A lot of people fall in love with Manga, an excellent Japanese version of comics. Manga is perfect for those who want to escape from the harsh reality for a while and enjoy a series of exciting events, a love story, or a comic book. Most often, Manga is a Japanese comic book that tells an account with a lot of drawings.

It is a popular genre throughout the world. It is worth noting that Manga has a lot of fans not only in Japan but also in other countries. Thanks to the Internet, you can now download Manga for free. A large number of websites offer Manga for downloading. Doujindesu is one such website that is popular among users to read and download Manga online. It uses the core concept of Japanese Manga but is available in the Indonesian language.

What Is Doujindesu?

Doujindesu is not just a common manga website as all Doujinshi posted here are created and uploaded by doujin, AKA community member. All doujins are fictitious, so they are a great way to have fun. Plus, most doujinshi is for an adult, so they contain explicit content. Thus, users have to use their discretion and confirm the age before reading Doujinshi at Doujindesu.

Why Is Doujindesu Popular?

Doujindesu is a platform that allows community members to submit their own doujinshi so that other users can enjoy it. Along with doujins, you will also find Manga as well as Manhwa. Above all, Doujindesu is free, and all its content is available in high quality. So, there are many advantages of using Doujindesu, which is why it is popular among the audience.

How to Access Doujindesu? Is Doujindesu Available?

Doujindesu has been available since its inception, but due to several reasons, the developers have to change the site’s name very often. Thus, users have to check for the current domain name if they want to read their favorite manga series or Doujinshi. Here’s how to access Doujindesu after it recently changed its name:

Current Domain Name  
Old Domain Name
Manga Directory
Manhwa Directory –
Comic List
Domain Extension.ID which denotes Indonesia

Thus, you need to remember that the domain name of Doujindesu has changed from info to id the next time you want to visit the site. Here, you will be able to sort and filter all doujins according to your choice and download them or read them online.

The Best Alternatives to Doujindeshu

The Internet has allowed for drastic growth of companies that allow users to read online. While the number of websites is immense, most are limited in what is or isn’t allowed. Doujindeshu has been an industry leader in Indonesia in offering Doujinshi, but Indonesian users also want many other things. Many people are looking for an alternative to Doujindeshu since they offer only adult manga and manhwa. Here are the top six alternatives to Doujindeshu.


KissManga is the world’s largest manga site, where you can read over 2.5 million free manga volumes in 125 different languages. KISSMANGA can be an alternative to Doujinshi as it is a website where you can read Manga online for free and its extensive library of erotic series. Manga fans enjoy the vast manga and comic book content available in all languages.

You can enjoy high-quality anime and Japanese comics that are translated into English. It updates the website every day with the best, most recent Manga and cartoons so that you always have something to read.


There are so many websites out there that offer free manga downloads, but many of them are of low quality. Many of them might offer you the ability to download Manga for free, but they’re littered with pop-up ads, redirect links to other websites, and viruses. Manga Fox is different, with high-quality manga downloads, updated regularly.

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to Doujindesu, MangaFox is a perfect choice. At Manga Fox, you can go to the website and read Manga for free, without any distractions. It regularly updates the newest Manga, so you can always find great new Manga to read! There are even some series exclusively on Manga Fox, so you won’t find them anywhere else! Sign up now!


Mangafox is a site that hosts and archives over 56,000 chapters and titles of Manga and chapters of manhwa. They update frequently and have a large selection of Manga and comic books. It is a wonderful place to go for people who love to read and are looking for a Doujindesu alternative.

Many of the titles here are ones you can’t find on other sites, and Mangafox is also a good place to find Manga that hasn’t been translated into English yet. If you’re a fan of Manga and comic books, Mangafox is a must-have!


Mangaeden is another great website to check out if you’re looking for a good alternative to Doujindesu. The website can be used on almost all devices. Imagine how many high-quality manga comics you can read within the span of a day or week! This site offers affordable manga books that can be read right on your tablet or phone.

There are over 50 different categories to choose from, with each having countless interesting titles. This includes popular ones like One Piece, Dragon Ball, and many other series. This way, you will never run out of stories to read! As long as you know your favorite stories, you can easily find something worth reading!


MangaHere is a simple website featuring manga comics that is both affordable and interesting. It is a free site that allows people to take a break from reality and enjoy a story that has been going on for decades. The comics are separated into different genres that people can browse. Each Manga has a synopsis and a rating, along with comments from the community.

While not all comics are rated highly, there are plenty of popular titles that people will enjoy. If you do think a manga is poorly rated, you can submit a comment to let the community know why. There are also polls to see which Manga people want to be adapted into a live-action movie or a video game. It’s a great site that all manga lovers will enjoy as a Doujindesu alternative!


MangaTown is not just a new online comic website that can be used just as an alternative to Doujindesu. It is a new online comic website. It is not complete yet, but it doesn’t need to be. It just needs to be there waiting for you. It is not just new, but it’s also affordable. And complete chapters are available to read for free!

This website has the best of both worlds. It has the excitement of new manga series, but it is free, unlike many other websites out there. You will find a huge collection of Manga created by some enthusiastic manga fans and popular studio products.


Doujindesu was by far the best place to read Manga in Indonesia. It has a large selection of manga series available, each with high-quality translations and high-quality images. Indonesian users can navigate the website with ease.

However, Doujindesu is a perfect website for reading Japanese adult manga. But if you want a wider selection of Manga, there are also tons of other websites that cater to Indonesian manga readers. These manga sites may not be available in the Indonesian language, but you will find a massive collection of adult manga as well as other popular Manga from various genres.