to HDMoviesPlus:

  • Varied and diverse catalog of free online series and movies.
  • You can watch Hindi as well as English films.
  • It offers an option to select the server that will stream the series or movies. This is the best for people who seek a hassle-free streaming experience.


This is one of those alternatives to HDMoviesPlus that offer to stream as well as download function to its users. It offers excellent video quality to watch movies and series for free. You will also find the latest movies and series. It is characterized by having titles on its platform ranging from classic to the latest ones. If you want to watch or download the movies on this site, you just need to select the movies and select the option accordingly.

  • The advantages of watching movies on this site are:
  • Once the film or series has been chosen, you will be able to watch them quickly at the top of the platform. In addition to a trailer and synopsis of the film, you can see the file size and qualities available.
  • It recommends in a dedicated section.
  • Various options in relation to the quality of streaming or download. You can choose from 480p, 720p, to 1080p.
  • All options are available on the screen, and the navigation system makes it easier to use.


If you want to avoid wasting time completing registrations and want to avoid ads, this is the best movie streaming and downloading site. The content is mainly focused on Indian movies and series. It is a website recognized by all fans of online cinema. On the other hand, it is ideal for fans of Indian TV series as well, i.e., GandiBaat and similar. This platform has a section dedicated to this famous series. Its benefits include:

  • It is easy to navigate, fast and intuitive. Thus, you will immediately find what you want to watch.
  • You have the option to download or watch the movies online.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in media player, but it does offer a direct streaming link.
  • You will find multiple servers here, so you will get a hassle-free movie streaming experience here.