DNS Server error

Do you know what DNS service is and what causes when DNS server not responding? I was also not familiar with this term unless I got the internet problem on my Windows 10 Laptop. One of my friends checks laptop and comes to an end that Domain name system (DNS) is not working correctly. He described to me about relevant information related to DNS server not responding. Some of the data is that DNS is the hostname of every URL like “www. geniustechie.com” and its IP address is You can enter the IP address in URL place instead of using URL “www.xyz.com.” But it is not easy to remember the full IP address, so the user can easily forget the Domain URL.

Every computer needs to access websites through IP address, and DNS works as a middle joining subject between the hostname and IP address. As per the human mind, it is straightforward to remember a name rather than numbers, so the domain name URL is better than an IP address. Once your computer has determined the IP address associated with a domain name, you will remember that for a period of time. This enables better link speeds by skipping the request period for DNS. Many reasons show you the message “DNS server isn’t responding” while connecting to your Internet access network. This error can be fixed by below method and allow your internet connection network to run correctly without fail error.

Solution#1: Solve DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 By Change in DNS Server

This method has the possible solution to solve the problem by changing the DNS server to the owner and maintainer of Public DNS server & service Google.

Step #1. You need to open Network & Internet (Network connections)” by going to Start button

DNS Server Not Responding steps

Step #2. Now network connections window click on connection type as I select “Ethernet” and change adapter option.

DNS Server Not Responding steps

Step #3. Select “properties by right click on the “Ethernet.”

DNS Server Not Responding steps

Step #4. Now you need to click on properties after selecting “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.

DNS Server Not Responding steps

Step #5. In this step, you get the option to change the DNS server address by click on “Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter8.8.8.8 DND server/Ethernet DNS server. After changing DNS click on “OK” button.

Solution#2: Solve DNS Server Isn’t Responding On Windows 10 With Disable IPv6

The latest version of the Internet Protocol is a communications protocol that offers Internet traffic on networks and paths with an identification and place scheme for Laptop/PC.

Step #1. Open “Control Panel” on your system and find and press “Network and Internet” and click on “View the status and duties of the network” under it.

Step #2. Click on your “Ethernet” link as per my connection method.

Step #3. Click “Properties” in the link status window.

Step #4. In the next window uncheck the box next to “the Internet Protocol (IPv6)” to disable and then click “OK” to save changes. Now check if the “DNS server does not respond” error has been fixed or not.

Now your problem will be solved.

Solution#3: Solve DNS Server Isn’t Responding On Windows 10 By Reset Your Router

In some case router also cause an error for DNS server and stop the internet, so it’s better to check the router and reset.

Step #1. It may assist in solving this issue by simply restarting your router or modem.

Step #2. We recommend that you first try this option.

Step #3. If your router has an “On / Off” button, click it to switch off your router, wait a while and switch it on again.

Step #4. If your router doesn’t have a button, disconnect it from the power supply.

Step #5. Try restarting your computer as well when your router has restarted and see if this helps.

Solution#4: Solve DNS Server Isn’t Responding On Windows 10 By Reset Your IP & Clear DNS Cache

Step #1. Open the raised command prompt, type the search “command prompt” and right-click the outcome “Command Prompt.”

Step #2. To operate it with administrative privileges, select “Run as administrator.”

Step #3. When selecting “Run as an administrator,” a prompt for user account control will appear asking if you are allowing the Prompt Command to make adjustments to your computer. Click “Yes” button.

Step #4. Appears elevated command prompt by typing these commands in the Command Prompt window: netsh winsock reset, ipconfig / renew, ipconfig / flushdns, netsh int IP reset.

Step #5. Upon entering each Command, press Enter on your keyboard. When all commands are performed, restart your computer and see if the “DNS server does not respond” error can be corrected.

This is also the solution to solve DNS error form windows 10.

Final Words:

There are many solutions, but as far as window 10 is concerned, these four solutions match perfectly. Now you can solve DNS server isn’t responding on your Windows 10 and we hope that this information helps you out. In any case, if there is an error occur, then share your error details in the comment box. You can also help your family or friend to solve this error by forwarding this information to them. Any question we are here to help.