Do you love to watch movies online? Have you heard of the free streaming website, named, DareTV? In the era of Internet and Online streaming, plenty of websites provide you content, Movies, shows, documentaries, to watch online. While some website charges you money, some are absolutely free and I think No one will want to spend their hard-earned money just for entertainment. And here comes to Dare TV!

DareTV is an online streaming platform that contains thousands of movies and shows to watch online for free. People love to use the platform as it provides numerous features like High-quality video and large library at zero cost. But why are people disappointed? Has DareTV gone? Scroll down to know everything about it.

What has happened to DareTV?

Hey DareTV fans, I know this might be heart-wrenching but DareTV is closed forever. It’s down! I, too, loved to watch my favorites on DareTV. When the site started to go down, I was thinking that it’s because of Site maintenance but as the site tends to slow down with each passing day, I got to know that DareTV is no More.

What’s the solution now?

You might love watching on DareTV but it’s good to accept the reality that DareTV is not going to serve us now. Right? So what’s the solution? You have to look for alternatives to DareTV. There are many platforms that provide the same things as DareTV and here today I am going to share some of those.

Best Alternatives to DareTV

DareTV, undoubtedly, was a good platform. “Changes are Necessary with time” and henceforth here are some alternatives like or better than DareTV. You need to switch to the following websites for your entertainment.

1) TubiTV

TubiTV is the best alternative to DareTV to watch free TV, movies and shows online. The platform is founded in 2014 by Thomas Ahn Hicks. It has a huge library with thousands of titles and distinct genres.

It is an American online entertainment platform, which requires no registrations and signs in’s to access the content. The app is also available, so access the platform by your phone anywhere anytime. The platform has good rating ad traffic which shows how popular it is.

The only drawback here is that the platform is ad-supported, this means you may be interrupted with unwanted ads in between.

2) LookMovie

LookMovie is another alternative to DareTV. The site is beautifully arranged and easy to navigate. Along with the content, it is very important that how is the look and feel of the website. It is one of the best platforms to watch movies and TV shows online. Lookmovies gives you an unbelievable picture and sound quality. The amazing graphics will leave you stunned!

The platform is not ad-free but I have an option for you. Add Look movie extension to the browser. Enjoy watching ad-free content then!

3) Sony Crackle

This is the best platform to watch movies online and a very good alternative to DareTV. It is a US-based platform owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The platform was founded in 2004 by Josh Felser, Aviv Eyal, Mike Sitrin, Dave Samuel. In the year 2007, sony bought the platform for rupees $65Billion. The platform provides the best services with a huge library. The only disadvantage is that it is available only in America and Australia. The app is also available, so enjoy watching movies anytime anywhere on your phone with this free online streaming platform.

4) PopCornFlix

And here comes! Last but not least! PopCornFlix!

Do you want to see ads in between, then go for this option? PopCorFlix provides you the best content completely ad-free. The website comes into light in 2011 and is owned by Screen Media Ventures.

Love watching your favorite tv shows, movies here without any hassle. Once you start using this platform you will forget DareTV. The attractive GUI and a good collection of the genre will take your breath away. The platform supported many devices, iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon, and Xbox.

Final Verdict

Well, folks, this is all about DareTV! This article gives you a brief idea of DareTV and its alternatives. There are a lot more alternatives too like 12movies and Snagfilms, it’s not possible to discuss all of them here, so simply Google them out!

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!