Stronger Focus On Advertising: Instagram Shopping Has Had Its Day

Instagram Shopping Has Had Its Day

Meta didn’t say that Facebook Live Shopping would end until the beginning of August. But that wasn’t the only shopping feature Meta has taken away so far.

The Information says that at the beginning of the summer, Meta told its employees that “a number of commerce functions” will be put on hold. These include things like “Creator Commerce,” “Friends & Family Shopping,” and shopping projects that are run by the community.

So now Instagram, who is Meta’s daughter, is also affected. Because, according to The Information, the group also now wants to get rid of Instagram Shopping.

Instagram Announces The End Of The Shopping Tab

In 2020, Instagram added Shops, which gave users more ways to buy things inside the app. Later that year, the Shop tab was moved to the Home Screen. This made it easier for creators and small businesses to promote their goods. Instagram added ads to the Shop tab in 2021.

The Information said that Instagram sent an internal memo on Tuesday to tell its employees about the changes. It says that “changed company priorities” are the reason why Instagram Shopping is going away. By March 2023, the app should also no longer have the button that takes users to the shopping tab.

In an earlier memo, it was said that the organisation for business has a “new direction and new goals.” These are “more directly related to how much Meta makes from ads.”

In the future, “Tab Lite,” a less personalised shopping page, will replace Instagram Shopping. A public test of this function is set to take place today.

Shopping Should Work Via Advertising In The Future

But even though Instagram is getting rid of its shopping feature, the site still wants to be a part of online shopping. A company spokesman told The Information that this was true.

We are still committed to making Instagram the best place for people to find and buy products from brands and artists they love.

Meta told Business Insider that Instagram still cares about business.

Commerce is still important to Instagram, and we keep making it easier for people to find and buy products all over the app, whether in Feed, Stories, Reels, or through new features like Live Shopping and Drops.

So, shopping won’t leave the app. Instead, it will move more and more into other formats, like stories or reels.