Apps Like Mi Video Call Xiaomi

Especially in times of this pandemic, keeping in touch with our relatives, friends, and relatives has become tough. Video calling is hence the need of the hour. Because it’s practically not a good idea to meet them in person, we can meet them virtually. Sadly, several Chinese video calling apps have been banned in India recently. The Mi Video Call app developed by Xiaomi, the Chinese company is one such app. So, the make it easier for users to contact their closed ones, we have given a detailed list of its alternatives that people can use instead.

What is Mi Video Call? 

Mi Video Call is a video and voice calling application developed by Xiaomi, a Chinese company. This video calling app provides easy solutions to people who wanted to connect to their loved ones. It enabled them to share pictures, messages, screen sharing, links, music, file sharing, and whatnot. Overall, this app has provided users with a satisfactory user experience.

Why is Mi Video Call banned?

Though the Mi video calling app was popularly used in India, the government of India has recently banned this app from being used any further. Owing to privacy issues and brewing Indo China tensions, the central government has taken this crucial step, keeping in mind the security of the Indians. Not only is the Mi video call app banned, but also 58 other Chinese apps which have been reported to violate the standards and guidelines are banned.

Alternatives of Mi Video Call

It’s extremely sad news, especially for Mi video call app users. A lot of people seemed to be clueless regarding how to keep in touch with their loved ones. No need to worry, we have brought an elaborate list of 10 alternatives which are just as great as the Mi Video Call app. They have similar functioning and provide users with great user experience. Now, let’s see what are the best alternatives for the Mi video call app.

  1. Zoom Meeting

One of the most popular Mi Video Call alternatives people prefer these days is Zoom. Not only among common people, but this app is also trusted by professionals. It’s simple to use and has a robust set of features that have further enhanced people’s video calling experience. This app is accessible by both iOS and Android users for free. It allows you to share screen, come live, and provides you with end to end encryption. If you are video chatting with only one person on Zoom, you don’t have any time limit. On the other hand, if the number of participants on the call exceeds one, users get a 40 minutes time limit.

  1. Skype

Another popular alternative of Mi video calling app is Skype. It lets a maximum of 50 people to share screen on a video call. The app allows international calls and texts. Also, it’s accessible to both iOS and Android users. Even widows and Mac users can use this app for free. This app has been designed by Microsoft with a user-friendly easy interface. Users can also enjoy features like live transcription and transactions.

If you are a professional looking forward to using Skype for official purposes, you can buy the paid version of this app. This would let you access a wide variety of advanced features for a better experience. Skype isn’t as well developed as the other alternatives and needs to be worked on. But if you simply have to connect to your friends and family abroad this is a great app to opt for.

  1. Google Duo

Google Duo for Android users is exactly what FaceTime is for iOS users. For a long time, Android lacked in its original video calling built-in app, which is now available by default in all Android devices. Hence, users don’t have to search for this app anymore on Playstore. This app supports a wide range of fun and exciting features. Users can record and send video messages to their contacts. They can even apply various filters while video calling.

Due to this app’s easy functioning, even adults can use it. However, the app restricts the number of participants of a video call to only 8. Google Duo has a feature called knock-knock that allows users to see what someone is doing before you answer the incoming video call. Though designed originally for Android users, this app is now a cross-platform and works both for iOS and Android users. In short, using Google Duo is a fun experience.

  1. Discord

Discord is best for gamers. This app allows a maximum of 10 people to share screen on a video call. If you are streaming a video, a maximum of 50 people can join you on Discord. Similar to the other alternatives, this app too can be used by Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS users. It has robust features, making it suitable for PCs and smartphones. However, this app needs to work on its functionality and incorporate better user-friendly features.

The streaming option available on Discord is highly beneficial for gamers as it allows one to stream his screen’s content to the rest of the 49 participants. It also provides excellent customer services and quality experience. Users can also share and send images, videos, music, and internet links to their contacts.

  1. FaceTime

This app is exclusively for iOS and Mac users. It supports up to 32 participants in a video call. Not only video calls, this app even allows users to make voice calls to each other. It has a voice call component called FaceTime audio. This enables users to make calls over mobile data or WiFi. With its variety of features and a great interface, this app has made video chatting more convenient and easier for people.

Nowadays, Apple users have this app pre-installed on their devices. To make it a fun experience, this app provides fun stickers, memojis, animojis, and many other features. It has a picture in picture view, enabling users to see what exactly the other person can see of them. They can switch between rear and front view accordingly and set the camera between portrait or landscape mode.

  1. Messenger 

The video calling feature on messenger can be accessed from both web and phones. What’s best about this app is that it beats FaceTime by supporting up to 50 people to share the screen at the same time. However, this app is yet to be customised. It needs more options and friendly features. Besides providing people with the chance to video call their friends, this is a major messaging platform too.

Once you are logged into your Facebook account, you can share chats, links, songs, videos, and images. Even if you have deactivated your Facebook account, you can still use your messenger app. All you have to do is click on the camera icon at the top right corner of the screen and you would get the option to call either an entire group or an individual.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another cross-platform video calling application, which is easy to use and convenient. It provides end to end encryption making sure that your chats and shared media are safe. WhatsApp video call supports up to 50 people to share the screen. However, video calls can only be done from Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows’ smartphones.

Not only is it a popular video calling app, but also the most preferred messaging platform. Not until recently, was WhatsApp’s video calling feature so robust. It could only allow up to 4 or 8 people in one call. However, with its recent integration with Facebook’s room feature, it allows 50 people to enjoy a video call. Since its end to end encrypted, users don’t have to worry about their WhatsApp accounts getting hacked or intercepted.

  1. JioMeet

One of the best Mi Video Call Indian alternatives is JioMeet. It is developed by the Reliance industries and is completely an Indian app. It has given a tough competition to Zoom because they resemble quite a few similarities, especially when it comes to their functioning and usability. The app is clean and simple and offers only the necessary features. It isn’t crowded with too many advanced features which would make it confusing for users. JioMeet allows up to 100 people to make a video call together.

Not only that it doesn’t put any restriction on the time limit of video calling. For accessing its features, users only have to create an account on this app either with their email ID or phone number.

  1. VideoMeet

Another Indian alternative of the Mi Video Call app is VideoMeet. The app has been developed by data ingenious global LTD and is accessible to iOS, Android, and even Mac users. This app can even be used on a computer. The app provides enhanced customer experience with its plethora of features like screen share, recording, chat while on a video call, celebrate, flip, music share, cameras, etc. It’s a freely downloadable app that is equipped with the data compression technology.

Another’s advantage of using this app is that it doesn’t consume much storage space. To add to its list of services, it provides options for conducting conferences, webinars, and virtual meetings online. Hence, this app is not only useful for common people, but also for professionals. You don’t have to worry about your safety when using this app because it completely ends to end encrypted and never shares information of users with any 3rd party.

  1. Viber 

Do you have your best friends staying away from you? Or do you want to share any good news with your loved ones? What better app is there to do that other than Viber? Having a massive user base of more than 200 Million, Viber is an actively used application in more than 193 countries. It’s a video calling app that offers similar services and functions. It is now considered to be one of the best-chatting apps in the world. Besides video calls, it’s a messaging app as well. You can exchange messages, images, videos, links, and everything else.

The app is equipped with other interesting features like doodling, emoticons, stickers, etc. Viber lets you share the screen with 5 people at the same time on a video call. You can text people while on video calls too. Another beneficial feature of Viber is that it enables you to connect to more than one person at the same time over call thus saving your time.

To pay heed to our needs during this quarantine, we have given an aforementioned list of the best reliable video calling applications. With their plethora of features and options, they provide users with the best video calling services. All you have to do is install any of them on your device and create an account. That’s all. You can now access each of their features and services for free!


Are these apps accessible for free? 

Yes, all the apps mentioned above can be downloaded from Google play store or PlayStation for free. There are some apps where users can make in house purchases to access more advanced features like Skype.

What are the most popular Mi video call alternatives? 

The most popular alternatives to Mi video call apps have already been mentioned. Apart from the aforementioned ones, you have more alternatives like Jiochat, Google meets, etc. Out of all, Google Duo is so far the most popular alternative.

Will these alternatives be banned?

Since none of these alternatives is Chinese, you don’t have to worry about that. They are safe and secured and don’t put a user’s information at stake.

Are these apps all similar? 

Since all the apps mentioned above are video calling apps, they have the same purpose. The features somewhat vary. Some apps are more advanced while others are less. However, the voice calling and video calling facility is provided by all.

Are these apps accessible by both iOS and Android users? 

Some of the apps are exclusively for iOS users like FaceTime while some are exclusively for Android users like Google Duo. However, others can be accessed from both devices. Even Mac and Windows users can access them.