iPhone Apps Every User Must Download

With the launch of Apple’s App Store in 2008, the iPhone has been able to download thousands of apps. Even though there are a number of popular apps that we are all awareof and probably use on a daily basis, what about some lesser-known apps that may prove useful as well?

How do you choose the best options on your home screen? To put it another way, what are the must-have apps?

It is likely that you already have a number of must-have apps on your phone since you know how useful they are. In the beginning, let us clarify what we mean by must-have. It does not have to be Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. We all know whether they are essential (for most of us). Is there any other app that we are unaware of that is important?

 This list of the best iPhone apps contains apps you may have never heard of but should check out. These apps are sure to please! Your life will be so much easier with them!

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We love how this name sounds! Pokédex is probably more appealing to Pokémon fans than others since it caters to a niche audience. In the Pokédex, you will find Pokémon up to Generation V. You do not need to worry about filling out the dex for the latest two generations if you are playing older ones like Black & White.

A user can search through or scroll through a long list of 649 Pokémon on Pokédex. Once you select a Pokémon in the Pokédex, you will be presented with a lot of information.  You definitely need to get this downloaded instantly.

Runtastic Results

Need help creating an effective workout plan or hiring a trainer to jump-start your fitness journey? Experience Runstastic Results for 12 weeks. Your ten-dollar monthly membership includes a personalized bodyweight training program along with a healthy nutrition guide. No gym equipment is required; the app customizes your training plan for you based on your fitness assessment. Once you reach that point, you will be able to build muscle and feel stronger by watching 15 to 30 video workouts. Fitness ruts can be broken with this app, as can unhealthy eating habits.


Any online shopper should have this app. There is no need to worry about losing your payment and confirmation information. Tickets and other items cannot be kept in your Passbook app if you have not added them. You should consider getting Dashline’s premium version if you spend most of your time online.


With Telegram, you can send encrypted messages end-to-end if you choose. This means that third parties can’t snoop on your chats, which has upset some snoopy governments. This is a good option if you’re new to crypto but don’t want something too security-focused.

There are some snags in Telegram’s PWA, but it still gets the job done, compared to its official app. Despite having all of the features of the original Telegram app, Telegram Lite is stripped down and does not have any business features. Create new chats, stay up to date with group messages, everything is here.


Use Mextures to enhance your iPhone photos. A variety of photo effects are available with this photo editing application, including textures, light leaks, film grain, and gradients. Once you have the look you want, edit specific details. To achieve the look you want, you can stack layers indefinitely. You can apply your own formulas repeatedly to photos with high-precision tools so that you can develop your own style. Mextures includes more than 200 formulas you can use right away to create beautiful photos. 


Nowadays, most people shop online, don’t they? Maintaining multiple shipments can be difficult, but Deliveries makes it easy.

Deliveries intelligently determines which courier service makes use of your tracking numbers based on the tracking numbers you enter. Upon clicking on each shipment, you will be able to see its status, color, and how long until delivery. A map and more delivery information are available when you tap on an item.

We felt that Deliveries was worth mentioning since it is one of the more popular delivery tracking apps. We can track all of our deliveries so easily with it, and it is well worth the price.


Choosing the right apps can be a little hard these days, considering the number of options out there. that is why we did some research and came up with this post for you. We hope you find it helpful.