Block Ads On YouTube

There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. But, why they are showing those ads every time. Since I do enjoy watching YouTube, I always wonder to stop ads on YouTube from Chrome, Firefox, Explorer as well as Android and iOS device. After struggling a lot, I have found a way to skip ads on YouTube.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can remove unwanted ads from YouTube on your smartphone or PC. Don’t worry, it won’t take a much time and it isn’t illegal to block ads on YouTube. You don’t need to sit and watch two or three minute ads once you start watching a video. We don’t suggest you go with the YouTube Premium version to block YouTube ads as it will cost you. The great thing is we have a few working ways to stop pop up ads on YouTube. Let’s see how you can stop it!

6 Easy Methods To Block Ads on YouTune

How to Block Ads on YouTube in Chrome

Since Google Chrome is a widely used browser, here we have a first way to stop ads on YouTube Google Chrome. Check out the following process!

Step #1: Open Google Chrome.

Step #2: Go to the Chrome Web Store.

Step #3: Type ad blocker in the search box and hit enter.

Step #4: Click More Extension Results to view all of the available ad block extensions.

Step #5: Choose AdBlock or Adblock Plus ad blocker extensions and click add to chrome.

Step #6: Read the permissions that the extension requires and click add an extension.

Step #7: Now open YouTube and make sure that the ads have been disabled. If you still see ads, uninstall the ad block extension you chose and try another one.

How to Block Ads on YouTube in Firefox

Likewise Google Chrome, you can also use AdBlock or Adblock Plus plug-in to remove YouTube ads on Firefox browser. Here is the guide:

Step #1: Open Firefox on your PC.

Step #2: Click on the hamburger button at the top right side and select on Add-ons.

Step #3: Next, click see more add-ons!

Step #4: Now Type ‘ad blocker’ into the search box and press enter.

Step #5: Choose a perfect ad blocker like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin and click on the add-on.

Step #6: Click Add to Firefox.

Step #7: Review the permissions that the add-on requests and click Add.

Step #8: Now go to YouTube to verify that there are no ads or not. If you still see ads, uninstall the ad blocker that you chose and try another one.

How to Block Ads on YouTube in Microsoft Edge

 If you are using Microsoft Edge to watch YouTube videos, then here we also share a method to stop pop up ads on YouTube from Microsoft Edge.

Step #1: Launch Microsoft Edge and Click on three horizontal dots menu.

Step #2: Next, select extensions and click explore more extensions. (It will open the Microsoft Store).

Step #3: Search for ad block and click Show all to view all available ad blockers.

Step#4: Choose an ad blocker and click on it.

Step #5: Now click Get to download and install the ad blocker.

Step #6: Click Launch and it will return you to Edge.

Step #7: When the notice that your extension has been added appears, click Turn it on. (If you want to block ads during InPrivate browsing, check and Allow for inPrivate Browsing).

Step #8: Now launch the YouTube and check ads have been disabled. If you still see ads, disable the extension you chose and try another one.

How to Block Ads on YouTube in Internet Explorer

Since there isn’t any built-in extension browser and store in the Internet browser, you have to install an ad blocker from the developer website.

Step #1: Open Internet Explorer.

Step #2: Visit and click Download Adblock Plus for another browser and then select Internet Explorer.

Step #3: Next, click Run. If a User Account Control (UAC) window pops up, click Yes.

Step #4: If you want the installation wizard to close Internet Explorer, click Yes. (If you don’t close Internet Explorer, you may need to reboot to complete the installation).

Step #5: Now click Next and Install.

Step #6: Click Finish and launch Internet Explorer.

Step #7: Wait for the popup at the bottom of the page, and click Enable.

Step #8: Close Internet Explorer and then again Launch Internet Explorer, and navigate to YouTube to check that ads have been blocked.

How to Block Ads on YouTube on Android Devices

Some website suggests rooting to stop YouTube ads. But, we don’t suggest you do it. You will just need to install the new browser with ad blocker feature.

Step #1: Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step #2: Type Adblock Browser for Android and Click Install.

Step #3: Once it installed, open it and click “only one more step”.

Step #4: Read the information about how the ad blocker works, and click finish.

Step #5: Visit YouTube in the Adblock Browser for Android app and check that the ads are disabled.

If  Your Android device still plays YouTube videos in the YouTube app after installing Adblock Browser for then navigate to Settings > Apps or Applications > YouTube, and tap Clear Defaults or Clear Data.

How to Block Ads on YouTube on iOS Devices

It is also pretty easy to block ads on YouTube on iPhone. You will need to install the new browser with an ad blocker to stop YouTube ads on iOS devices. The great thing is you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device.

Step #1: Launch the app store on your iOS device.

Step #2: Search for Adblock Browser and then Download and install the Adblock Browser.

Step #3: Go to YouTube in the Adblock Browser, and enjoy YouTube without ads.

Final Lines

These were six different ways to get rid of annoying YouTube ads from PC and smartphone. Hope you are now enjoying YouTube contents ad-free. In a case, if you are still getting those annoying ads then make comments below!